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How To: Make a Homemade Snow Globe

How To: Make a Homemade Snow Globe
As Kate so delicately alluded to earlier this week, I am somewhat of a holiday junkie. And Christmas is the holiday of all holidays for me. I decorated a week before Thanksgiving; yep, I’m one of those people. One of my most favorite holiday traditions as a child was our little family advent calendar and now that my kids are old enough to enjoy some fun and creative activities, I’ve filled up our little numbered stockings with slips of paper instead of candy. Well, slips of paper intermingled with candy. (There have been lots of questions about my advent calendar, and what I put into it. Snow globes are magical, whimsical, and fun. The first thing you need are jars, with nice snug lids. You can be creative with the items that go inside your snow globe, it’s just important that they are made of materials that won’t break down in water. Another really fun thing is to make your own little figurines with Sculpey Clay. You will create your scene on the underside of the jar lid.

Crochet Lined Tote Bag reusable shopping bag by CustomBearHugs Acorn Christmas Tree! In our den, next to our Dear Santa frame is this fun Acorn Christmas Tree! I cam across the BIGGEST acorns ever while tailgating at a football game this fall... and yes, I got a grocery bag and started picking the up... TONS of them. (Yes, people were looking at me like I was NUTS - pun intended!) I bought a cone from Hobby Lobby and began to hot glue the acorns on starting at the base of the cone, working my way up. See?! Once the entire cone was covered, I had this sitting on my counter. Cute, but definitely needed color! Soo... I took it outside, attacked it with a can of spray paint and ended up with this: The best part... it cost me less than $5! Merry Christmas!

autumn leaf bouquet I don’t know what it’s like in your neighborhood, but when I step outside here in Oakland, I sense it right away: Fall is in the air! I’m lucky enough to have a few turning trees on my street, so I don’t miss out entirely on the brilliant autumn colors I remember from growing up in NH. Speaking of brilliant autumn colors, I’m thrilled to share this stunning maple leaf rose bouquet DIY from a fellow Kate — clay, fiber and paper artist Kate Hust. Kate first learned how to make these a few years ago from a retired art teacher in her community, and now they’ve become an annual tradition when fall rolls around. Her instructor taught her to wrap the leaves really tight, so they looked like rose buds, but Kate has modified the technique a bit to suit her own tastes: She likes to find the really big leaves and make them with large open “petals.” Read the full how-to after the jump! The best part of living in Northern Michigan is the changing seasons. Materials Instructions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Funmigurumi And Kids Stuff I'm fighting a tough pneumonia and making headwave little by little. Meantime, I had to crochet (aside from reading, that's my favorite thing to do!) This is the result, hope you like it! Materials:Red Heart worsted weight yarn TurquaRed Heart worsted weight yarn Hot Red (scraps)Red Heart worsted weight yarn Blue (scraps)Red Heart worsted weight yarn Bright Yellow (scraps)Red Heart worsted weight yarn Spring Green (scraps)Red Heart worsted weight yarn Black (scraps)Red Heart worsted weight yarn Coffee (scraps)Red Heart worsted weight yarn WhiteRed Heart worsted weight Shocking PinkFiberfillScissorsPinsMeasuring tapeCrochet hook size H Body-Front- Side #1:With Turqua, ch 16.Row 1- 1 sc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across. (15 sc) Ch 1, turn.Row 2- 1 sc in each sc across. (15 sc) Ch 1, turn.Rows 3 to 30- Rep row 2. Back- With Turqua, ch 31.Row 1- 1 sc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across. (30 sc) Ch 1, turn.Row 2- 1 sc in each sc across. Done!

34 Best Christmas Advent Calendar Tutorials {diy Christmas advent calendars are not only so much fun to make but create a family tradition that your kids will remember for years to come. So here are 34 of the best DIY Christmas Advent and Christmas count down calendars with free tutorials and pictured instructions so you can easily make them at home. These advent calendars would also make great gift ideas for families and almost anyone on your holiday wish list! Advent Calendar Tutorials 1. 2. 3. 5. From Pottery Barn 7. 8. Paper Advent Calendars 9. 13. 17. 20. 23. 25. Fabric Count Down Calendars 27. 30. 31. 34. Christmas in July will be running on Tip Junkie for the next 2 weeks {July 18th - 29th} with amazing giveaways every day! More Christmas Crafts:

ombre wreaths Wow. Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my French Chair Makeover. You guys really are the best part of this blog, and I’m grateful for you all. I came up with the idea for these felt ombre wreaths by combining my love of felt wreaths (see here, and here) with one of my favorite new trends…ombre! To create these felt ombre wreaths, I used wool felt purchased from Etsy, as well as two straw wreaths (12″ and 8″). Questions? Out of curiosity- what color ombre-patterned wreath would you like to see? linking to:home stories A to Ztatertots and jello You Might Also Like:

Owl Granny Square Crochet Pattern I posted this pattern on my friend Kara's crochet blog, Petals to Picots, back in August in honor of her Granny Month. But I thought I would share it with you again and show you how the owl squares are being used! I made them into an owl bunting for my friend Shannon's owl-themed gender reveal party! It was first displayed over the party food table... But now it sits over her daughters crib! They are expecting their baby girl in early January 2013 :) Of course I would love to make an afghan with this square pattern, but I need more time and patience to take on that type of project right now :) If you are interested in making a blanket with these squares and want to alternate between the owl granny square and a basic granny square, you can follow a basic granny square pattern like THIS ONE and your squares will be the same size. Owl Granny Square Pattern Materials: - Vanna's Choice Yarn - Size G-6 (4.25 mm) Crochet Hook - Tapestry need - Small Black buttons for eyes Start by making your owl.

Fall in love with Fall.... I grew up amongst canvasses and paint brushes, music notes and instruments. There was always someone creating art or music around me and that is perhaps why I often refer back to my library of childhood memories when doing crafts. While doing this craft, I reminisced about a time sitting by my father's feet and creating with him. As I turned each page of the book, I heard his wild stories and funny jokes which will always be archived in my heart. During a recent visit to a local Urban store, my eye caught something that reminded me of my dad and his 'crazy' creations. Even though we were not very recycle savvy back then, my dad would make little stools out of old telephone books for my brother and I. The materials: Old paperback book thick cardboard scissors ribbon(optional) garden stick exacto knife hot glue gun tea bag (optional) Draw the shape of your pumpkin on your cardboard and cut it out Remove cover from book Place cardboard over book and cut along with exacto knife Make some tea! An apple?