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Meaningful Transitions // Home

Anatomy of Type | Typography Deconstructed Ampersand A stylized character of the Latin et used to represent the word and. Definition: The typographic symbol used to designate the word and (& ) is the Latin symbol for et which means and. Aperture The partially enclosed, somewhat rounded negative space in some characters. Apex A point at the top of a character where two strokes meet. Arc of Stem A curved stroke that is continuous with a straight stem. Arm A horizontal or upward, sloping stroke that does not connect to a stroke or stem on one or both ends. Ascender An upward vertical stroke found on the part of lowercase letters that extends above the typeface’s x-height. Ascender Line The invisible line marking the height of ascenders in a font. Ascent Line The invisible line marking the farthest distance between the baseline and the top of the glyph. Axis An imaginary line drawn from top to bottom of a glyph bisecting the upper and lower strokes is the axis. Ball Terminal A circular form at the end of the arm in letters. Bar Baseline

Teoria del colore nell'arte e nel design, schemi di colore, tonalità, luminosità, saturazione, colore nel design, tonalità, luminosità, saturazione, color wheel, contrasto Esempi Complementari Schema di colori complementari (due colori, uno di fronte all'altro sulla ruota dei colori) i due colori complementari con aggiunta di bianco i due colori complementari con aggiunta del nero Sette colori caldi aggressivi In una combinazione di colori puri, tinte, toni e sfumature. Sette colori freddi recessivi In una combinazione di colori puri, tinte, toni e sfumature. Schema di colori Triad Composto da tre colori distanziati a una distanza uguale a parte sulla ruota dei colori, ad esempio, i tre colori primari - rosso, blu e giallo. Schema di colori DIAD Due colori che nella ruota sono divisi da un altro, ad esempio, rosso e arancione. colore piu’ bianco piu’ 30% di colore grigio colore piu’ nero Split complementari Split complementari (un colore e i due che si trovano a lato del suo complementare ad esempio, rosso, giallo-verde e blu-verde) set di colore puro. Neutralizzare Visualizza il Cultor "Color Picker" Utilizzo practico: 1.

16 Great Graphic Design Blogs and Sites What are your favorite design blogs and sites? There are so many design blogs now, that your top list is sure to be a bit different. Here we've collected 16 great design sites that consistently bring high-quality material to their audience. They are filled with great resources, original material, thought provoking articles, or well constructed design tutorials that keep you growing as a designer. Add these sites to your feed reader, if they aren't already in there! 1. I'm not sure how many people know about this blog, but I just recently found it and liked what I saw. 2. OK, maybe this is a little shameless self promotion, but at least Outlaw Design Blog has a lot to offer in the way of graphic design. 3. This is another up and coming graphic design blog that is worth keeping an eye on. 4. This is another personal blog from a smaller design firm. What is nice here is that the author usually highlights some form of graphic design in a post and then shares some of his thoughts on it. 5.

50 graphic design blogs Update: 02 November 2010 I published this collection back in 2007, albeit with a few minor updates here and there. Today I shared a new post showing the design blogs on my subscription list. That’s a more up-to-date selection. It’s not easy finding talented graphic designers, but it’s fair to say the best have a healthy online presence. Design Observer: writings about design & culture Smashing Magazine – a weblog dedicated to web-developers and designers Core77 / design magazine + resource / Authentic Boredom – by graphic designer, Cameron Moll Coudal Partners: a forum for creativity and experimentation CR Blog – News and views on visual communications from the writers of Creative Review Dexigner – popular design portal featuring the latest design news Hicksdesign – Journal of a small creative agency based in Witney, Oxfordshire, UK, authored by Jon Hicks I Love Typography, devoted to fonts, typefaces and all things typographical. Mark Boulton: Design Thinking. Speak Up > Design Dialog