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Academy for Systemic Change

Academy for Systemic Change
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Theories, definitions and principles “It works in practice. But does it work in theory?” Check it out here! Choosing from the list alongside this page, we suggest you start with the fishtank metaphor, with the tank representing the organisation, and the fish as managers and other employees. Follow this by reading the short synopsis on systemic leadership. At a more practical level, at different times and to a different extent, managers need to be able both to manage and lead according to their position in the organisation. Those with a more academic interest can read how systemic leadership draws on the management discipline of systems thinking in basic principles of systems thinking as applied to management and leadership. And if you are interested in how the discipline of systems thinking has developed and which aspects are particularly relevant to systemic leadership today, then read the historical link between systems thinking and leadership. Alongside in the blue column is the full list.

How to make an infographic online: five essential free tools Given the popularity of infographics, you’d be wise to consider using them to help achieve your content marketing goals. They can be great for social sharing, blog fodder and inbound links. The last time I created an infographic I used – wait for it - Microsoft Excel. Thankfully there are now some far better options, and they're surprisingly easy to use. I have compiled five of online tools that will help you to create infographics. Hold on a moment! Before you begin, consider that many infographics are often – to quote Econsultancy Research Director Linus Gregoriadis – “high on graphics and low on information”. As such it is important to map out your story / message / goals before starting to work on the design itself. There’s a great post on the LEWIS PR blog that explains how to optimise an infographic, based around three key questions, which are: 1. 2. 3. Sound advice, and it's worth remembering that old proverb about "he who fails to plan, plans to fail". Easelly Piktochart Infogram

Top Basketball Shooting Drills Video Shooting is likely the most valuable skill in basketball, and it takes a lot of practice to perfect. This video will teach you some great drills to improve your shooting.See Transcript Hi, I'm Jamal Andress for I'm here with Steve Moore, former basketball player here at Mizzou. And today we're going to work on some very basic but effective shooting drills. Basic Shooting Form Now, Steve is going to demonstrate one drill to help improve your set shot. During the shot you want to pick a target and aim for that target. After you have your shot all squared up and ready, repeat. Set Up Chairs to Run Around While Shooting For this next drill, find two chairs and preferably a partner as well. The great thing about this drill are all the alterations you can make depending upon what you need to work on: One dribble and then pull-upFlare and take a set shotCross over and pull up Jump Straight Up and Down, Follow Through Practice is the Best Way to Improve Your Shooting

Diffusing Systems Thinking Diffusing Systems Thinking Posted @ 9/28/2015 1:27 PM by A senior executive in a national philanthropic association recently commented: “Systems thinking has been around for many years, and I really see its value. I found her question stimulating, and it prompted me to identify limits to the diffusion of systems thinking and what can we can do to help more people take advantage of the many benefits it offers. Ambiguity about what systems thinking is. Make your definition of systems thinking explicit, e.g. to understand and reorganize interconnected elements in such a way as to achieve a desired purpose. Making it overly simple – or complex. Create systems maps that tell coherent stories of how and why people operate the way they do by surfacing recognizable patterns of behavior and underlying assumptions. Knowing what systems thinking is but not knowing how to apply it. People are not conditioned to think systemically. Changing thinking patterns takes time.

Systemic Competitiveness Systemic Competitiveness An analytical concept formulated by a group of researchers (Klaus Esser, Wolfgang Hillebrand, Dirk Messner, Jörg Meyer-Stamer) at German Development Institute since the early 1990s. The main messages: Dynamic economic development is not only based on functioning markets and individual entrepreneurship but also on collective efforts to shape a supportive environment for business development. At the meso-level we address specific policies (such as technology policy, industrial policy, regional policy, etc.) and the institutional and organizational environment which supports firms. Publications: Systemic Competitiveness Benchmarking Table (PDF, 70 kB) Systemic Competitiveness and Local Economic Development, Book contribution, 2008 (PDF, 250 kB) Making market systems work? (with Frank Wältring:) Value Chain Analysis and "making markets work for the poor" (M4P)-- Poverty reduction through value chain promotion. Systemic Competitiveness Revisited.

The 5 Best Free Tools For Making Slick Infographics It's not enough to simply write about data any longer; the world wants visuals. While there are many professional information designers making a name for themselves, such as Nicholas Felton of, the majority of these digital artists are up to their eyeballs in high-paying work. Where does this leave you? Well, if you want to spruce up your documents, blog posts, and presentations, there are some free tools online that can help. Many Eyes This IBM Research tool gives you two choices: an option to browse through existing sets of data, or use your own. Google Public Data Explorer Like IBM, Google has made a public version of one of its research tools. Hohli There are many occasions when a Venn Diagram is the perfect way to describe a concept or compare relationships among a few different things. Wordle Although this tool describes itself as a "toy" for generating word clouds, it can be an effective service to spruce up your work. Watch more Work Smart: [Images by Wordle]

talkBasketball - Guide British Basketball League The British Basketball League (BBL) was established in 1987 as the men’s professional basketball league of the United Kingdom. While the BBL does not come close to emulating the success of the NBA, professional basketball has become increasingly popular in Britain in recent years. The BBL Championships The BBL Championships are the most important event in British basketball. The BBL Cup Unlike the BBL Championships, which involves a points system, the BBL Cup is a knock-out competition. The BBL Trophy The BBL Trophy competition differs from the BBL Championships and BBL Cup, as it does not involve only the professional teams of the BBL. Playing Basketball in the U.K. Basketball was introduced to the U.K. by a YMCA director in 1893, almost immediately after the game was invented by James Naismith. Several attempts to set up a national league in the latter half of the 20th Century failed due to a general lack of interest in the sport. Getting Started Men’s Women’s

Welcome to Applied Systems Thinking What is a Social System?: Systemics Archive: Nagai Toshiya A social system is not just a gathering of people. It does not consist in the interaction between people either. You can find a mere causal interaction between things. 1. The double contingency I defined a system as function to reduce indeterminacy. Suppose you run into a stranger in an anarchic jungle. Whether I abandon my gun or not depends on whether the opponent abandons his gun or not, and whether he abandons his gun or not depends on whether I abandon my gun or not. 2. It is the best for both to abandon the weapons and coexist peacefully. The combination of payoff in possible four cases is as follows: My reasoning is " Whether the opponent will abandon or keep his gun is indeterminate. This is the so-called prisoners' dilemma. According to the game theory, the strategy that maximizes the minimum of my payoff, whatever strategy the other player(s) may adopt, is the optimal response. 3. When the third is a suspicious alien, he may enslave the two of you, if you abandon your guns.

mmunicating sustainability: the rise of social media and storytelling | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional As the SMI-Wizness Social Media Sustainability Index documents, big bold campaigns still played an important role in 2012 – Sony's Futurescapes, Siemens' Answers and Microsoft's Youthspark stood out. However, an increasing number of companies, including GE, Renault, Ford and this year's index leader, Levi Strauss, put stock in developing a strong editorial voice. We call it a "magazine mentality", enabling an always on and always accessible channel of sustainability communication with investors, employees, media, NGOs and, yes, customers. This magazine mentality was triggered by a simple yet complicated reality: sustainability is no longer only of interest to niche stakeholders. Social media has been the driving force behind this change of audience and community. Indeed, in 2010, when we first published this index, just 60 companies had dedicated social media channels to talk about sustainability. How has social media driven this change in how sustainability is communicated?

Easy Offensive Plays Notice: This article was written by Steve Jordan, Coach's Notebook. Email the author at What is the most common weakness in basketball teams of all ages? Easy - it is the half court offensive game. Most young teams never really get the hang of it because of the time and discipline required to learn to work effectively at this team skill. It is far easier to teach a team to be disruptive with their defense and score off transition. The secret of winning at basketball usually boils down to this: Have the best full court press, if not... If you can break your opponent's press and thereby minimize your turnovers, then you have very likely taken the opponent's offense away from them. There are some plays diagrammed below that are easy to teach and learn. Learning complicated patterns will consume a huge chunk of precious practice time. Basketball is a very dynamic game. Plays Discussed in this Article Other Plays Discussed on this Site Two Low (best against man to man)

Emergence Emergence is perhaps the fundamental property of systems. The idea of emergence is implied in the well-known statement: “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” This kind of statement sometimes appears in adverts, because it implies that the customer will be getting something extra if they buy what is being advertised (which is the job of advertisers). IQ Variants Unfortunately it is a misleading slogan. In this case, the whole was less than the sum of the parts (this example reminds me of some ineffective committees I've sat on!). An example For instance, I can state that "The whole exhibits properties that are different from those found in any of its parts" Of course, this isn't a very impressive as an advertising slogan, but I want something better than a mere slogan; I want a statement that has practical value, which means that it must have some semblance of truth and reliability for me. Figure 1 Copyrighted image Credit: Open2 team Figure 2 Brain Associations New meanings Figure 3

Systemic competitiveness: a new challenge for firms and for government This article analyses the concept of systemic competitiveness by examining its determining factors and the way in which they interrelate. Can 'nexus thinking' alleviate global water, food and energy pressures? | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional With the world population growing at a rate of around 80 million people a year, it is estimated that by 2030 the world will need 30% more water, 40% more energy and 50% more food. That's not just to feed, water and power the new arrivals, but also those currently living "off grid" in developing countries as they rise out of poverty. In the past, water, food and energy have too often been dealt with as separate issues. Biofuels are a classic example. Once the great hope for sustainable energy, bio-diesel's insatiable appetite for wheat saw global food prices spike in 2008 and 2011, causing civil unrest. Panicked into action, the international community spoke out at the German government's Bonn 2011 conference and the water-food-energy nexus. What is nexus thinking? The nexus is a recognition that any solution for one problem, for example water, must equally consider the other two in the nexus. China as a case study China is an interesting case study. But these are not strident solutions.