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The Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve in Texas

The Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve in Texas
Oct 3, 2011 Located approximately 30 miles (48 km) southwest of Austin, Texas, the Hamilton Pool Preserve is a historic swimming hole which was designated a preserve by the Travis County Commissioner’s Court in 1990. Located 3/4 mile upstream from its confluence with the Pedernales River, Hamilton Creek spills out over limestone outcroppings to create a 50 foot waterfall as it plunges into the head of a steep box canyon. The preserve is home to the Golden-Cheeked Warbler, and a great variety of other birds. A unique natural area surrounds this pool, collapsed grotto and canyon, formed by thousands of years of water erosion.

20 Captivating Photos Shot At Exactly The Right There are some things in life that make me feel dated (notice I didn’t use the word “old” LOL). For example, sending a fax, writing in cursive (with a pen) and talking on any phone with a cord (and twirling it around my fingers) are all things that kids born in 2011 might never have the opportunity to experience. I remember back in the days when people would say, “I wish I had my camera with me today, I could have taken some great pictures.” Now that practically everyone has a smartphone, we all have our cameras with us everywhere we go. That is evident in these photographs taken at exactly the right moment. The photography we see these days is phenomenal. Sometimes “at the right moment” photography is achieved with high-speed photography, and sometimes it is achieved from just being in the right place at the right time.

15 Amazing Castles from Around the Globe - StumbleUpon Although designed and built for the prominent purpose of defense, today the castles seem like somewhat unrealistic constructions straight from the fairytale world. From solid strongholds to oriental fortresses and highly decorative palaces, the castles are our connection to the past, where legends mix with history and reality blends with a fairyland. This fairytale castle is the historical seat of the Prussian Kings and German Emperors. Its origin dates back to the Middle Ages - it was built in the 11th century, then completely destroyed in 1423 and reconstructed in 1461. The view from the castle that stands on top of Mount Hohenzollern (855 m) is as stunning as the complex itself. Although it looks like a castle, Howard is actually a stately home - a private residence of the Howard family that has resided in the complex for more than 300 years. Segovia Castle, located in an ancient town of Segovia in central Spain, started off as an Arab fort in the 12th century. Burg Eltz castle.

Most Fascinating Geological Wonders On Earth - StumbleUpon Mar 08, 2011 / Category : Misc / 37 Comments This planet we live on offers us beauty beyond words. Every country has its own special region that takes your breath away with the magnificence of it. Here we can see some places that are a geological wonder that you may know about already, or maybe not? Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA Antelope Canyon is one of the world's most beautiful canyons. Pamukkale, Turkey These stunning terraces of water are found in Pamukkale Turkey and were shaped from a substance called travertine, which forms from the build-up of sediments of calcium carbonate deposited in water from hot springs. The Wave, Arizona, USA This incredible formation of sandstone rock is stunning in its colors. Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand The Moeraki Boulders are amazing boulders found on the New Zealand coast. Bungle Bungles, Australia Bungle Bungles are found in the the Purnululu National Park in Western Australia, also a World Heritage Site. Fantasy Cave, Bermuda Wave Rock, Australia

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia | Beautiful Places to Visit - StumbleUpon The stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park lies in the Lika region of Croatia. The park is surrounded by the mountains Plješevica, Mala Kapela, and Medveđak, which are part of the Dinaric Alps. The 16 blue-green Plitvice Lakes, which are separated by natural dams of travertine, are situated on the Plitvice plateau. What the nanny saw: Housekeeper's stunning images of 1950s Chicago show working class America in a new light By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 23:36 GMT, 16 December 2011 After spending decades collecting dust the work of an unlikely artist has finally been uncovered. To the outside world Vivian Maier was just a nanny and housekeeper working in Chicago. But she also had a hidden talent was not recognised until after her death in 2009. Maier spent her life wandering the streets of Chicago with a Rolleflex camera strapped to her neck taking remarkable black and white pictures of a different side of the city, and a different side of life in America. Capturing a moment: Vivian Maier worked as a nanny in Chicago but wandered the city taking pictures. Birds of a feather: Vivian Maier captures a pair of pigeons feeding in Chicago. Nighthawk: Vivian Maier's pictures have been credited with having an Edward Hopper style as she captures a side of America not normally seen He had hoped to find a picture of the city for a book he was writing, but when he saw the pictures he couldn't believe what he had found.

50 Most Popular Photographs on Deviantart Written by Jacques van Heerden On Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 with 14 Comments so far in Inspiration, Photography Everyone has knows or has heard of Deviantart. Its a amazing art community that brings forth portfolios and collections of some of the best art and photography in the world. Highest Points: 20 U.S. National Parks by Elevation [40 PICS] Denali National Park, Alaska, ranks as the #1 highest point of any U.S. national park. In this valley towards Denali, only the first 15 miles are paved even though the winding road is 92 miles long. Photo #1 by Nic McPhee Reflections on Denali’s Mount McKinley. This mountain is located in the Alaska Range. This blue glacial pool can be found at Wrangell — St. #3 is also located in Alaska. Although Mount Fairweather is located within Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, the mountain range is part of the Saint Elias Mountains — just like the #2 highest ranked elevation among America’s national parks. This is the Senate Grove of Giant Sequoias in Sequoia National Park, California, where everything seems super-sized — including the world’s largest trees. The peak of Sequoia National Park’s Mount Whitney reaches an elevation of 14,505 feet, scoring it at #4. Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state has the 5th highest elevation of all U.S. parks.

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The Seven Lost Cities Of The World - All That Is Interesting - StumbleUpon Located on a mountain ridge above the Urubamba Valley, Machu Picchu was the ‘Lost City of the Incas’, inhabited in the 15th and 16th century. Archaeologists believe that the mountain estate was built for the Inca emperor, Pachacuti, but was abandoned because of the Spanish Conquest. The inhabitants were also believed to have been wiped out by smallpox introduced by Spanish conquistadors, leading to Machu Picchu becoming one of the lost cities of the world.

Glass door with a surprise Posted on November 23, 2010 in Bizarre Rate this Post (1 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5) Loading ... So... Check this out on our Partner Network water from iceland, a photo from Eyjafjardharsysla, Nordhurland Eystra Critiques | Translate Verti Is it really that green, or is the photo hyper-saturated? From the date it was taken, I guess this is a scanned photo. Anyway, nice composition. nilolabrador Very nice picture, Paolo. clodreno to be green this is green.. strangiato Very nice view. scalerman saturated. majestic landscape. sohrab like ive already mentioned to you before i have no clue how you get such amazing colours :) a gift of colours for you paolo i hope you enjoy this link of colours take care aryary The view itself is amazing and you make it even better in this photo. mpb001 Beautiful view and nicly saturated color! femkevdh Fantastico!!! losteden What an amazing landscape. hearken this phto is amazing. i love it, it looks surreal, like a different world! desman Celle-la aussi est superbe et surprennante justa What a nice composition! freedom Very nice landscape, I love such place, luky you. sn00zie zilinskyi Great photo, looks like a picture. Excellent shot osh

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