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Tidwell_Designing Interfaces

Tidwell_Designing Interfaces
Selected patterns from the book are featured here on the website, in their entirety. Here are all of the patterns in the second edition of the book, sorted by chapter. Most of these patterns are not online yet, but many of them will become available over time as featured patterns. Patience! What users do Patterns of user behavior Safe Exploration Instant Gratification Satisficing Changes in Midstream Deferred Choices Incremental Construction Habituation Microbreaks NEW Spatial Memory Prospective Memory Streamlined Repetition Keyboard Only Other People’s Advice Personal Recommendations NEW Getting around Navigation, signposts, and wayfinding Clear Entry Points Menu Page NEW Pyramid Modal Panel Deep-linked State NEW Escape Hatch Fat Menus NEW Sitemap Footer NEW Sign-in Tools NEW Sequence Map Breadcrumbs Annotated Scrollbar Animated Transition Organizing the page Lists of things Images, messages, search results, etc. Doing things Going mobile

Smashing Mag | Design Archives Category: Design This category features articles on general design principles, Web design, typography, user interface design and related topics. It also presents design showcases and practical pieces on the business side of design. Popular tags in this category: Web Design Typography Inspiration Downloads Freebies An In-Depth Overview Of Living Style Guide Tools Following the market's demand for minimalistic and consistent UIs, and the growth in modular web development, we tend to pay more and more attention to documentation and the efficiency of designer–engineer workflow with each project we undertake. Living style guides help front-end developers transform front-end codebases into well-described pattern libraries with the minimum of effort. Read more... How Being In A Band Taught Me To Be A Better Web Designer “By playing in a band,” was my answer. Read more... Part Five Design Principles: Dominance, Focal Points And Hierarchy Has a client ever asked you to make the logo bigger? Design Last

Design Shack | This Week in Design Are you in the holiday spirit yet? This week in design we are. From creative thinking during the holiday season to tools for a great photo book and even tips for hiring a designer, this week the theme is looking forward during this busy time. We’d also like to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate our Design Shack readers. Every week, we plan to a look at major product releases and upgrades, tools and tricks and even some of the most popular things you are talking about on social media.

This Month in Typography Welcome to this month’s roundup of type-related info and entertainment. Today, we examine the art and science of crafting fonts, wonder about the future of libraries in the digital age, discuss the future of graphic design, delve into the history of curly letters of Amsterdam, talk with experts about the recent hand-lettering boom, research the health effects of typefaces, run down the history of the tilde, clarify commonly abused typography terminology, and more. Designing Obsidian A couple of months ago, we featured Obsidian in this column — a typeface that was arduously crafted via algorithms to get amazing shading effects. In this video, Andy Clymer talks at length about the creation of Obsidian. Microsite for Benton Modern A lovely website showing off a lovely set of webfonts. Algorithmic Typeface Generation Kyuha Shim, a researcher in computational graphic design, is using computer science to automate the design of typefaces. Typography Experts Weigh in on the Hand Lettering Boom

designskilz | Beautiful, Free Web Fonts Below you will find a showcase of the best free web fonts from the Google web fonts directory. See the examples of these web fonts and choose the one fit for your website. Click the examples to get the web font. If you enjoyed this post please subscribe. Alegreya Alegreya is a free font designed by Juan Pablo del Peral. Archivo Narrow Archivo Narrow is a free font designed by Omnibus Type. Arimo Arimo is a free web font designed by Steve Matteson. Bitter Bitter is a contemporary typeface designed by Sol Matas. Cardo Cardo is a large Unicode font designed by David Perry. Chivo Chivo is a free web font designed by Omnibus Type. Domine Domine is a free web font designed by Pablo Impallari. Dosis Dosis is a simple typeface designed by Edgar Tolentino and Pablo Impallari. Droid Sans Droid Sans is a free web font designed by Steve Matteson. Fanwood Text Fanwood Text is a free web font designed by Barry Schwartz. Fauna One Fauna One is a modern typeface designed by Eduardo Tunni. Inconsolata Josefin Slab

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