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12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have [Infographic]

12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have [Infographic]
If you’re considering a website redesign or are wondering how to generate more leads from your website, it's a good idea to start with your homepage. Serving as your company's virtual front door, this page is generally responsible for drawing in a majority of your website's traffic. And despite its prominence, many businesses struggle to optimize it properly. You see, your homepage needs to wear a lot of hats. So to improve the performance of your homepage, check out the following infographic detailing 12 critical elements every homepage must have. Download our collection of website homepage design examples here to see how these elements come together. 12 Critical Elements Every Website Homepage Must Have Share this Image On Your Site <p><strong>Please include attribution to with this graphic. What You Should Include in Your Website Homepage Design 1) Headline Within three seconds, a website needs to tell visitors what the business has to offer. 2) Sub-headline Related:  UXwebsite

Web Design Elements: Examples And Best Practices This overview features a hand-picked and organized selection of the most useful and popular Smashing Magazine’s articles featuring various building blocks of a website and published here over all the years. Call to Action Buttons: Examples and Best Practices Call to action in web design — and in user experience (UX) in particular — is a term used for elements in a web page that solicit an action from the user. How can we create effective call to action buttons that grab the user’s attention and entice them to click? Read more… Image Caption Design: Techniques and Trends Image captions are an often-overlooked element of Web design. But image captions are a great place to add a bit more style to your website or to give some unique insight into the subject of the image. There are two basic kinds of photo captions. The other major style is more graphic. Read more… Breadcrumbs In Web Design: Examples And Best Practices Read more… Designing The Holy Search Box: Examples And Best Practices Read more…

7 Ways to Lower Your Website's Bounce Rate Bounce rate is the enemy of every website — it's the percentage of visitors that come to your page and don’t go to any others within the same site. It can be frustrating and costly, especially if you've invested time and money into SEO and paid ads to get visitors to your site — you don't want that hard work to go to waste once the person hits your page. Businesses need to make sure their first impressions reel in the visitor in order to reduce bounce rate and to keep the person engaged with your brand. To help you combat pesky bounce rates, we've put together a list of usability considerations that can be used to lower your site's bounce rate and improve visitor retention. From optimized page layouts to faster loading, there are a number of ways to keep web surfers hooked. 1. Let's face it, no one likes looking at advertisements, but the reality is that many sites could not survive without them. 2. 3. No one will stay on a site they can't read. 4. 5. 6. Treat your users with respect.

What newsletter footer can do for you | FreshMail Blog Footers are standard elements of well-designed newsletters. They should be placed at the very bottom of the project and contain all relevant information that your subscribers might need. Additionaly you can use footers to impress, draw attention or display information that subscribers expect. Present something extra! Don’t make the mistake of thinking that anything at the bottom of the page can’t be that important! Too many people, even designers, still think this way. Read the post to find out about a few standard elements that you should place in your footer and some creative examples of ideas on how to use footers to support marketing and sales objectives. Required footer elements Footers must always contain information about why recipients got the message they’re looking at and a clearly visible resignation link. Newsletter: PUMA The next requirement for footers is contact information. Newsletter: American Apparel Inc. Do you create your own designs? Newsletter: STA Travel

For U.S. companies, EU cookie compliance calls for website changes Current estimates put the number of Internet users in the European Union (EU) at more than half a billion, making it an attractive target for online businesses. But recent and proposed changes to various EU directives mean an existing website, even if it's owned by a U.S. company or served by a U.S.-based server, may not be compliant with revised members gain immediate and unlimited access to breaking industry news, virus alerts, new hacker threats, highly focused security newsletters, and more -- all at no cost. EU data privacy laws if it targets citizens in the EU. These requirements may well mean a complete change to how a site or business processes work. The EU data privacy laws that came into force last May state that storing and accessing information on users' computers (i.e. cookies) is only lawful if the user has given consent. Consent is not required for cookies that are considered “strictly necessary” for a service requested by the user. IIS Security

Don’t Understand Web Design Talk? Here’s 38 Terms You Need to Know Are you in the process of getting a new website designed? Are you struggling to understand the terminology your designer is using? When we engage with clients we try to use as little industry speak as we can, but sometimes it’s unavoidable to throw in terms a newbie may not understand. So when we saw this article from HubSpot we knew anyone involved in the web design process would find it helpful. We’ve given it the infographic treatment below. Related Website Tips: 6 Scientific Ways to Influence and Persuade Your Visitors Looking for ways to make more of your website visitors convert into customers? In "Infographics" Why Colour Matters When You are Designing Your Website and Logo If you’re in the process of starting a new business, or rebranding an existing one, the colours you are going to use on your website and logo should be one of the biggest questions you ask yourself. 26 Things You Should Know Before You Buy a New Website Buying a new website can be a daunting process for some.

Thousands of free Vector icons and Icon Webfonts for Interfaces and Responsive web design We present to you an interesting and exciting selection of Free Icons, flat icons, symbols and pictograms with vectorial content, especially designed for UI design, menus, lists, webapps or native apps.On a different note, we've made a selection of the most recent Icon Webfonts designed specifically for responsive projects and to solve problems like graphics resolution in retina displays. These custom icon sets embedded in a webfont kit can be easily styled with CSS changing colors, size, rotation, adding shadow and other new CSS3 features. It reduces the time to create responsive design using scalable icons instead of different image files and media queries for every resolution. You can see an online example provided by CSS-TRICKS about the use and possibilities of manipulation through CSS: Icon Fonts are Awesome. Icon Web Fonts Fontello. Font Awesome is a pictographic language of web-related actions. Free Downloadable Icon Sets

4 Tips to Keep Your Website Ahead of the Curve This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. Sure, having a website for your business serves a practical need: to draw net-surfing users to your product or service. However, it's also much more than slapping on a run of the mill two-column template and calling it a day. 2012 is heralding a new wave of innovative web technologies and design, and a page that stays in step with these trends is bound to pique interest and lower your bounce rate. 1. Mail Chimp. A bold design can be obtained with very little money, especially for those who aren't necessarily experienced in coding. For those with a little more cash to burn on a proper contractor, 99 Designs relies on crowdsourcing to gather great designers for companies looking for a reliable and cutting edge renovation. 2. 3. As we move forward in 2012, further exploration into one-page websites is a given. 4.

Agile Scenarios and Storyboards User stories are great at capturing product functionality. But they are less suited to describe the user interaction in more detail. This is where scenarios and storyboards come into play: Both are great tools to describe the interaction steps. In this post, I explain what scenarios and storyboards are, and how they can be used effectively in an agile context, and how the two techniques relate to user stories. Scenarios in a Nutshell Scenarios and storyboards are great to explore and describe how a user interacts with a product. It’s Tuesday morning, and Mary is working on her computer. The scenario above describes the steps Mary has to take to book a seat on one of our public training courses. Note that I have tried to make the scenario descriptive and engaging while focussing on the key aspects of the interaction. Storyboards Summarised Storyboards are similar to scenarios: They illustrate the interaction required to achieve a goal. What about User Stories? Summary

5 Essential Elements of Fantastic Top of Funnel Offers Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles You’ve already done your on page SEO. You’re getting found. Traffic is healthy – and increasing. Top of funnel (TOFU) offers are one of the most critical steps in building a successful inbound marketing program to generate leads. You’re sitting in a bar when… I like to think about TOFU offers in the following way. These advertisements are what I call your “meet me” offers. Why are they there? Why Are They There? Does your offer speak to the reason a visitor is on the page where your offer appears? What Do They Want: The Value x Impact Formula Every industry will have its own specific factors that make great TOFU offers. Does It Make Sense? Visitors increasingly can sniff out the free lunch offers and have learned to avoid even the appearance of something that doesn’t make sense. Do they Trust You? If a visitor doesn’t feel safe clicking through on your TOFU offer or giving you their name and email address, you’ve failed. Making Your Offer

The Benefits of Floating and Why You Need to Try it (This is a video of Joe Rogan explaining the life changing benefits of floating) If you haven’t heard of floatation therapy yet or maybe you have but you’ve yet to try it, let me give you a brief description of what it is. Floatation therapy is where you enter into what is known as an isolation tank or pod which is filled with around 800 to 1000 pounds of Epsom salt that is dissolved in about 10 inches of water. The water is heated to the same temperature range as your body (around 35.5 degrees Celsius). This set up allows you to experience a near zero gravity feeling. Since the water is the same temperature as your body, if you are able to relax enough, you can escape the feeling that it’s there. Now, I have had the unique privilege of working at a float center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada called Floatique Rest Center. Deep Relaxation If there is one thing that floating does best it would have to be deep relaxation. Whole Body Pain Relief Headaches and migraines. Stress Management

UX Designer란? - ILUVUXDESIGN(동영상) UX Designer는 무엇을 하는 사람인가? 주변 친구들이나 가족들이 저의 직업을 물을 때 한 번에 명쾌하게 대답하지 못 해 늘 힘들어하고 있습니다. 저 자신도 UX Designer가 무얼하는 사람인지 정확히 잘 모르겠고, 그래서 제가 UX Designer인지도 솔직히 말하면 잘 모르겠습니다. 영어 공부도 할 겸, 스크립트를 올려봅니다. 영어 원문: What designer has the most elaborate, the most complex, the most beautiful job in the world? 한국어 번역(명지은 번역,이재용 교정): 세상에서 가장 정교하고, 가장 복합적이며, 가장 아름다운 직업이 무엇일까? Design, devign, Persona, prototype, task, User Experience, UX designer, UX 디자이너, ux란, UX리서치 이 재용이 재용은 타고난 인간에 대한 무관심을 노력으로 극복하여 '따뜻한 사람'으로 위장하고 사는 법을 터득했습니다. 블로그 글은 각 개인의 생각이며 피엑스디와 다를 수 있습니다.

Before & After: The Optimization of a Flawed Landing Page Marketers talk a lot about advanced techniques for working with their leads: lead flow, lead management, lead nurturing. But all of that is meaningless without consistent lead generation, and landing pages are the strongest tools in a marketer's arsenal to meet that looming monthly lead goal. Because landing pages are so important to lead generation, attention to detail is in order to ensure you have the highest conversion rate possible. Subpar Landing Page Here's an example of a landing page to access HubSpot's ebook that explains how to build your Google+ business page. I've identified all of the page elements that are either missing or incorrectly executed in the screenshot below. Optimized Landing Page Now let's take a look at the second landing page treatment and dissect why each change helps improve the performance of this landing page. 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) 9.) 10.) 11.) 12.) Image credit: dcysurfer / Dave Young, AGmakonts

Minimum Viable Personality Today we have a special guest post. There have been a few guest posts here at AVC. Maybe a half dozen in total. One of my favorites was this one by JLM during the financial crisis of 2008/2009. It's from our favorite Giant Robot Dinosaur and it's about Minimal Viable Personality, something I have referred to as "voice" in pior posts. One final note.

12 Annoying Things About Your Website That Drive People Away How many times have you visited a website and ended up sorely disappointed? Or worse, annoyed as all get out? For me, the answer is an easy one: a lot! So, I put together a list of the 12 things that annoy me the most about websites. Let’s see… 12. Music blares the minute I visit your site. 11. Your "awesome" Flash website takes forever to load and then blasts me with all these neat-o visuals that require me to twiddle my thumbs and waste precious time. 10. Pop-up ads (and that’s what they are) make me want to kill you. 9. [Cue scream here.] 8. Sure, I have a lot of patience and free time. 7. Websites that don't tell me what you do, why I need what you do, and what it's gonna cost me are downright ineffective. 6. Contact pages that make us feel like Alice in Wonderland? 5. Black backgrounds and white or grey type are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to read. 4. Fonts that are too small can be remedied by a surfer; I’ll give you that. 3. I consume a lot of content. 2. 1. The Bottom Line