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MIDWAY - a film by Chris Jordan

MIDWAY - a film by Chris Jordan

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There’s a scary amount of plastic in the ocean. Here’s who put it there This story was reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Marine scientists have long known that plastic pollution in the ocean is a huge problem. The most visible sign of it is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an accumulation of waste (actually spanning several distinct patches) floating in the ocean. It’s at least twice the size of Texas and can be seen from space. This pollution has an incalculably lethal effect on everything from plankton to whales.

Midway: A Sobering Message from the Plastic Gyre The arresting photography of Chris Jordan is the type which, once seen, one can no longer be the same. His work deals with mass culture: specifically the enormity and power of humanities collective behaviors. In his ongoing project, Midway, he deals with the shocking consequences modern society has even on remote and distant shores. Jordan explains his important project best: “On Midway Atoll, a remote cluster of islands more than 2000 miles from the nearest continent, the detritus of our mass consumption surfaces in an astonishing place: inside the stomachs of thousands of dead baby albatrosses.

Films Earth 2 Hub - Visioning the Future - Showreel 2013 Working with media for screens large and small, in both two and three dimensional formats, Earth 2 Hub™ applies the visualisation, imagery and stimulus achieved through film and CGI to the delivery of new scientific and technological insights, delivered through an experiential and enabling platform. More Earth 2.0 videos Black Sky Thinking Prize EARTH 2.0 INITIALIZATION - director's cut

Oh, Snapchat: Your smartphone just became a climate scientist This is part of a series exploring how collective intelligence can create a better world. Read the whole series here. Picture this: You’re out on a hike in Mt. Diablo State Park, just outside San Francisco. Upon reaching a nice viewpoint, you think, “Hey, this would look pretty sweet on my Instagram feed.” When the Internet Is Better Than People Scott Adams, the genius behind "Dilbert," recently wrote a piece called The Digital Crossover . Here's an excerpt, He's right that the crossover is already happening—though not by conscious choice. This guy's story is becoming quite common: For many users, today's cyber erotica proves far more stimulating than fantasizing about the girls in tight sweaters who sit next to them in algebra.

Plastic waste responsible for nearly 92% life-threatening cases in marine life MEXICO: According to a new study thousands of individual animals from hundreds of marine species including every kind of sea turtle and around half of marine mammals have encountered plastic, glass, and other garbage in the ocean. Often the encounters are fatal. In some cases they may be helping push some beleaguered species towards extinction in the wild. Those are some of the findings in the most comprehensive look at the effects of debris on marine wildlife since 1997. Co-authors Sarah Gall and Richard Thompson, marine biologists at Plymouth University in the United Kingdom, looked in 340 different publications for reports about animal encounters with marine trash.

A Film Shows How La Sagrada Familia Will Look When Completed (as Soon as 2026!) Just when you thought Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia basilica couldn’t get any bigger, another tower goes up. The master work of Antoni Gaudi, the fantastic structure is on a truly classic building schedule. Started in 1882 (just 131 years ago) the structure was only half completed in 2010. That means there’s far more to complete, and even at its current dizzying height, there’s far more upward growth to be seen.

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