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Project Management Articles - PM Hut
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The Lazy Project Manager - LAZY PROJECT MANAGEMENT SCRUM – All About Commonsense and Chaos Control « Agile Introduction For Dummies We take up from Taking Agile Mainstream and talk exclusively about a popular agile method i.e. SCRUM. SCRUM is an agile process that has proved useful in the management and control of complex software and product development, and has not only been successfully used in simple projects; it has also changed the way entire enterprises do business, increasing productivity, while reducing time. Basically, it is an iterative, incremental process for developing products or managing work, producing a potentially shippable functionality set at the end of every iteration, SCRUM attributes are as follows: Whether, implemented at the beginning or middle of a project, or when a development effort is in distress, SCRUM can if there are no major changes, help teams build and deliver demonstrable product functionality within thirty days. Over 50-organizations have used it successfully, seeing significant improvement in productivity. Like this: Like Loading...

Voices on Project Management In my last post, I wrote about the importance of a project schedule plan and the fact that a project schedule is generally constrained by various factors. In this post, I'll take a deeper dive into the three techniques that can be applied to address resource and time constraints. Resource leveling This technique can be applied to a project's schedule plan when the project is facing resource constraints or when you need to allocate resources consistently and most effectively throughout the life cycle (e.g., all resources utilized at 100 percent capacity by project completion). You'll need to apply this technique when resources are available only for a certain time or when you have resources over-allocated in parallel project activities. The basic idea behind resource leveling is to recognize tasks, priorities, dependencies and constraints. Logically speaking, resource leveling is applied in this order: Schedule crashing This technique focuses on the tasks on the critical path. Fast-tracking

Project Management Tools That Work Mind Tools: Management Training and Leadership Training 7 clés MEP PMO Simple Seven Keys to Establishing a Successful PMO par Gary Hamilton, Gareth ByattEt Jeff Hodgkinson Bien des choses ont été écrites sur la meilleure façon de mettre en place un PMO. Il y a beaucoup d’éléments à prendre en compte et cet article cherche seulement à fournir ce que nous pensons être quelques "indicateurs" à considérer. Dans ce billet, nous supposerons que nous sommes dans une situation dans laquelle nous (ou vous) travaillez pour une organisation sans PMO en existence. Un PMO peut servir à contrôler la gouvernance des projets, il peut surveiller un programme de travail, ou il peut fonctionner à un niveau « entreprise » et être donc plus stratégique. Les questions que vous devez vous poser sont : "Les personnes clés dans mon organisation reconnaissent-elles qu’un PMO est nécessaire, sont-elles d’accord sur l’autorité du PMO (et ai-je clairement articulé les bénéfices à en créer un) ?"" Bien. Like this:

Project Smart: Project Management Tools and Project Planning Tips Project Management - Plan using Critical Chain; execute the Kanban Way