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The Astonishing Metamorphosis of World Wonders Over Time – Page 33. *****BabelColour: A random piece of charm: whilst editing The Open Road video, showcasing rare colour film of Britain in 1924, I noticed a lot of children filmed who would have been born during, or just after the Great War. I wonder if any of t. CosmosUp sur Twitter : "Not one person in this footage is on this earth anymore. But here they are alive, living out their plans and goals. Before the World War, before air travel. No radios no television no cell phones. Not even fathoming the thought of. 20 Of The Oldest Color Photos Showing What The World Looked Like 100 Years Ago. Croydon: from flowers to flyovers. "With autochrome, you're seeing images in a way you wouldn't imagine them. It's like a look at history in color."

A website by Edward (Ted) Relph exploring the concept of place, sense of place, spirit of place, placemaking, placelessness and non-place, and almost everything to do with place and places. Abandoned places: the worlds we've left behind – in pictures. Events happen in places: Imagine someone building an augmented reality app where you could see exactly what events happened where you stand.. Non-places... #photography #art #drawing #illustration #psychogeography. Here's my 3rd cousin. He's 88 & still works daily to tend the same Isle of Arran farms that my ancestor left in 1860. How 'eye-tracking' could change our experience of cities – for better or worse. Does a walk in the park during your lunch break make you feel relaxed?

How 'eye-tracking' could change our experience of cities – for better or worse

Does lush greenery or a glint of sunlight on running water catch your eye and allow you to stare and rest your brain? We recently turned our attention to these questions when we asked park users in the city of Melbourne to view films of walks. We used “eye-tracking”: a technology that allows us to look deeply into exactly what you are looking at or paying attention to. Geodemographics of Housing in Great Britain. Tim Leunig: The regeneration game is up. There is no doubt that the gap in living standards between places like Basingstoke and Blackburn is huge.

Tim Leunig: The regeneration game is up

And there is no doubt that Labour is committed to regeneration: no surprise, with recent Labour cabinets including MPs for Hull, Stockton, Blackburn and so on. But commitment does not guarantee results. The Hole Story. This month’s Discovering Britain trail takes Laura Cole underground into the secret caves of Nottingham For more great walks, trails and viewpoints, be sure to check out the new Discovering Britain Facebook page by clicking here.

The Hole Story

The genius loci. Geography – both physical and human – can help people establish a sense of place, often simply by going for a walk Necessary to all of us is a sense of place, to recognise and be familiar with the genius loci.

The genius loci

That is, somewhere we feel at home, with familiar faces and scenery, a culture with which we can identify and which holds for us a future. Making My Place in the World. Around the World in 100 Million Photos. He Collected 12,000 Road Maps—Now We’re Discovering Their Secrets. Robert Berlo got hooked on maps at an early age.

He Collected 12,000 Road Maps—Now We’re Discovering Their Secrets

As a kid growing up in San Francisco he’d pore over roadmaps in the backseat of the car on family vacations. Sometime around age 11 he started collecting them. Charles Booth Maps Descriptive of London Poverty. What's Your Earliest Memory Of London? Part Two. A couple of weeks ago, we asked you for your earliest memories of London.

What's Your Earliest Memory Of London? Part Two

Photos: 25 beautiful murals that transformed Eastern Market in Detroit. For the second consecutive year, renowned artists from metro Detroit and around the globe converged on the Eastern Market for the past week to paint murals on the sides of buildings as part of Murals in the Market.

Photos: 25 beautiful murals that transformed Eastern Market in Detroit

The transformation is remarkable. Inner State Gallery, Eastern Market Corp. and 1xRUN have teamed up for another impressive year. Here are murals painted during the event in 2015 and 2016. art, eastern market, graffiti, Mural. Workbook: 2015IMD_HOMEPAGE. Farewell oil, hello tech: the world’s 5 most valuable companies in 2006 and 2016. From smartphones and social media, to virtual reality and artificial intelligence, the tech-oriented world we live in today looks very different to how things were just 10 years ago.

Farewell oil, hello tech: the world’s 5 most valuable companies in 2006 and 2016

In 2006, oil giant Exxon Mobil headed the list of the world’s most valuable companies and Microsoft was the only tech firm near the top. Fast forward to August 2016, and Apple, Google’s Alphabet, Amazon and Facebook dominate the list, while ExxonMobil is the only oil company left in the top five. Image: Statista For a brief moment on 1 August, after ExxonMobil’s profits tumbled, the oil giant found itself in sixth place behind Amazon and Facebook, before climbing back up. This is thought to be the first time the five most valuable companies in the world have all been tech firms, according to Slate. The age of technology has arrived, and investors know it. Share Written by. Middle-aged abandon ‘Club 18-34’ city centres. *****Migration stories: Child Migrant Stories - Voices Past and Present.

Think you know what a global city is? This study might prove you wrong. If you were asked to name a few global cities which ones would spring to mind?

Think you know what a global city is? This study might prove you wrong

New York, perhaps? London? This list of reasons for admission to a lunatic asylum in the 1800s reads like a list of potential metal band names. Unsuccessful places / Changing places - Regional policy. THE political shock of Brexit and of the election of Donald Trump have led to new interest in the problem posed by regional inequality.

Unsuccessful places / Changing places - Regional policy

Both shocks drew support from places to which recent economic trends have not been especially kind, and both were reactions, at least in part, against the economic success enjoyed by elites concentrated in a relatively small number of rich metropolitan areas.