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User Interface Design Libraries for Keynote, PowerPoint and OpenOffice

User Interface Design Libraries for Keynote, PowerPoint and OpenOffice
Save 10 hours on your next app design project, GUARANTEED! When you buy a bundle, you get all 9 templates for 50% off the total price, and you receive all future updates for free. Each template includes both Keynote and PowerPoint files. 100% Money Back Guarantee Try Keynotopia ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE. Free Lifetime Updates Keynotopia is updated regularly. Fast And Secure Checkout Frequently Asked Questions Can I edit/customize the components? Absolutely! I am using Adobe CS tools (Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop). Yes. I’ve purchased the prototypes. Which program should I use to test the prototypes on the iPad and iPhone? Use Keynotopia iPhone and iPad apps. I would like to use it on the iPad. Yes. I am done with my prototype. You can. I am using a Windows machine. Yes you can, using the Powerpoint bundle.

Wordpress Theme for Salesletters, Salespages, Presells, Reviews and PPC Landing Pages 630 icones tendances pour vos prochains Webdesign - icones Le Blog Du Webdesign a trouvé pour vous des icônes tendances et fraichement sorties sur la toile ainsi qu'une ressource utile et efficace pour les Webdesigner créé par un français ! Bonne lecture ( Soumission de lien ) A l'honneur dans cette sélection, un français qui nous a soumis le lien de sa dernière ressource pour les webdesigner qu'il a créé, ce pack comprend : Une librairie d'élements web facilement maniables sous illustrator, 260 icones gratuites et 200 effets de styles sur illustrator ! Pack gCons 100 icones Pack Sketchy Social Media Icons 90 icones Pack PixeloPhilia2 40 icones Pack Reflection 200 icones Vous êtes dans le milieu du graphisme, du webdesign ou autre et vous souhaitez que l'on parle de vos ressources ( Icônes, Fond d'écran, Template, Pattern etc. )? Vvous pouvez nous envoyer vos messages a l'adresse ci-dessous : Contactez l'équipe

Animated 3D Bar Chart with CSS3 A tutorial on how to create an animated 3d bar chart using CSS only. View demo Download source It all began with a small experiment that was inspired by a tutorial from Nettuts+ which shows a way how to embed a 3D bar chart into HTML pages using CSS, images and JavaScript. You can check out what I have done before here. Please note: the result of this tutorial will only work as intended in browsers that support the respective CSS properties. Let’s write down some key requirements. background-independentadaptive (independent of the number of bars)scalable (just like vector graphics)easily customizable (colors, sizes and proportions) The planning phase is the most important part of any project. Before actually coding, I usually write down all potential challenges with solutions I can think of in a specific project and repeat this process until I get something that looks like a strategy that can be executed. Challenge #1 – A bar with movable inner block What we know: What we’ll need: Great!

Digitonik 10 Free Premium Quality Freebies for Designers All designers are constantly on the look-out for high quality design elements to add to their libraries, and even better if they can find them at no charge! Particularly for designers starting out in the industry, possibly keeping their prices down to acquire work, free, premium quality resources are a necessity. So today we are bringing you a selection of 10 high quality free resources that should be a welcome addition to any designer's library. Free Premium Quality Freebies for Designers 12 Flat SEO Icons A set of 12 flat SEO icons designed to add a light-hearted and playful tone to your site. 200 Icons from Inventicons This psd file includes 200 free icons that you can use for personal and commercial projects. Media Black UI Kit This layered psd file includes elements suitable for any sort of media, such as video and audio players, as well as typical navigational items, and it is free for both personal and commercial use. Funkies Patterns A collection of 10 patterns with a retro feel.

WSO of the DAY! 400+ SOLD [Premium WP 30-in-1 Theme] Brand New Design w/ Developer License Just Added February 6th, 2012: New Version 1.1 The New Version WP Theme Omaterra 1.1 is out, for those who have purchased you should have received an email from me (if you have subscribed for updates) - If not simply go to the WP Theme Omaterra Members Area to download the new version. Thank You! -Josee "Here's what my customers are saying about the Omaterra Theme" Quote: Hey Warriors, Josee Bedard here with a brand new WP Theme designed for businesses, affiliates, designers, and much much more...this WP Theme is the only theme you will ever need, check out below what you can do with the Omaterra Wp Theme. Watch the Video for an Overview of The Omaterra Theme and also go inside and have a look at the Option Panel. In the interest of response times and answers, please use so we can serve you better! We reserve the right to take down this special Warrior-priced WSO without notice.

12 Ways to Get Beautiful Typography for WordPress Typography is just as important to your website design as the images, layout, or any other element. It’s the best way to highlight your content and make your site stand out from the crowd. These 13 tools and tutorials will help you to take your typography to the next level on your WordPress site. Ultimate Google Fonts This plugin gives you access to more than 90 open source fonts from Google. Download Plugin WP Typography This plugin improves your site’s typography with hyphenation, space control, intelligent character replacement, and CSS hooks for styling. Download Plugin Customize Your WordPress Fonts with the Free Awesome Fontstacks Service Awesome Fontstacks is a free service that allows you to easily create bundles of beautifully matching, free web fonts. View Tutorial Get Beautiful Fonts Using the @font-face Rule @font-face is a CSS rule that allows designers to use non-standard web fonts that are not installed on their user’s machines. View Tutorial Take Advantage of Typekit Fonts

Exploit Scanner This plugin searches the files on your website, and the posts and comments tables of your database for anything suspicious. It also examines your list of active plugins for unusual filenames. It does not remove anything. That is left to the user to do. Latest MD5 hash values for Exploit Scanner: 73cbb0628b7ed071137c18d5c86fed36 exploit-scanner.php (1.5.1)1d5f9d6220fe159cd44cb70a998a1cd7 hashes-4.6.phpfbdf61c17f65094c8e331e1e364acf68 hashes-4.6.1.php477d128d84802e3470cec408424a8de3 hashes-4.7.php Latest SHA1 hash values for Exploit Scanner: a647bed6a910c03e90f1a81f7829c9567dc2c442 exploit-scanner.php (1.5.1)5cec64380a2acdc876fd22fbbbbf8c335df1ed3f hashes-4.6.php99d9e7be23a350f3d1962d0f41e7b4e28c00841e hashes-4.6.1.php1eeab377a1afc6d776827a063678d2461b29e71d hashes-4.7.php See the Exploit Scanner homepage for further information.

Visual Composer for WordPress Visual Composer – current version 4.0.5 available for download! Visual Composer is Drag and Drop Frontend and Backend Page Builder Plugin for WordPress Visual Composer for WordPress is drag and drop frontend and backend page builder plugin that will save you tons of time working on the site content. Have you ever noticed how much time you spend fighting with [shortcodes]? With the Visual Composer your are able to work with responsive design – check out how you website will look on mobile devices during page building process with one click only. Add columns, rows and choose from 40+ predefined elements divided in logic groups with single click, by using intuitive and handy UI. Visual Composer is #1 Best Selling drag and drop frontend and backend page builder with 70k+ websites already powered. Try Visual Composer in real action, before you buy it. Visual Composer Features 40+ Built In Content Blocks Check out demo site or test drive your self. Visual Composer Addons What users are saying? “WOW.

[POINT & CLICK THEME BUILDER] Create Any Type Of WordPress Theme In Minutes. No Experience Required. Quote: Hey Jack, Thanks very much! Yes, one of the built in features is the ability to set any number of post columns in your layout. So for example, on your homepage you might set it to have no sidebar, and four post columns. You can see an example of this type of layout here: Scarf-Store There is also the widget ready footer, which can be set to have any number of widget columns. So for example, you might drag it up above your content area, set it to have four columns, then display your four boxes side by side through text widgets. These two options are the easiest way to create four boxes using the Website Weaver. However the other beauty of this platform is you are free to use it with any compatible theme. The reason I mention this is there is also the "Featured Strip" block which by default in the AAA Starter theme is three special posts, full width, stacked on top of each other. Yes, this second approach does involve touching the theme code. Yes, that's exactly right. Absolutely.

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