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What makes people wait in line for their coffee? Our partner Briggo delivers the full organic, fair trade, cup of coffee people have come to expect. But this time one literally builds their own cup on our newly designed digital app, adding ingredients and choosing exactly what they want their coffee to be like. Compared to a traditional ordering experience, the Briggo app is easy and fast, with delivery of a cup as one arrives at the “haus” location. Once the coffee is exactly how you like it, you can be sure that no matter which Coffee Haus you get it from, it will be exactly and perfectly replicated. The design of the small environment follows a similar thread: it is easy to install in airports, hospitals, corporate and university campuses where mobility and quality are key.

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The Best of Bankside at London Design Festival 2015 South of the Thames, 'Bankside' is LDF's newest design district, and home to the iconic Oxo Tower Wharf, which is filled year-round with over 30 independent retail design studios, exhibition spaces and shops offering furniture, jewellery, homeware, and fashion. In its 18th edition this year, Designersblock was situated in the derelict but beautiful Bargehouse, showing multidisciplinary work from over 100 independent designers over three floors. Designersblock at Oxo Tower Wharf. The Kirigram collection by Constanze Schweda. Inspired by Kirigami, the Japanese art of cutting and folding paper, Constanze Schweda has designed a series of furniture that creates three-dimensional furniture from flat steel sheets. The sheets are laser-cut and then extruded by man-power into tables, mirrors and lamps for the Kirigram collection.

Repair Manuals for Every Thing Massachusetts, The people of Massachusetts have always stood up for their right to repair. In 2012, voters passed a law that ensured residents' right to repair their car wherever they wanted. A Branding & Digital Design Agency Skip to main content Contact How can we help you? Linkage 3.0.11 Beta « Dave's Blog February 14th, 2016 There is a new version of the Linkage program here: I changed and fixed a few things… Fixed bug that kept sliders from being "split" from their slide path (made to not be sliders). Fixed bug in hull computations where coincident points were getting flagged incorrectly and one of them was not deleted from the hull point list (A drawing glitch that could cause a crash). Fixed bug in connector join code where slider limits were not properly fixed when a limit connector was deleted.

French And American Scientists Share Physics Nobel The 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to Serge Haroche of France and David Wineland of the United States for their work on the "fundamental interactions between light particles and matter." "The Nobel laureates have opened the door to a new era of experimentation with quantum physics by demonstrating the direct observation of individual quantum particles without destroying them," the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said in a statement. Their work, the Nobel committee says, has laid the foundation for development of a super-fast computer based on quantum physics and precise clocks that could become "the future basis for a new standard of time." Each full Nobel prize is worth 8 million Swedish kroner — about $1.2 million. Haroche and Wineland will share that amount.

Rejoice, commuters and workers! The Chairless Chair exoskeleton lets you sit down anywhere, anytime The Chairless Chair is an exoskeleton that attaches to your legs and lets you sit back, as if you’re sitting on a chair — but, in the words of Morpheus, there is no chair. Rather than relying on the tensile strength of solid wood or plastic and the gravity-defying nature of three or more supporting legs, the Chairless Chair uses clever battery-powered mechanics to achieve the same effect. When turned off, the Chairless Chair allows you to walk around normally. Early versions of the Chair are fairly chunky — you’ll certainly look mechatronic — but presumably future versions might be slim enough to hide innocuously beneath your pants.

Researchers finally crack realistic, real-time rendered hair in video games When it comes to the realistic simulation of humans and humanoids, the realistic modeling of hair is one of the last remaining barriers. Thanks to the ever-increasing power of computer chips, and billions of dollars of R&D into human kinetics, gait analysis, and musculoskeletal biomechanics, we can now model the human body and face with superb realism. Hair, though, with its millions of interwoven and interrelated strands, is really difficult to get right. For the most part, male heroes are just given short hair, and females — despite a disproportionate amount of effort on behalf of the 3D artist — are usually stuck with a dull, lifeless hairdo.

About – Collins Brian Collins ECD / Co-founder Over his career, Brian Collins has won every major creative award. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Creativity, Fortune, Rolling Stone, Creative Review, Graphis, NBC News, ABC News and Fast Company, which named him one of five American Masters of Design. For ten years prior to the founding of COLLINS, Brian was Chief Creative Officer of the Brand Integration Group (BIG), the design and innovation division at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. His clients included IBM, Motorola, The Ford Motor Company, Goldman Sachs, AT&T, Vera Wang and American Express. Eric Brunt's Flux Snowshoes Transform With Each Step I love seeing this kind of nuts-and-bolts industrial design. Seattle-based designer Eric Brunt observed that what makes snowshoes work is their increased surface area, which enables the wearer to "float" atop the surface. But that increased surface area also means that the wearer has to walk like s/he's in a Monty Python sketch.

Geeks Bearing Gifts: Reinventing TV News Here’s another chapter from Geeks Bearing Gifts, this one about a topic I’ve discussed here: reinventing TV news. Read the whole thing on Medium. A snippet: I know people who are innovating with the form online and who object to calling what they do “television” because they don’t want the word’s baggage. How to Select the Right Adhesive for Your Material Bonding Project The most common questions asked by adhesive bonding manufacturers. When choosing an adhesive for a material bonding project, several factors must be taken into consideration to ensure proper product functioning and optimal performance. To pinpoint the best adhesive solution for your project, third-party vendors will ask you to provide application-specific information and requirements. To reduce downtime and facilitate a smoother, more cost-effective selection process, it’s important to have this information on hand before you meet with an adhesive manufacturer. To get a better idea of how to prepare, we’ve outlined some of the most common questions asked by adhesive bonding manufacturers.

Azure Standard Articles - The Dirt on Health The Dirt on Health Jan. 20, 2015 By Leanne Haight I think about soil a lot. I take a bite of raw, organic cheese, and wonder about the stewardship of the pastures where the cattle were grazing. I eat a fresh, organic avocado and wonder how the trees are being tended. stills — Electric Art Electric Art is a Sydney based, globally recognised creative production specialist leading the way in Creative Retouching & 3D, Motion, Interactive & Augmented Reality. Founded in 1993, over the years we've worked with some of the biggest brands, ad agencies & photographers around the world. With today’s proliferation of new image mediums & the shift to more web-based work & animation, we now find ourselves managing whole projects. We output assets spanning traditional print, web, animation & interactive. In short, we love to take on challenges & occupy brand new spaces. In 2006, we introduced the tagline ‘Play god.’ which is still in use today & has become synonymous with EA & all that we represent.

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