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Psychologists Use fMRI To Understand Ties Between Memories And The Imagination

Psychologists Use fMRI To Understand Ties Between Memories And The Imagination
July 30, 2016 — An international team has devised a method for achieving 1 terapascal of static pressure - vastly higher than any previously ... read more July 29, 2016 — Scientists have tailored extremely small wires that carry light and electrons. These new structures could open up a potential path to smaller, lighter, or more efficient devices, they ... read more July 29, 2016 — Climate and energy scientists have developed a new method to pinpoint which electrical service areas will be most vulnerable as populations grow and temperatures ... read more Replication Project Investigates Self-Control as Limited Resource July 29, 2016 — A new research replication project, involving 24 labs and over 2,100 participants, failed to reproduce findings from a previous study that suggested that self-control is a depletable ... read more Scientists Identify Immunological Profiles of People Who Make Powerful HIV Antibodies Vaccination: Zika Infection Is Caused by One Virus Serotype

The brain treats unwanted synapses like invading microbes A microglial cell from the mouse brain expressing green fluorescent protein. Photograph: EMBL/ Rosa Paolicelli The human brain is an organ of staggering complexity, with hundreds of billions of neurons and glial cells forming something like a quadrillion connections, or synapses. Quantum memory 'world record' smashed A fragile quantum memory state has been held stable at room temperature for a "world record" 39 minutes - overcoming a key barrier to ultrafast computers. "Qubits" of information encoded in a silicon system persisted for almost 100 times longer than ever before. Quantum systems are notoriously fickle to measure and manipulate, but if harnessed could transform computing. The new benchmark was set by an international team led by Mike Thewalt of Simon Fraser University, Canada. "This opens the possibility of truly long-term storage of quantum information at room temperature," said Prof Thewalt, whose achievement is detailed in the journal Science.

25 Best Sites for Free Educational Videos RefSeek's guide to the 25 best online resources for finding free educational videos. With the exception of BrainPOP and Cosmeo, all listed sites offer their extensive video libraries for free and without registration. Academic Earth Thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars. The Power of Stories in Personality Psychology God made man because He loves stories. ~ Elie Wiesel I’ve always loved this quote in part because I’m a sucker for stories. (As a writer I guess that’s a prerequisite, but we’re all storytellers by nature; yes, all of us.) Stories are how we make sense of our lives and the world and how we communicate with others. Stories also are how we make sense of ourselves. According to researcher Dan P.

Police warn of 'ransom' spam targeting UK users 15 November 2013Last updated at 13:19 ET Tens of millions of internet users could be at risk from email spam Tens of millions of UK internet users could be at risk from "ransom" email spam seemingly sent from financial institutions. The email has an attachment that looks legitimate but is malware that encrypts computer files. OnLineLabs ChemLab There is a fee for this one, but it is well worth the price! They are truly interactive and you can design your own simulations! Go to the downloads page for a free evaluation trial Dartmouth ChemLab This site has some very good interactive virtual labs plus a terrific interactive periodic table! Virtual Chemistry Chemistry and Physics applets and phylsets from Davidson University. You can also download and use on your own webpages. Virtual Chemistry Lab This site has virtual experiments as well as webcasts on chemistry topics.

The brain region that shouldn't be there Medial wall of brain with posterior cingulate cortex In the Victorian era the map of Africa was blank and the prospect of mapping its interior lured the most adventurous men of the day. If you are of that frame of mind now, I would recommend exploring the dark interior of the brain . The parts of the brain we understand best are on its surface. LG investigates Smart TV 'unauthorised spying' claim 20 November 2013Last updated at 09:32 ET By Leo Kelion Technology reporter Mr Huntley wanted to know how LG determined which ads should be shown on his TV LG is investigating allegations that some of its TVs send details about their owners' viewing habits back to the manufacturer even if the users have activated a privacy setting.

What are some examples of online simulations for science labs? Printable Version Sometimes it is difficult for students with disabilities to participate in experiments and other science lab activities. Online simulations can help these students participate in science exercises with more independence than may be possible in the traditional lab setting. The following list, although not comprehensive, provides examples of available science simulations. Inclusion on the list does not imply endorsement. Learn.Genetics offers three virtual, interactive Biotechniques laboratories, where students can learn and practice basic techniques that molecular biologists use every day in DNA extraction, gel electrophoresis, and DNA microarray analysis.

Guess: What Arguably Trivial Habit Gives a Giant Boost of Happiness? Is it... getting enough sleep ? Yes, but that's not what I'm thinking of. Is it... getting some exercise ? Yes, but that's not what I'm thinking of. Give up? Science & Environment - Doctor Who: 50 years of time travel in the TARDIS TV's most famous Time Lord has been to different worlds and ages, but what do these journeys look like? Take a trip through our interactive map and see archive clips too. Number 76 Totter’s Lane.