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Palin's Travels: Michael Palin's travel website Svartsengi Blaue Lagune mit Sýlingafell im Hintergrund und Þorbjörn rechts Das Vulkansystem Svartsengi liegt in Island. Es befindet sich im Südwesten des Landes auf der Halbinsel Reykjanes nördlich des Fischerortes Grindavík. Vulkansystem Svartsengi[Bearbeiten] Das Vulkansystem liegt zwischen den Bergen Þorbjörn und Sýlingafell, auch Svartsengisfell genannt. Ein Hochtemperaturgebiet befindet sich am Fuße des Sýlingafell, weitere Quellen am Hang des Þorbjörn. Geothermalkraftwerk Svartsengi[Bearbeiten] Man nutzt die Energie dieses Vulkans seit 1978 im Svartsengi-Kraftwerk. Bláa Lónið[Bearbeiten] Der Überlauf dieses Kraftwerkes im Lavafeld wurde zunächst von Einheimischen als Bad genutzt. Siehe auch[Bearbeiten] Vulkane in Island Weblinks[Bearbeiten] [1] im Global Volcanism Program der Smithsonian Institution (englisch) Einzelnachweise[Bearbeiten] Hochspringen ↑ vgl. z.B.

Daytours from Reykjavik, Iceland Overview: This Northern Lights tour in Iceland takes you in a super Jeep out of town, far from the city lights to observe this fascinating natural phenomenon also known as Aurora Borealis. Given clear skies and a little bit of luck, sightings can occur from autumn through to spring. Departures: 20:00 Daily 15 Sep 2013 - 15 Apr 2014 Duration: 3 - 4 hours Prices: Adult: 19.500,00 kr.Child: 9.750,00 kr. Minimum passengers: No minimum passenger requirement Description: The elders say that the harsher the night‘s frost, the more intense the colours will be. The Northern Lights Jeep tour is dependent on the weather and sky conditions and we reserve the right to cancel at any time. Make sure you book your Northern Lights in Iceland tour for your first night in town in order to maximise your chances of sightings. Northern Lights super Jeep tour Highlights: Northern lights Icelandic nature in the dark Lifetime experience This tour lasts 3-4 hours. Gallery: Book tour Now Reviews: David Regler, United Kingdom HS Orka The location of the plant draws its name from a former resting place of horseback riders, which is all of the area east of the Grindavík road across the plant. The plant itself is on lava which erupted back in 1226 and it is called Illahraun. South of the powerplant is Þorbjarnarfell and east of it is Svartengisfell and Selháls between it and north of it is Baðsvellir, which is south from the plant. A drilling search for steam in Svartengis area began in in the middle of November 1971, when a 700 meter hole was scheduled to be drilled. Today, the total production capability of the energy plant in Svartsengi is 75 MW in electrical energy and about 150 MW in thermal energy. Hot water used at Reykjanes peninsula is orginal fresh water. The Svartengi plant has been build in phases.

Reykjavik: Nightlife Reykjavik Nightlife is unlike any other. With over 50 bars lining the main street (Laugavegur) and the small streets leading from it, it can be a daunting task to know where to start. The bars in Reykjavik change with the seasons to provide Icelanders with a new favourite place each year, this is why many online accounts or reviews are outdated and many of the places described do not exist anymore. This does however mean that there is always plenty to look at whilst strolling the streets. Everything from small quaint coffee shops to large fancy bistros welcome you from every angle. Due to the small population, many bars have dual personalities. Most Icelanders begin drinking at home and then arrive into the city center shortly after midnight. Some examples Restaurant by day / Popular dance bar by night

Foreign Affairs Canada Hot Topics Canada stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their fight for a free and democratic Ukraine. This landmark agreement constitutes Canada’s first free trade agreement in the Asia-Pacific region. An interactive global map. Geotermisk energi på Island Geotermisk brønn utenfor Reykjavik Geotermisk energi på Island står for om lag av 5,8 % av verdens produksjon av elektrisk energi fra geotermiske kilder.[1] På grunn av den store vulkanske aktiviteten på Island utnyttes geotermisk energi i stor grad til elektrisitetsproduksjon og fjernvarme. Seks geotermiske kraftverk sto i 2006 for 26,5% av landets produksjon av elektrisitet, resten kom fra vannkraft (73,4%) og fossilt brensel (0,1%). I tillegg dekkes 45 % av oppvarmingsbehovet i landets bygninger av geotermisk varme.[2] I 2012 var total installert effekt 665,0 MW elektrisk kraft[1] og Island er det land i verden med størst andel av sin elektrisitetsproduksjon fra geotermisk energi.[2] Forbruk av primær geotermisk energi i 2004 var 79,7 Petajoule (PJ), eller 53,4 % av landets totale forbruk av primærenergi. Liste over geotermiske kraftverk på Island[rediger | rediger kilde] Referanser[rediger | rediger kilde] Eksterne lenker[rediger | rediger kilde] Orkustofnun

10 things you could do in reykjavik | Ice Cold Land – a walk around reykjavik unearths a lot of treasures - stopping over for a holiday in iceland and wanting to savour a quick byte off its capital, reykjavik? then here’s some interesting things to fill up your itinerary. – take a walk into harpa, reykjavik’s main concert and performance hall - 1. stop by harpa and take a picture of your shadow against reykjavik’s impressive newly built concert and performance hall. – reykjavik’s famous public square, austurvöllur - 2. take a break and indulge in a cuppa joe or tea at the nation’s version of starbucks, te & kaffi or during the summer, take in the leisurely pace of the city at an outdoor cafe in austurvöllur. there are loads of them on the streets of vallarstræti and pósthússtræti. 3. shop at leagavegur and buy something from iceland’s very own GAP store, 66 north. 4. head to 10-11, a supermarket and 7-11 chain that sells essential items. – the magnificient view of reykjavik from the top of hallgrimskirkja church tower - Like this: Like Loading...

Canadian Consular Affairs Drinking in Iceland | Iceland Travel Guide | Iceland Travel Guide by Katie Hammel | May 4th, 2010 Drinking in Iceland is expensive. There’s just no getting around that. But there are a few ways to reduce the cost while still enjoying the city’s legendary nightlife. Here’s how to save money drinking in Iceland. Make the Duty-Free your first stop Located inside Keflavik Airport, the Icelandic Duty Free shop sells liquor at prices that are up to one-third less than those you’ll find in the state-run liquor shops in Reykjavik. Hit the Vinbudin Vinbudin is the name of the state-run liquor store (the only place to buy booze aside from the Duty-Free, bars, and restaurants). Prep for the runtur The runtur is the name of the all-night bar crawl that happens on weekends in Reykjavik. Drink local Because Iceland is an isolated island, everything not produced locally must be imported by air or sea, driving up the price. The legal drinking age in Iceland is 20 years old. Photo by: dibaer, ulfur