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Teaching to See

Teaching to See

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Domestic Folklore, or Washing Machines for Men A selection of the Ginetex Textile Care Labels BERG announced Cloudwash this week, a very smart (in both senses of the word) prototype that uses their Devshield to turn a regular washing machine into a connected washing machine. Washes can be scheduled and programmed from your phone, and – on pressing a button – you can order laundry detergent directly from Amazon. It is one of the most useful and interesting expressions of the Connected Home that I’ve come across – and, like the best design fiction, it brings with it a set of complex new futures that touch equally on the mundane and the political. And it does this in an interesting way. It’s a washing machine for people who don’t know how to use washing machines; who don’t need to wash a wide-range of fabrics, worry about how colourfast material is, or how wet or dry clothes are when you take them out of the machine.

Designing Education: Educating Design User Experience Magazine The concept of design in not new to education. However, the act of designing as we understand it in user experience—or design thinking—is not yet mainstream in the design for teaching and learning. The pervasiveness of technology and the maturity of both user-centered design and e-learning are intertwining design and education in deeper ways. Until not long ago, all classroom settings were static and very much the same: a desk and a blackboard for the educator, books, papers, tables, and chairs for the students.

Visual thinking school Visual thinking is a way to organize your thoughts and improve your ability to think and communicate. It’s a way to expand your range and capacity by going beyond the linear world of the written word, list and spreadsheet, and entering the non-linear world of complex spacial relationships, networks, maps and diagrams. It’s also about using tools — like pen and paper, index cards and software tools — to externalize your internal thinking processes, making them more clear, explicit and actionable. Thinking Basic Principles of Design 1 by Manfred Maier Title: Basic Principles of Design Softcover: 104 pages Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold Language: English Size: 296 x 230 mm / 11.6 x 9 inch I have been always interested in education and curious about international typography style. Sometimes, I was wondering what did student learn from the Basel school.

User don’t hate change. They hate you. — Design + Startups Recently, more than the color of the leaves on the trees has been changing. Everyone seems to be redesigning. Apple’s OS7, Slate, new features on Twitter, Google, the Yahoo logo (and much of Yahoo) — even my kid’s school website. Learning Experience Design - The Most Valuable Lessons This article, the one that you are reading, is part of a learning experience. Learning experiences aren’t a matter of classroom delivery – they are any interaction with a user/customer/individual in which the person is going to learn something (which we hope you will in this article). Products contain a vast array of potential learning experiences from learning the interface, how best to interact with the product, to information provided and through help and support and onboarding too. That means many UX designers are going to get involved in designing learning experiences throughout their careers. The term “learning experience design” may have been coined by Connie Malamed, a learning experience designer, in 2015.

25 Beautiful Color Palettes From Famous Movie Scenes Need a great Twitter follow? Check out Cinema Palettes, a feed dedicated to finding iconic movie shots and generating the color palette that added to its beauty. You'll love the constant dose of film dissection. Here's some recent favorites that the account has posted: 1.) Nightcrawler 7 Basic Rules for Making Charts and Graphs Charts and graphs have found their way into news, presentations, and comics, with users from art to design to statistics. The design principles for these data graphics will vary depending on what you're using it for. Making something for a presentation?

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