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Contrast Rebellion - to hell with unreadable, low-contrast texts!

Contrast Rebellion - to hell with unreadable, low-contrast texts!

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How the Web Became Unreadable It’s been getting harder for me to read things on my phone and my laptop. I’ve caught myself squinting and holding the screen closer to my face. I’ve worried that my eyesight is starting to go. 100 Awesome CSS/Javascript Plugins and Coding Techniques Writen by Bogdan / Comments Off on 100 Awesome CSS/Javascript Plugins and Coding Techniques If you know how to use CSS and Javascript, you can create some impressive websites. Not only that you can do some awesome stuff with them but they also ease you work. In this article you have 100 awesome CSS and Javascript plugins and coding techniques that should definitely be in you toolbox. Use CSS3 to Create a Dynamic Stack of Index Cards

The Infinite Grid Grid systems are a key component of graphic design, but they’ve always been designed for canvases with fixed dimensions. Until now. Today we’re designing for a medium that has no fixed dimensions, a medium that can and will shape-shift to better suit its environment—a medium capable of displaying a single layout on a smartphone, a billboard in Times Square, and everything in between. We’re designing for an infinite canvas—and for that, we need an infinite grid system. It’s common to think of responsive design as multiple layouts: mobile, tablet, desktop, etc. The problem is the “in-between” sizes tend to suffer, so we end up with layouts that look great at specific dimensions (320, 720, 960), but less than great for everything else.

Bonnes pratiques daltonisme (5% des internautes) (EN) One of my friends from college is color blind and every time someone finds out about this, the prompt question is — “Do you know which color this is?” It’s not like he misses out on any color! He sees them all but the difficulty is in naming them apart when the contrast is not good enough or so.. 10 Very Good Examples Of Navigation Tabs In Web Design The navigation system is a vital piece offa website, so that’s why it always should be very well made. Usually, the simplest and most effective form is the navigation based on tabs because the user can visualize website’s structure in a linear way. In this article you can see 10 good examples of this kind of menus.

HTML KickStart HTML Elements & Documentation - Setup Download HTML KickStart Include jQuery and HTML KickStart <script src=" src="js/kickstart.js"></script><!-- KICKSTART --><link rel="stylesheet" href="css/kickstart.css" media="all" /><! 10 Steps To Boost Your Creativity Ten quick steps to help you be more creative. This article was first written in 1996 and has remained on of the most popular pages on our web site. It has also been reprinted many times over in books, magazines and elsewhere. Listen to music by Johann Sebastian Bach.

5 Web accessibility myths If your business has a website, it should be accessible to disabled users. There are ethical and commercial justifications for this, but there is also a legal reason: if your website does not meet certain accessibility standards, then you could be sued for discrimination because The Disability Discrimination Act in the UK includes blind and disabled access to the internet. Accessibility on the web means making your content available to users with different skills and devices. Let’s take a look at some common misconceptions about web accessibility. 1. Web accessibility places restrictions on design

Web Form Design: Showcases And Solutions - Smashing Magazine This overview features a hand-picked and organized selection of the most useful and popular Smashing Magazine’s articles related to Web form design and published here over all the years. Useful Ideas And Guidelines For Good Web Form Design The input form is an essential element of almost any website or application these days. Input is a core method of interaction, and in many cases it represents the hard conversion point between success and failure. With the amount time and effort we put into bringing users to our sign-up and contact forms, it’s surprising that we tend not to spend a proportional amount of time on the forms themselves. A number of techniques and elements can be used in Web forms to turn them from abject failures into successful conversion points.

Unquoted CSS font family name validator Wondering if a given character sequence can be used as an unquoted font family name in CSS? Read all about it, or just use this tool. <strong>To use this tool, please <a href= JavaScript</a> and reload the page.</strong> permalink You can use this as an unquoted font family name in CSS: