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How to Select the Right Adhesive for Your Material Bonding Project. The most common questions asked by adhesive bonding manufacturers.

How to Select the Right Adhesive for Your Material Bonding Project

When choosing an adhesive for a material bonding project, several factors must be taken into consideration to ensure proper product functioning and optimal performance. To pinpoint the best adhesive solution for your project, third-party vendors will ask you to provide application-specific information and requirements. To reduce downtime and facilitate a smoother, more cost-effective selection process, it’s important to have this information on hand before you meet with an adhesive manufacturer. To get a better idea of how to prepare, we’ve outlined some of the most common questions asked by adhesive bonding manufacturers. What materials are you bonding? Adhesive solutions can be specifically catered to meet the unique needs of your bonding materials.

When discussing the materials you will be bonding, be as specific as possible. Eric Brunt's Flux Snowshoes Transform With Each Step. I love seeing this kind of nuts-and-bolts industrial design.

Eric Brunt's Flux Snowshoes Transform With Each Step

Seattle-based designer Eric Brunt observed that what makes snowshoes work is their increased surface area, which enables the wearer to "float" atop the surface. But that increased surface area also means that the wearer has to walk like s/he's in a Monty Python sketch. What if, Brunt reasoned, the footprint could shrink when lifted, enabling a more natural gait, then grow again when placed back onto the surface? Brunt mocked up a bunch of "kinematic folding mechanisms" in cardboard to see what was possible: He then pursued a tiled parallelogram pattern... ...and worked out a weight-triggered foot plate containing a compression band, so that when the user raises his foot, the band tightens and pulls the tiles in. Element — nTopology. Lumos Helmet - A Next Generation Bicycle Helmet. Rejoice, commuters and workers! The Chairless Chair exoskeleton lets you sit down anywhere, anytime.

The Chairless Chair is an exoskeleton that attaches to your legs and lets you sit back, as if you’re sitting on a chair — but, in the words of Morpheus, there is no chair.

Rejoice, commuters and workers! The Chairless Chair exoskeleton lets you sit down anywhere, anytime

Rather than relying on the tensile strength of solid wood or plastic and the gravity-defying nature of three or more supporting legs, the Chairless Chair uses clever battery-powered mechanics to achieve the same effect. When turned off, the Chairless Chair allows you to walk around normally. Early versions of the Chair are fairly chunky — you’ll certainly look mechatronic — but presumably future versions might be slim enough to hide innocuously beneath your pants. Suffice it to say that there are thousands of situations where working conditions could be improved by the Chairless Chair — and lots of outdoor activities, too. The Chairless Chair exoskeleton, developed by Swiss startup Noonee, is essentially a clever application of mechanics. AIRY - back to the roots. DMG Lib: Browse, Literature. Linkage 3.0.11 Beta « Dave's Blog.

February 14th, 2016 There is a new version of the Linkage program here: I changed and fixed a few things… Fixed bug that kept sliders from being "split" from their slide path (made to not be sliders).

Linkage 3.0.11 Beta « Dave's Blog

Fixed bug in hull computations where coincident points were getting flagged incorrectly and one of them was not deleted from the hull point list (A drawing glitch that could cause a crash). Fixed bug in connector join code where slider limits were not properly fixed when a limit connector was deleted. Added motion path export feature. Fixed mistake where the sliding path dotted line was not drawn when it was between connectors that were not on the hull of a link. Modern Contemporary Design. Fuseproject. Visual Understanding Environment. Eunyoung Park / LINKKI: parts. Lamp L1 by ODESD2. A Tribute to Tesla An homage to Nikola Tesla, the L1 Lamp takes inspiration from the electromagnetic coils he invented.

Lamp L1 by ODESD2

Within the circular disc is a grid of LED lights reflected in different directions. The reflected light is transferred evenly to both sides, creating a diffused glow that will illuminate large rooms without occupying much physical space itself. Designer: ODESD2. MINALE MAEDA. Lamp L1 by ODESD2. J.c.karich. 4-4 case for iPhone 4 GSM + CDMA/Verizon by MichielCornelissen on Shapeways. Important notice: a lot of people have been very happy with this product, but, as can be read in some of the comments below, it's clear that this design is right on the edge of what Shapeways can produce to the right quality at this moment.

4-4 case for iPhone 4 GSM + CDMA/Verizon by MichielCornelissen on Shapeways

If you buy it, there's a risk of having a less then perfect fit, colors can be different from what you see on the screen, and, depending on how you use your phone as well as the tolerances of the case, it has been reported that the polyamide material can give a sort of polishing/scratching effect on the metal rim of the phone (you can find descriptions online of how to remove these kind of blemishes, but it may still be annoying).

Shapeways has, in my experience, been very good with customer service on this item, so they'll be happy to either return your money or provide a new product if you would be one of the unlucky ones; but it's up to you if you want to run the risk that you may have to go through this process.