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How to Trick Your Brain for Happiness

How to Trick Your Brain for Happiness
This month, we feature videos of a Greater Good presentation by Rick Hanson, the best-selling author and trailblazing psychologist. In this excerpt from his talk, Dr. Hanson explains how we can take advantage of the brain’s natural “plasticity”—it’s ability to change shape over time. gobyg There’s this great line by Ani Tenzin Palmo, an English woman who spent 12 years in a cave in Tibet: “We do not know what a thought is, yet we’re thinking them all the time.” It’s true. In recent years, though, we have started to better understand the neural bases of states like happiness, gratitude, resilience, love, compassion, and so forth. Ultimately, what this can mean is that with proper practice, we can increasingly trick our neural machinery to cultivate positive states of mind. But in order to understand how, you need to understand three important facts about the brain. Fact one: As the brain changes, the mind changes, for better or worse. Fact two: As the mind changes, the brain changes. 1. 2. 3.

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New neurons help us to remember fear Fear burns memories into our brain, and new research by University of California, Berkeley, neuroscientists explains how. Scientists have long known that fear and other highly emotional experiences lead to incredibly strong memories. In a study appearing online today (Tuesday, June 14) in advance of publication in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, UC Berkeley’s Daniela Kaufer and colleagues report a new way for emotions to affect memory: The brain’s emotional center, the amygdala, induces the hippocampus, a relay hub for memory, to generate new neurons. The figure shows newly born nerve cells (green) colocalizing with a neuronal marker which indicates immature nerve cells (red). Astrocytes are labelled in blue.

The Secrets of Happiness Forget about money. Don't fret about youth. Acting happy is likely to make you happy. Spread Some Random Happiness Daily affirmations and inspirational messages may look cheesy but they work. Ironically, the first things we forget are the most vital for our happiness, like the love we have for our friends or the beautiful day that is outside. It's great to be caught off guard and have your daily monotony jumbled up by an unexpected smile, a good word or a kind gesture. Here are a couple of artists who decorate the public space with random love and inspiration in the hope to disrupt your routine and infect you with some happiness. Akin Bilgic is currently raising money on kickstarter to be able to purchase as many mirrors as possible, inscribe them with inspirational messages and then install them around the city overnight. On the next day, after busy San Franciscans catch their reflections under messages like "Looking good.

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16 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in School I am 28 now. I don’t think about the past or regret things much these days. But sometimes I wish that I had known some of things I have learned over the last few years a bit earlier. That perhaps there had been a self-improvement class in school. Not Enough Sleep and Its Effects on Focus Yesterday morning was a very focused, productive day. I established the daily foundation of writing and jogging. I also met up with a couple local entrepreneurs that are doing some great things, and will hopefully help boost the Southern California Startup brand. Fuzzy Systems - A Tutorial by James F. Brule' (c) Copyright James F. Brule' 1985. Permission to copy without fee all or part of this material is granted provided that the copies are not made or distributed for direct commercial advantage, the copyright notice and the title and date appear, and notice is given that copying is by permission of the author. To copy otherwise, or to republish, requires a fee and/or specific permission.

Happiness is a Choice You Make « The Art of Loving Yourself <a href=" Our Poll</a> If you are not a happy person that is a choice you are making. You have full control over your life and the decisions that you make. There are many factors which people measure happiness. 6 Questions That Will Make You Fee Peaceful and Complete “The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm.” ~Swedish Proverb When I was in my mid-twenties an unhealthy relationship with an unhealthy guy sent me packing off to the corner of New Mexico to find myself. In a new age, self-discovery kind of world—a hubbub of a town filled with people in transition—I was graced to meet many powerful healers, gurus, shamans, and teachers.

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