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Productivity News, Resources and Columns
Don't Miss Any Tips! Like us on Facebook Close Open Productivity April 17 IN Productivity How Focusing Just 4 Hours Every Month Can Skyrocket Your Productivity 44 Shares | Adel Refai 8 Principles of Dynamic Leadership 36 Shares | Chris Stricklin 10 Things Super Lucky People Do Differently Jan Shultis 15 Things Really Successful People Do Often 59 Shares | Tayyab Babar How To Kick The Social Media Habit And Get Your Life Back Michael Cheng 10 Pro Secrets To Have Memorable Presentations Tayyab Babar 10 Things Morning People Do That Make Them Different 44 Shares | Allison Renner 75 Shares | Brian Lee April 16 IN Productivity Motivation: Am I Headed In The Right Direction? 55 Shares | Michael Cheng 6 Tricks To Boost Your Willpower 43 Shares | Alicia Lawrence 10 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Life in 60 Seconds 19 Shares | Zak Khan 14 Things Mentally Strong People Do Differently To Be More Successful 89 Shares | Carol Morgan 9 Common Reasons Why We Procrastinate 44 Shares | Maggie Heath 33 Shares | Robert Locke Stop!

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Wisdom from a MacArthur Genius: Psychologist Angela Duckworth on Why Grit, Not IQ, Predicts Success by Maria Popova “Character is at least as important as intellect.” Creative history brims with embodied examples of why the secret of genius is doggedness rather than “god”-given talent, from the case of young Mozart’s upbringing to E. B. 10 Scientifically Proven Ways To Stay Happy All The Time How do you stay happy all the time? Is it possible and is there any proof that these ways can work? In this post I want to show you 10 ways that are scientifically proven. If this does not convince you, then I do not know what will! 1. ATPM 13.02 - Next Actions: A Survey of the GTD App Landscape The 2001 publication of David Allen’s Getting Things Done stirred a revolution of organized, productive work environments for thousands. Allen’s system, affectionately known as “GTD” to those in the know, provides a framework for managing tasks, projects, goals, and, indeed, much of one’s life. As the GTD system spread in usage and popularity, dozens of tools and writings arose as a part of the GTD sub-culture. Blogs such as 43Folders and LifeHacker devote a significant amount of attention to implementing the GTD system. Allen’s own company Web site is a haven for GTD users, complete with a members-only resource center (which you can join for a mere $40 per month). The bottom line for GTD is fairly straightforward.

All The Productivity Tips You Need In 9 Infographics Ever notice how some people come across as having their act together? They are able to get their work done on time, every time. They have the time and energy for 100 different things. Yet, they always seem non-frazzled, non-overwhelmed, and non-frantic. Do you console yourself with the thought that these are a special breed of people with a special DNA sequence? Sadly, that is far from the truth. 5 Productivity Tips From the Busiest People in the World Most days, I can barely find enough time in the day to do everything I need to do—so I can't imagine how the world's top executives keep their lives together. Well, this infographic uncovered their secrets. Browse below for quick tips from Fortune 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs, and sports legends about how they operate at their absolute peak potential at work and in life.

You'll Decide To Use More Visual Aids After Reading This Infographic Visual Aids serve many purposes: these include reviving memory, adding to thinking abilities, and helping brain power. Maintaining your brain’s health is equally important as maintaining your body’s health. With the use of visual aids you will increase brain capacity and overall brain usage. Check out this infographic as it will help you understand why visual means are an essential part of everyday life. 25 Firefox Extensions to Make You More Productive Firefox is my weapon of choice when it comes to browsing the web. It’s fast, free, and gives the user the best feature ever: Choice. The beauty of the Firefox extension is that it allows you to add a specific feature or function, fully customizing your browsing experience. For someone wanting to make the most of their online time, this is a huge opportunity.

Coaching Tools 101: The Urgent Important Matrix - What is it and How To Use it! Well, Former US President Eisenhower used this so-called “Eisenhower Principle” to organize his tasks. He is quoted as saying, “What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” It was Dr Stephen Covey (of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” fame) who took these concepts mainstream, calling it The Urgent Important Matrix in his famous book . Quadrant 1 – Crises or “Important AND Urgent” Tasks What: Tasks that fall into this quadrant include deadlines, urgent meetings, pressing problems, crises and fire-fighting. The “Boxed Set Approach” to Setting Goals Writers often refer to life as a stream or a journey – a continuous, ever-changing flow of events. It’s poetic but doesn’t capture how the human mind construes the passage of time. Our natural inclination is to chunk our lives into episodes and seasons, rather like a DVD boxed set.

Trying To Discover Your Life Purpose? These 6 Tips Can Help You Do you know what your life purpose is? Many adults and young people are unsure of what they want to do with their lives; however, having a purpose within your life will bring you happiness, motivation, and direction. Here are six methods to help you discover your life purpose. 1. Archive » Tough questions for your things I like to think of myself as a person who is unattached to physical objects. Truth be told, however, this might not necessarily be the case. My lifestyle, being more minimalist than the average Jane’s, means that I make a conscience decision to bring something into my home. Each object exists in my space for a reason, and a chunk of time, planning, and research was dedicated to its acquisition, and there are further evaluations to let it stay.