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The 6 Creepiest Lies the Food Industry is Feeding You

The 6 Creepiest Lies the Food Industry is Feeding You
Kobe Beef Doesn't Really Exist Getty Seasoned carnivores know that Kobe beef is just about the cream of the crop, if you can afford it. The Japanese Wagyu cattle it comes from are raised with a very direct set of rules, followed with the kind of strict meticulousness you'd expect from a country where making a cup of tea is an hour-long ritual. Luckily, the international market has made Kobe beef pretty widely available. Nowadays, many restaurants keep Kobe on the menu, and many a well-equipped meat purveyor is able to get his hands on a chunk every now and then. Via"Here's your wrong burger with a side order of french lies. Say, ever wonder where all this sudden, delicious Kobe influx comes from? The Horror: Nowhere, that's where. GettyNope, doesn't count. In fact, the strict rules that apply to Kobe production aren't in compliance with U.S. legislation, which technically makes the meat more or less illegal stateside. Getty"That'll be a million dollars." Getty"They're on to us.

» California Woman Shot in Her Own Backyard by a Cop Alex Jones Adan Salazar August 22, 2012 A California woman was shot in her own backyard by the most unlikely of assailants, a cop. 36-year-old Jennifer Orey was in her backyard this past Sunday night when she bumped into a “person holding a flashlight.” The next thing she knew she was leveled to the ground after being shot at point blank range, asking a police officer, “Why did you shoot me?” Police were allegedly searching for a masked man after receiving a 9-1-1 call about a prowler wearing a ski-mask. Conflicting stories have begun circulating regarding the circumstances behind the events that led to the shooting and the extent of Orey’s injuries. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Orey believed the noise was her ex-husband, however the Huffington Post says Orey had heard about the prowler and was trying to help police by looking around her house. Huffington Post also reports police have begun damage control of the incident, downplaying the severity of Orey’s injuries. Lt. U.S.

6 Insanely Valuable Real Treasures (And How to Steal Them) Heist movies such as Ocean's Eleven and The Italian Job like to present the world as a loose network of heavily guarded treasures, just waiting for you and your ragtag yet likeable bunch of henchmen to pocket them. And you know what? The real world is exactly like that, too. There's loot scattered all over the world, just begging for a charming gentleman thief and his plan that is so insane that it just ... might ... work. #6. The Great Pyramid's Secret Chambers The Great Pyramid of Giza is easy to brush off as old news when it comes to heisting. Almost. There are still some interesting discoveries to be made. New ScientistOr a sex dungeon. Researchers drilled through the block at the end of the shaft in 2002 and indeed found an honest-to-goodness secret chamber. However, the other secret chamber is a different matter. Talking PyramidsNot much of a man, but still. Those four stones in the center are carefully placed in a zigzag pattern to take the load of the stones above off them. #5. #4.

5 Ways Your Nerd Gadgets Are Killing You Video games will turn our kids violent. The Internet will ruin our attention spans. Texting will ruin the art of coherent typing -- yeah, yeah, Grandpa, we get it. You're scared of technology. But what's funny is that while all of the standard warnings turn out to be alarmist garbage, our geek toys are wreaking havoc in completely unexpected, and amazingly stupid, ways. For instance ... #5. You know the guy: He's veering right toward you, head down, eyes glued to whatever amazingly compelling narrative his buddies are texting him. GettySeconds later, four people were dead. You already know that texting while driving is completely idiotic and even worse than drunk driving, but who can't handle shooting someone a quick text while simply walking down the street? gadgetcomOne day society will learn that some folks deserve their head injuries. Meanwhile, cities like London have installed talking crosswalk signals at intersections to catch their attention. "Drowning, lol." #4. Getty #3.

This Creepy App Isn’t Just Stalking Women Without Their Knowledge, It’s A Wake-Up Call About Facebook Privacy This app is meant to all be in good fun, but it's potentially a weapon in the hands of stalkers. “Boy, you sure have a lot of apps on your phone.” “Well, it’s my job.” “What’s your favorite?” “Oh, I couldn’t choose. It was the flush end of a pleasurably hot day — 85 degrees in March — and we were all sipping bitter cocktails out in my friend’s backyard, which was both his smoking room, beer garden, viticetum, opossum parlor and barbecue pit. “Girls Around Me? She turned to our friends, apologetically. “He’s become obsessed with this app. I sputtered, I nevered, and I denied it, but it was true. It’s an app that can be interpreted many ways. And more than anything, it’s a wake-up call about privacy. The only way to really explain Girls Around Me to people is to load it up and show them how it works, so I did. The splash screen elicited laughter all around. “Okay, so here’s the way the app works,” I explained to my friends. Girls Around Me's splash screen (left) and geo-maps interface (right).

The 5 Stupidest Excuses Ever Given in a Political Scandal When the inevitable day arrives where they get caught participating in their deviant activity of choice, some politicians take the high road, fessing up to their transgressions and either resigning or begging their constituencies for forgiveness in a last-ditch attempt to salvage their careers. Others, however, decide to invent an elaborate story that wouldn't fool a toddler. #5. I Had to Offer Oral Sex for My Own Safety The Scandal: This kind of scandal has almost become a cliche at this point: Florida State Rep. Who could possibly have seen that coming? Florida House of Representatives"Seriously, this big. The Excuse: First off, Allen wasn't in the park that day hunting for some gay sex, oh no. Florida House of RepresentativesOh, and Allen's "Recreational Interest" according to the House website? After he was nice and comfy in his bathroom stall, Allen noticed that there was a "stocky black guy" in one of the other stalls. That Bob Allen, always the giver. #4. Not quite. #3.

The 6 Weirdest Things That Statistically Lower Crime You might not have noticed this in the middle of all of the bad news that floods the daily headlines, but crime in the U.S. is at its lowest point in pretty much ... well, ever. It's been steadily falling since the early '90s. And nobody knows why. Of course, such a giant, sweeping trend doesn't have just one simple cause, but studies have shown that it might have a few shithouse-crazy ones. So if you're feeling safer these days, science says it could be thanks to things like ... #6. Lead poisoning is one of those things our ancestors dealt with so thoroughly that we have trouble today realizing what a problem it was. "I shanked a kid for his Lunchables the other day." How deeply did lead's toxicity affect society? Nevin studied the criminal histories of nine countries and found that in each case he could link significant crime drops with that country's campaign to eliminate childhood lead poisoning. GettyShotgun victims are also very likely to have high lead exposure. #5. Wikipedia #4.

NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY  by Gary Allen Sourced I wish that every citizen of every country in the free world and every slave behind the Iron Curtain might read this book. Ezra Taft Benson — Former Secretary of Agriculture NDCC is an admirable job of amassing information to prove that communism is socialism and socialism (a plot to enslave the world) is not a movement of the downtrodden but a scheme supported and directed by the wealthiest of people.If enough Americans read and act upon NDCC, they really can save the Republic from the conspirators — whose plans for the destruction of our country are galloping fast toward completion. Dan Smoot — Former Assistant to J. Edgar Hoover Now that NDCC is available, I no longer need to answer "no" to the question which is often put to me, namely: "Mr. You may have received this book through the mail it is a gift from a concerned American who has read the book. Gary Allen is a California based free-lance journalist. First printing, February, 1972-350,000 Second printing.

The 7 Most Extreme Lies Ever Told to Get Out of Something There are a number of perfectly reasonable excuses to avoid doing something you don't want to, but sometimes reason just won't cut it. A simple "I don't feel well" didn't fool your elementary school nurse the 80th time you used it, so it likewise isn't going to fool your boss. That's when you need an ironclad excuse that no one would ever question. But bullshit is a powerful weapon, one not to be used lightly. If you don't know what we mean, consider these cautionary tales of insanity. #7. Getty What sucks about vacations is that they end. Getty"Hi, Cadaver Warehouse? Because in order to verify this claim, she was required to fax in a death certificate for her nonexistent daughter, Xinia Daley Herman, which is required documentation for school officials (which makes us think they've had employees pull the "fake dead relative" trick a few times before). Yep. Getty"Just like my sister said, she was devoured by scarabs. #6. Her plan worked, at least initially. Getty"She has a pulse? #5. #4.

The 9 Most Unnecessary Gadgets Money Can Buy In a world where blankets with sleeves can create millionaires, it's no wonder inventors and businessmen are locked in a race to develop the next big thing in the lucrative "They really pay money for this?" industry. We don't hold that against them -- the entire world economy runs on that crap. What's harder to comprehend, though, is how they poker-facedly try to sell us gadgets that actually manage to complicate the task they're intended to help with. #9. wineenthusiast AmazonOr it might be tiny underwear for your glass. Apart from the obvious fact that using this product makes you look like a particularly boozy latchkey kid, there are just so many things that can go wrong here. AmazonEver wanted to know what it's like to be pitied by career alcoholics? Even if you manage to dodge all the other pitfalls provided by the product, there's this: How the hell do you drink from this thing? #8. leapsandbounds Everyone loves a good snowball fight. AmazonThe balls are pleasantly round, though.

Facebook privacy row: Social network giant admits to 'bugs' By Daniel Bates Created: 18:08 GMT, 27 September 2011 Exposed: Australian technology blogger Nik Cubrilovic has uncovered Facebook's practices of tracking users when they are offline Facebook has admitted that it has been watching the web pages its members visit – even when they have logged out. In its latest privacy blunder, the social networking site was forced to confirm that it has been constantly tracking its 750million users, even when they are using other sites. The social networking giant says the huge privacy breach was simply a mistake - that software automatically downloaded to users' computers when they logged in to Facebook 'inadvertently' sent information to the company, whether or not they were logged in at the time. Most would assume that Facebook stops monitoring them after they leave its site, but technology bloggers discovered this was not the case. This is still the case. Monitoring all: Facebook founder and chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg