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What are some top strategies for conversion optimization

What are some top strategies for conversion optimization
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Your Facebook Account has Three Passwords How to Build the Case for a Gamification Program in a Fortune 1000 Organization | Gamified Enterprise Gamification is powerful. It is fresh, it is new, and it is revolutionary. Sound like the first line of sales pitch? Selling to the Salesmen One of the least-discussed questions related to gamification is a simple one: how can an individual gather support for it within an organization? A gamification evangelist has a huge responsibility–he or she can be the sole person that drives adoption across the organization. (If you like Tarantino, you can skip to the end of our story by checking out In my experience, there are four steps to take in order to drive acceptance, endorsement, and sponsorship of an enterprise gamification program. 1. In my case, this was Halo. Curious what that might look like? EMC Levels Up While I do not expect other evangelists to use Halo as their muse, I would expect others to match their organizational goals with a concrete example of existing gamification. 2. 3. Every organization has execution-minded personnel and vision-minded personnel.

The Science Behind Foldit | Foldit Foldit is a revolutionary new computer game enabling you to contribute to important scientific research. This page describes the science behind Foldit and how your playing can help. What is a protein? Proteins are the workhorses in every cell of every living thing. What are amino acids? What shape will a protein fold into? Why is shape important? What do proteins do? Proteins are present in all living things, even plants, bacteria, and viruses. Photosystem I is a collection of proteins in plants that captures sunlight for photosynthesis.Luciferase catalyzes the chemical reaction that makes fireflies glow.Hemagglutinin helps the influenza virus invade our cells. You can find more information on the rules of protein folding in our FAQ. What big problems is this game tackling? Protein structure prediction: As described above, knowing the structure of a protein is key to understanding how it works and to targeting it with drugs. How does my game playing contribute to curing diseases?

Do It Yourself A/B Testing I always start marketing interviews with a phone screen of some variant of the following question: “Let’s say this is your first day at Urbanspoon and I show you the following data. We’ve just launched an A/B test of that I’d like you to evaluate. [The example can be almost anything you want to test different results for – from almost any search element, PPC campaigns, email subject lines etc. In this case, I’m using a PPC example.] I’m looking for an answer that goes beyond demonstration of pre-algebra skills and rudimentary familiarity with a calculator. Obvious answers include splitting up 50 keywords into different groups, looking down stream to see differences in conversion rates, and technical answers around quality score. Answers to the above theoretical question usually fall into one of three buckets: I’d run as more Ad B’s so our impressions are equal and then compare the click through rates. All of this can be calculated with innumerable free online tools.

10 UI Ideas to Learn from Gumroad) 10 UI Ideas to Learn from Gumroad Gumroad is an exciting new startup that lets anyone sell digital content with just a link. It was founded by the prolific Sahil Lavingia. Sahil has designed a number of useful apps, ranging from Pinterest in the early days, to Turntable, to Crate, to Caltrainer, etc. This is how the Gumroad home page looks, un-dissected. And here is the dissected version, with the 10 things we’ll learn - Let’s get started - 1. This top bar has become increasingly common. When we visit sites, a split second is used to subconsciously say “Oh, these are the colors we’re using here. Note that Sahil has picked energetic colors. 2. A lot of logos have very little to do with the name or product of a company. But others have plenty to do with the name of the company/product. Until you have a brand and you own blue birds the way that Twitter does, ensuring your logo and the favicon are as good as possible at reminding a user of your company name is key. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Product Managers, turn a weakness into a strength | The Recovering MBA Much to my chagrin I do not code. Somewhere in the archives of my brain is some C++ I learned back in the stone age (late 90's) but that's about it. I certainly understand the value in knowing how to code at least at a basic level as a Product Manager I just haven’t taken the time to learn yet.& Well I should say I’m trying to learn and so far I’m pleased with the process on Codecademy . While it’s debatable in many circles I personally think this is a huge weakness of mine. Here’s the rub. Developers do not think like marketers. Me: “Customers are struggling to understand how to make X work” Dev: “They just need to click that link and configure their settings the first time they log in and it will work fine. ” Marketers unlike developers are generally not problem solvers (yes, yes I know this is a gross stereotype that doesn't always apply). That's a marketer. Developers aren’t scared to screw something up because they know they can fix it. That said … boy do I need to learn to code.

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The Secret To Pinterest's Astounding Success: A Brilliant Sign-Up Process You Should Copy Why most UX is shite I was invited to speak at the event this week where getting a little sweary and ranty is kind of encouraged (it goes well with the craft beer consumption that is an integral part of the conference mix). This was my contribution. Slides: When I checked the agenda to see what I was supposed to be talking about at Monkigras, I saw that I was down to talk for 15 mins about ‘Crafting Good UX’. Where to start. An elegant UIBeing AddictiveA Fast Startbeing Seamless, andIt Changes You I hate these kinds of lists. If only that were true, we’d be overwhelmed by UX amazingness. It’s not that simple right. Now, there are plenty of ways you can make a user’s experience of your product rubbish, but in my experience, there are a handful of serial offenders. 1. So, this one I see ALL the time. From a start up who doesn’t want to rule anything out of its value proposition so doesn’t really know what it is so, as a consequence, no one knows what problems it’s solving so they don’t engage. 2. 3. 4.