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Academy for Systemic Change

Academy for Systemic Change

Six strategies for creating system change for a sustainable future | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional There is a huge buzz at the moment about system change. The complexity of the sustainability challenges we face means we require a systemic approach if we are to create the change necessary for the future. Traditionally, academic institutions such as the Academy for Systemic Change at MIT have led the field; NGOs like WWF-UK and Forum for the Future are now modifying their strategic approaches, and businesses like Nike and Unilever are also starting to play their part as their markets and supply chains become ever more complex. People and organisations are increasingly wondering how to find an accessible guide. 1. System change begins and ends with people ready to lead themselves and their organisations. 2. By their nature, systems are complex and we are not always sure where or when they might transform. 3. Many of our actions do not feel as if they are helping us get close to solving the huge sustainability challenges we face – issues like climate change. 4. 5. 6.

Top Basketball Shooting Drills Video Shooting is likely the most valuable skill in basketball, and it takes a lot of practice to perfect. This video will teach you some great drills to improve your shooting.See Transcript Hi, I'm Jamal Andress for I'm here with Steve Moore, former basketball player here at Mizzou. And today we're going to work on some very basic but effective shooting drills. Basic Shooting Form Now, Steve is going to demonstrate one drill to help improve your set shot. During the shot you want to pick a target and aim for that target. After you have your shot all squared up and ready, repeat. Set Up Chairs to Run Around While Shooting For this next drill, find two chairs and preferably a partner as well. The great thing about this drill are all the alterations you can make depending upon what you need to work on: One dribble and then pull-upFlare and take a set shotCross over and pull up Jump Straight Up and Down, Follow Through Practice is the Best Way to Improve Your Shooting

Jonathan Reams - Writings Here is a collection of things I have written over time. Some are direct links to other sites, and some are to files in the Downloads folder, where there is also some additonal information. Books I have a chapter in The Transforming Leader: New Approaches to Leadership for the Twenty-First Century titled Integral Leadership: Opening Space by Leading through the Heart and published by Berrett-Koehler. Integral Education: New Directions for Higher Learning is published by SUNY press. Igniting Brilliance: Integral Education for the 21st Century is another anthology I have been involved with. Articles A Brief Overview of Developmental Theory, or What I Learned in the FOLA Course is a recent article I did to help ground my learning about developmental theory. Integral Leadership: Generating Space for Emergence through Quality of Presence is an article I co-authored with Anne Caspari in 2012 that came out in the German Journal of Business Psychology. What's Integral About Leadership? Reviews

talkBasketball - Guide British Basketball League The British Basketball League (BBL) was established in 1987 as the men’s professional basketball league of the United Kingdom. While the BBL does not come close to emulating the success of the NBA, professional basketball has become increasingly popular in Britain in recent years. The BBL Championships The BBL Championships are the most important event in British basketball. The BBL Cup Unlike the BBL Championships, which involves a points system, the BBL Cup is a knock-out competition. The BBL Trophy The BBL Trophy competition differs from the BBL Championships and BBL Cup, as it does not involve only the professional teams of the BBL. Playing Basketball in the U.K. Basketball was introduced to the U.K. by a YMCA director in 1893, almost immediately after the game was invented by James Naismith. Several attempts to set up a national league in the latter half of the 20th Century failed due to a general lack of interest in the sport. Getting Started Men’s Women’s

"Tried" Is No Longer Enough After many sleepless nights watching and praying for the situation in Ferguson, I wrote this piece. In too many ways, it over simplifies the situation going on in Ferguson. I had no idea how much worse the situation would get and how it would captivate the national media. And yet (I hope) this piece points to the deeper truth. Each of us is living in working in places where “those in charge” doesn’t match up to “those who are affected”. And that gap between those “in power” and “the powerless” is to me a central source if not the source for so many issues. If there’s one message I’d want you to read, it’s this: see what you can do in your own community. Ferguson is so frustrating on so many levels.. That’s why the piece is entitled, “Tried” is No Longer Enough … Think of the Chief of Police of Ferguson, Missouri not as a failed cop, but as a failed leader. He failed, and his boss just replaced him. We could view this situation through many other lenses. Is change possible?

Easy Offensive Plays Notice: This article was written by Steve Jordan, Coach's Notebook. Email the author at What is the most common weakness in basketball teams of all ages? Easy - it is the half court offensive game. Most young teams never really get the hang of it because of the time and discipline required to learn to work effectively at this team skill. It is far easier to teach a team to be disruptive with their defense and score off transition. The secret of winning at basketball usually boils down to this: Have the best full court press, if not... If you can break your opponent's press and thereby minimize your turnovers, then you have very likely taken the opponent's offense away from them. There are some plays diagrammed below that are easy to teach and learn. Learning complicated patterns will consume a huge chunk of precious practice time. Basketball is a very dynamic game. Plays Discussed in this Article Other Plays Discussed on this Site Two Low (best against man to man)

Simple Basketball Plays That Help your Team Score I like simple basketball plays because they tend to work better than complex plays - less to think about means less to screw up. This one may be the first play I've ever taught (it's been a few years, so I wouldn't swear to it) and it still remains a favorite - a go-to basketball strategy that always seems to work well regardless of the personnel I have. The X is a simple basketball play to teach and to use, but it has been very effective for my teams. I've used quite a few other plays over the years, some very good, some not so hot, but I always seem to come back to this one. Because it is easy for players to understand, it's a good play for younger players - I've used it with both varsity and junior varsity teams with considerable success. How this Simple Basketball Play Works It may be a simple basketball play to teach and run, but with good picks set it can be very effective. View more Simple Basketball Plays here Go to the Better Basketball Coaching home page