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Zachman International® - The Official Home of The Zachman Framework™

Zachman International® - The Official Home of The Zachman Framework™
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OBASHI The OBASHI methodology provides a framework and method for capturing, illustrating and modeling the relationships, dependencies and dataflows between business and Information technology (IT) assets and resources in a business context. A Business and IT (B&IT) diagram built using the OBASHI Framework. It is a formal and structured way of communicating the logical and physical relationships and dependencies between IT assets and resources (Ownership, Business Processes, Applications, Systems, Hardware, and Infrastructure) to define the business services of a modern enterprise. The name OBASHI is a licensed trademark of OBASHI Ltd. Core Principle[edit] OBASHI is based around a core principle: that IT exists for one reason, namely, to manage the flow of data between business assets. Business resources (which include people) and IT assets are either providers of data, consumers of data or provide the conduit through which the data can flow. The Origins of OBASHI[edit] Characteristics[edit]

Chapter 3 - Design Guidelines for Application Performance Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability J.D. Meier, Srinath Vasireddy, Ashish Babbar, Rico Mariani, and Alex Mackman Microsoft Corporation May 2004 Related Links Home Page for Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability Chapter 4 — Architecture and Design Review of a .NET Application for Performance and Scalability Checklist: Architecture and Design Review for Performance and Scalability Send feedback to patterns & practices Library Summary: This chapter presents a set of performance guidelines and principles for application architects and designers. Contents ObjectivesOverviewHow to Use This ChapterPrinciplesDeployment ConsiderationsScale Up vs. Objectives Learn design tradeoffs for performance and scalability. Overview Performance and scalability are two quality-of-service (QoS) considerations. During your design phase, identify performance objectives. How to Use This Chapter Jump to topics or read from beginning to end. Principles Design Principles

Guidance for Proof of Concept Pilot (PDF Version Available) Recommended Practice: Developing and Implementing an Enterprise-wide ElectronicRecords Management (ERM) Proof of Concept Pilot A proof of concept pilot project is an opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of Electronic Records Management (ERM) software on a small area and in a controlled manner. This document applies the principles and "best practices" of IT project management to a proof of concept demonstration pilot for ERM whose purpose is to assess whether the solution should be deployed agency-wide. Top of Page 1. The strategic focus of the President's Management Agenda Electronic Government (E-Gov) initiatives is to transform federal programs and services into high-quality and well-managed cross-agency solutions to deliver services across the Federal government. The final guidance document in this series will be a "lessons learned" paper from EPA's proof of concept ERM pilot as well as other agencies' implementation experience. 2. 3. Preliminary - 4. 5.

A Comparison of the Top Four Enterprise-Architecture Methodologies Roger Sessions ObjectWatch, Inc. May 2007 Applies to: Enterprise Architecture Summary: Twenty years ago, a new field was born that soon came to be known as enterprise architecture. Contents Executive SummaryIntroductionA Brief History of Enterprise ArchitectureCase StudyThe Zachman Framework for Enterprise ArchitecturesThe Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA)GartnerComparisonConclusionGlossaryReferences Executive Summary Twenty years ago, a new field was born that soon came to be known as enterprise architecture. System complexity—Organizations were spending more and more money building IT systems; and Poor business alignment—Organizations were finding it more and more difficult to keep those increasingly expensive IT systems aligned with business need. The bottom line: more cost, less value. Today's bottom line: even more cost, even less value. Many enterprise-architectural methodologies have come and gone in the last 20 years. Introduction Figure 1.

Innenministerium NRW schafft moderne IT-Architektur / Minister Dr. Ingo Wolf: Effiziente Informationstechnik wichtig für Entbürokratisierung - Landesportal Nordrhein-Westfalen "Eine moderne Informationstechnik ist wichtig für eine erfolgreiche Entbürokratisierung in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Wir schaffen deshalb eine ganzheitliche Informationstechnik, anpassungsfähig, transparent und leistungsfähig", erklärte NRW-Innenminister Dr. Ingo Wolf heute (24.08) in Düsseldorf. "Mit der richtigen Struktur können wir die Betriebskosten von IT-gestützten Verwaltungsverfahren spürbar senken. Über den finanziellen Nutzen hinaus hat das Innenministerium als Koordinator für den IT-Einsatz in der gesamten Landesverwaltung und als Dienst- und IT-Fachaufsichtsbehörde für die Bezirksregierungen ein besonderes Interesse an der strategischen Entwicklung von Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien im Geschäftsbereich. Gewachsene IT-Strukturen, Datenschutzrichtlinien sowie Abstimmungsschwierigkeiten zwischen Fachbehörden und verschiedene Zeitpunkte für Verfahrenseinführungen haben zu einem unübersichtlichen Bestand an Fachanwendungen geführt.

KML FAQ - Keyhole Markup Language What is KML? KML is a file format used to display geographic data in an Earth browser, such as Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Maps for mobile. You can create KML files to pinpoint locations, add image overlays, and expose rich data in new ways. KML is an international standard maintained by the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. Who uses KML? The KML community is wide and varied, as you'll see when you visit the Google Earth community forum. How do I create KML files? There are three main tools for creating KML files. Google Earth. Once you have created one of these objects, right click on it in the "Places" pane, and select "Copy". Text editor. There are also many tools created by users in the Google Earth community. How do I open a KMZ file? KMZ files are compressed collections of one or more files for viewing in Google Earth. How do I create KML for astronomy data? KML can be used to represent astronomical data, and loaded into Google Sky or Microsoft's WorldWide Telescope. No.

Software-defined networking Software-defined networking (SDN) is an approach to computer networking that allows network administrators to manage network services through abstraction of lower-level functionality. This is done by decoupling the system that makes decisions about where traffic is sent (the control plane) from the underlying systems that forward traffic to the selected destination (the data plane). The inventors and vendors of these systems claim that this simplifies networking.[1] SDN requires some method for the control plane to communicate with the data plane. History[edit] One of the first and most notable SDN projects was AT&T's GeoPlex.[5] AT&T Labs Geoplex project members Michah Lerner, George Vanecek, Nino Vidovic, Dado Vrsalovic leveraged the network APIs and dynamic aspects of the Java language as a means to implement middleware networks. As noted, GeoPlex did not concern itself with operating systems running on networking hardware switches, and routers. Concept[edit] Inconsistent policies

Steps of Jason.Xia All in all, Zachman framework contains three main point as follow: The first suggestion of the Zachman taxonomy is that every architectural artifact should live in one and only one cell. There should be no ambiguity about where a particular artifact lives. The second suggestion of the Zachman taxonomy is that architecture can be considered a complete architecture only when every cell in that architecture is complete. The third suggestion of the Zachman grid is that cells in columns should be related to each other. Zachman does not give us a step-by-step process for creating a new architecture. Core PROBLEMS of Zachman framework: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Institute For Enterprise Architecture Developments

Excel To KML Western United States only, in a number of formats. Used in place of Latitude and Longitude or Position. The Quarter/Quarter closest to our example position 39° 18' 40.58" N 102° 17' 30.47" W is the SE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Section 35, Range 44 West, Township 8 South, Sixth Meridian, Colorado. Verbose, forward and reversed SE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Section 35, Range 44 West, Township 8 South, Sixth Meridian, Colorado Colorado, Sixth Meridian, Township 8 South, Range 44 West, Section 35, SE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 Abbreviated, forward and reversed SENW 35 44W 8S 6th CO CO 6th 8S 44W 35 SENW If there is no possibility of duplication, the state or the meridian can be dropped. However, some states have more that one meridian, for example California has three. Likewise, a single meridian can cross into more than one state, causing duplication along the border.

What is software-defined networking (SDN)? - Definition from Software-defined networking (SDN) is an umbrella term encompassing several kinds of network technology aimed at making the network as agile and flexible as the virtualized server and storage infrastructure of the modern data center. The goal of SDN is to allow network engineers and administrators to respond quickly to changing business requirements. In a software-defined network, a network administrator can shape traffic from a centralized control console without having to touch individual switches, and can deliver services to wherever they are needed in the network, without regard to what specific devices a server or other hardware components are connected to. The key technologies for SDN implementation are functional separation, network virtualization and automation through programmability. By submitting your personal information, you agree that TechTarget and its partners may contact you regarding relevant content, products and special offers.

Right, I like TOGAF much better. by clemense May 19