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One Foundation We welcome you to join us and make a donation to the Jet Li One Foundation Project. All donations received will be deposited directly into the account of the Red Cross Society of China, earmarked for use by the Jet Li One Foundation Project. The Red Cross will disburse funds and the Jet Li One Foundation Project will oversee all expenditures to ensure accountability and transparency in the use of donated funds for their intended purposes. We invite the media and general public to help supervise this process. While we are always exploring new methods for collecting donations, the best and most cost-effective method for foreign currency donations (including USD) is currently an online donation through the secure, verified, and simple-to-use Paypal system. You can choose to donate using the buttons below or input a donation amount that is most convenient. Note: Donations to the foundation are currently not tax deductible outside China. Account Name:Shenzhen One Foundation

Portail humanitaire ASAH - Actualités - Articles - © 2001-2014 A.S.A.H. - 36 visiteurs présents actuellement sur le Portail de l'Humanitaire - Humanitaire, solidarité, droits de l'homme, développement, coopération, commerce équitable, insertion, innovation, plaidoyer, emploi, formation, ong, expatrié, bénévole, fournisseurs, vidéo, humanitarian, design, fournisseurs, entreprise, association, eau, énergie, agriculture, agroécoogie, agrobiologie, éco-construction, eddens, asah, portail humanitaire, recyclage solidaire Se former en éducation au développement et à la solidarité internationale? : éducation au développement et à la solidarité internationale: enjeux, défis et pratiques... Voici une question que l'on me pose souvent... Associations de solidarité internationales, professeurs, éducateurs à l'environnement, étudiants, animateurs...tous s'accordent sur l'idée que éduquer à la complexité, éduquer au développement et à la solidarité internationale est un procesus long et exigent...qui nécessite des temps de formation, de remise en cause, de découverte et de création collective... Je suis animateur en éducation au développement et à la solidarité internationale depuis presque 5 années, exclusivement consacrées à cette pratique...Une chance, un cheminement...Il n'existe pas de formation ou de diplôme et encore moins de référentiel officiel (compétences générales liées à l'exercice du métier) sur qu'est un "animateur ou un "éducateur "au développement et à la solidarité internationale. Source du dessin: Tous droits réservés-CCFD, Un visa pour le voyage Le faudrait-il d'ailleurs? Pour l'heure où se former? -De la Solidarité internationale à la solidarité locale.

Français du monde - ADFE 226 The Clinton Peace Plan- 23 December 2000 In a last ditch effort to revive the peace process, the United States invited Israeli and PA negotiators back to Washington, D.C. for separate talks with the American peace teams. They came on 18 December and met for two days separately with the American officials. On 20 December, Foreign Minister Ben-Ami and PA negotiator Saeb Erekat met in the White House with President Clinton and Secretary Albright. Territory: Based on what I heard, I believe that the solution should be in the mid-90 percents, between 94-96 percent of the West Bank territory of the Palestinian State. The land annexed by Israel should be compensated by a land swap of 1-3 percent in addition to territorial arrangements such as a permanent safe passage. The parties also should consider the swap of leased land to meet their respective needs... The Parties should develop a map consistent with the following criteria: Security: The key lies in an international presence that can only be withdrawn by mutual consent. Jerusalem:

Home Drishtee works with communities in rural India Current Situation / Challenge : These communities are today in a difficult situation as their sustainability is being challenged by growth of manufacturing and large scale industrialization. Approach/Solution : Drishtee has identified 3 core pillars of sustainability: Livelihood, Services and Basic infrastructure. Sustainability of self contained communities is needed to build a strong world. Drishtee is building a rural distribution network. International Forum of national NGO platforms - ONG-NGO annuaire des organisations de développement | Accueil The Palestine Chronicle: A Leading Online Newspaper on Palestine, Israel and the Middle East

One Laptop per Child DES ROUTES HUMANITAIRES [Orthophonistes du Monde] TechnoServe - Business Solutions to Poverty

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