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Gorgeous aerial shot of Central Park, NYC - Erwin Chow. Alternative perspectives on #London sense of place for @Edexcel_Geog quite a nice starter from @Accumul8_N8 ? *****Murders in NYC 1990: 2,262 2001: 649 2016: 330 2017, as of April 16: 74. *****Migration stories: Child Migrant Stories - Voices Past and Present. I give you Charing Cross village as it was c.1560 when St Giles in the Fields was literally in the fields. Thus was old #London. Lost Glasgow: The Changing Face of Charing Cross – National Library of Scotland Blog. Earlier this year plans were unveiled to cover a stretch of the M8 motorway at Glasgow’s Charing Cross – to ‘heal the wound’ (as the Herald calls it) opened up in the city as the road was constructed in the 1960s.

Lost Glasgow: The Changing Face of Charing Cross – National Library of Scotland Blog

The National Library of Scotland’s Moving Image Archive (housed here at Kelvin Hall) holds more than 1500 films of Glasgow – including several of the Charing Cross area. The M8, arguably the defining piece of infrastructure in Glasgow, cuts the city in two as defiantly as the Clyde. Let’s take a look, then, at the development of Charing Cross – with the help of the Library’s digital collections. Taking Shape Today, Charing Cross is defined by the motorway which bisects it – but for more than a century it sat at the edge of the city. Heyday. *****Sky Pods Show Rise of New York Skyline at the 1 World Trade Center, NYC. *****Shanghai's growth over 23 years. Think you know what a global city is? This study might prove you wrong. If you were asked to name a few global cities which ones would spring to mind?

Think you know what a global city is? This study might prove you wrong

New York, perhaps? London? Tokyo? You may need to think outside the box, however, and update your notion of what a global city really is – a new report also classifies Birmingham, Bratislava and Busan-Ulsan as global cities. Image: Brookings Institute According to a Brookings Institute and JPMorgan Chase study, our idea of a global city has become outdated in a rapidly urbanizing world in the midst of seismic technological change. The report divides these urban metro areas into seven types of global cities, from “Global Giants” such as New York, London and Tokyo to “International Middleweights” such as Birmingham, Melbourne and Tel Aviv. Why these cities matter Amid the current prolonged period of sluggish economic growth, it’s important for business leaders and policy makers to recognize these cities’ contributions to growth and opportunity. A website by Edward (Ted) Relph exploring the concept of place, sense of place, spirit of place, placemaking, placelessness and non-place, and almost everything to do with place and places.

This list of reasons for admission to a lunatic asylum in the 1800s reads like a list of potential metal band names. London 2012: Legacy. #OTD 1971: Nationwide visited the first smokeless pub in the UK. Smokeless pub?! For goodness sake, what next? Smokeless buses? Unsuccessful places / Changing places - Regional policy. THE political shock of Brexit and of the election of Donald Trump have led to new interest in the problem posed by regional inequality.

Unsuccessful places / Changing places - Regional policy

Both shocks drew support from places to which recent economic trends have not been especially kind, and both were reactions, at least in part, against the economic success enjoyed by elites concentrated in a relatively small number of rich metropolitan areas. Even economists, whose "nihilism...about what we can do to help struggling places in the U.S. is, quite frankly, strange" (in the words of Adam Ozimek) have taken to reconsidering their priors on the issue. Myself included; as I noted recently: The economic literature is pretty clear that moving people from low productivity places to high productivity places is very good for both the people that move and the economy as a whole.

It’s also pretty clear that place-based policies designed to rejuvenate regions which have lost their economic reason for being tend not to work very well. Mark Horn Photography – China night. New York City, 1909. Disabled toilets: When does accessible not mean accessible? 1945/1981/2009 - Passage of time at Broadwell WWII Hospital, Oxfordshire countryside. First casualties arrived from D-Day N.France 07.06.44. Business Girls by John Betjeman (film by Ken Russell) #OnThisDay1959: Essex police confiscate an array of weapons that would make fans of @RockstarGames GTAV blush! #OnThisDay 1971: School kids line for lunch, Cottage cheese and pineapple, Should satisfy them. #NationalPoetryDay.