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Les carnets du design Dataisnature SoftRigid code Bdale maintains a repository that contains the FreedomBox installer, Freedom Maker. You can grab those bits with git clone That code will install a minimum Debian box from which we can build upward! It requires a DreamPlug and a JTAG cable. This software is just a base Debian GNU/Linux install. It is aimed at sophisticated developers. We'll be adding services to future versions, but this is just a minimal base from which we can build. Image Several people have asked for an easy-to-install image that they can use to just flash the sd card in a DreamPlug: We can use GPG to ensure the image has not been corrupted. Upgrading Uboot While not required, upgrading the uboot bootloader on the DreamPlug can give you additional capabilities. One thing many people seem to agree the FreedomBox should do is web filtering for privacy and ad-removal. This package differs from the standard Debian privoxy package in a few key ways.

Groupe ZUR - Zone Utopiquement Reconstituée You don’t ‘own’ your own genes CCourt-proposed molecular points of distinction that allow claims on isolated DNA sequences. On the basis of two molecular changes (small circles) to a single phosphate and one hydroxyl group, the Federal Circuit suggested that a new DNA fragment is patentable subject matter. (Credit: Genome Medicine) Humans no longer “own” their own genes. The more than 40,000 patents on DNA molecules have allowed companies to essentially claim the entire human genome for profit, report two researchers. The research team examined two types of patented DNA sequences: long and short fragments. Furthermore, the study’s lead author, Dr. “If these patents are enforced, our genomic liberty is lost,” says Dr. Court-proposed molecular points of distinction that allow claims on isolated DNA sequences. The U.S. Dr. Under U.S. patent law, genes can be patented by researchers, either at companies or institutions, who are first to find a gene that promises a useful application, such as for a diagnostic test. Dr.

archiact | cabinet de curiosités How the Cloud Broke Open Source This could be a rather deep topic to broach, so I’ll cut to the point. The cloud broke open source. This is how. I’ll always be proud of my years in the dotcom world. Gmail is the classic example — a good place to start. Nobody ever asked me, “do you think Google will release the source code for gmail?” Why? If I wanted to launch an open source cloud service — say for example, an open source Facebook. Perhaps the worst offense against open source is the innocuous and seemingly empowering API. Some of you will appreciate the irony.

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