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Meaningful Transitions // Home

Meaningful Transitions // Home
Meaningful Transitions - Motion Graphics in the User Interface »Meaningful Transitions - Motion Graphics in the User Interface« deals with the use of animations in the user interface. It documents transitions in a clustered way to show at which point transitions can be a helpful extension to a static user interface, because of cognitive benefits to enhance the user experience. The purpose of Meaningful Transitions is to illustrate the process of the interaction and the structure of the user interface. They focus on specific events, or clarifying the user's interaction by animation. All transitions are divided into six categories in order to differentiate between their application.

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Best workflow for icon design: Start big, or start small A slight correction to your assumptions: While Windows and Mac do use multiples of 16, they don't scale at the same rate. Vista/7 standard sizes are 162, 322, 482, 2562. OS X is 162, 322, 1282, 5122 (+HiDPI versions). To further complicate things, Windows Vista/7 default zoom levels seem to be 162, 482, 962, 2562 and will happily scale in increments as small as 2px. This shouldn't make a huge difference to your workflow except that it obviates the need to be concerned with specific pixel grids at all zoom levels. My workflow is different than yours in that I don't do very much resizing.

Facebook如何利用数据指导设计 : Facebook的产品设计经理 Adam Mosseri最近做了一个非常棒的演讲: Data informed, not data driven(数据启示,而非驱动) 演讲以Facebook如何利用数据指导产品设计为主线,还涉及到Facebook的产品设计团队... Facebook的产品设计经理 Adam Mosseri最近做了一个非常棒的演讲: Data informed, not data driven(数据启示,而非驱动) 演讲以Facebook如何利用数据指导产品设计为主线,还涉及到Facebook的产品设计团队架构、不少的设计案例,以及Facebook是如何做产品设计决策等。

Typography Deconstructed Ampersand A stylized character of the Latin et used to represent the word and. Definition: The typographic symbol used to designate the word and (& ) is the Latin symbol for et which means and. The name, ampersand , is believed to be derived from the phrase “and per se and.” On a standard English layout... Aperture Flat UI - Free User Interface Kit Header 3The Vatican transitions to a Header 4Great American Bites: Telluride's Oak, The Header 5Author Diane Alberts loves her some good Header 6With the success of young-adult book-to-movie Paragraph Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.

Design - Helpshift for iOS This documentation applies to Helpshift SDK 4.x for iOS. Looking for SDK 3.x docs? Click here → Learn about Skinning the Helpshift SDK to match the look-n-feel of your app. Customize localizable strings to support multiple languages in the SDK UI. 16 Great Graphic Design Blogs and Sites What are your favorite design blogs and sites? There are so many design blogs now, that your top list is sure to be a bit different. Here we've collected 16 great design sites that consistently bring high-quality material to their audience. They are filled with great resources, original material, thought provoking articles, or well constructed design tutorials that keep you growing as a designer.

组件 · Bootstrap 用于显示链接列表的可切换、有上下文的菜单。JavaScript 下拉菜单插件让它有交互性。 案例 将下拉菜单触发器和下拉菜单都包裹在.dropdown里,或者另一个声明了position: relative;的元素。然后添加组成菜单的HTML代码。 <div class="dropdown"><button class="btn dropdown-toggle sr-only" type="button" id="dropdownMenu1" data-toggle="dropdown"> Dropdown <span class="caret"></span></button><ul class="dropdown-menu" role="menu" aria-labelledby="dropdownMenu1"><li role="presentation"><a role="menuitem" tabindex="-1" href="#">Action</a></li><li role="presentation"><a role="menuitem" tabindex="-1" href="#">Another action</a></li><li role="presentation"><a role="menuitem" tabindex="-1" href="#">Something else here</a></li><li role="presentation" class="divider"></li><li role="presentation"><a role="menuitem" tabindex="-1" href="#">Separated link</a></li></ul></div>

Mobile User Interface Patterns Pttrns is a curated library of iPhone and iPad user interface patterns. All patterns has been carefully chosen before they were added to maintain excellent content quality. There is currently 2819 patterns in our library. Guidelines For Mobile Web Development - Smashing Magazine This overview features a hand-picked and organized selection of the most useful and popular Smashing Magazine’s articles related to design and development for mobile devices and published here over all the years. Why We Shouldn’t Make Separate Mobile Websites There has been a long-running war going on over the mobile Web: it can be summarized with the following question: “Is there a mobile Web?” That is, is the mobile device so fundamentally different that you should make different websites for it, or is there only one Web that we access using a variety of different devices? Acclaimed usability pundit Jakob Nielsen thinks that you should make separate mobile websites. I disagree.

50 graphic design blogs Update: 02 November 2010 I published this collection back in 2007, albeit with a few minor updates here and there. Today I shared a new post showing the design blogs on my subscription list. That’s a more up-to-date selection. Downloads » Cone Trees- User Research & Design The Usability Testing Process (diagram) March 14, 2010 Chinese translation of the diagram and article (by Ryana). Russian translation of the diagram and article (by Dmitry Satin). Are you interested in a high-res print out of this diagram for putting up on the cork board by your office desk? Download the A4 Poster PDF for free.Usability Testing Process Poster (A4 PDF) (downloaded 2157 times)

Functional Animation In UX Design Editor’s Note: This article contains many video examples that show functional animation. Therefore, it may take longer to load on slow connections. A good UX designer can easily explain the logic behind each decision in a design concept. Appward's Field Guide to Web Apps Case Studies of Web Apps in the Wild Power Users Rejoice Javascript enables us to offer keyboard shortcuts for navigating The Picture Page. Using the left and right arrow keys or the emergent convention of the J and K keys to move forward and backward through the photos makes browsing easy and reduces the distraction of finding the mouse while taking in the imagery. Arrows are hidden when not in use, so as not to obscure the current image.

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