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Beast Pieces

Beast Pieces

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Damn Cap’n, You Fancy!: Cereal Couture Tricia at Sip, Chat, Chow, designed this conceptual line of popular cereals meshed with luxury fashion brands. Tricia, you did a great job. For real, all them cereal boxes look classy as hell. But on a serious note: cereal is poor people food. Please don’t take that away from us. Rich People, I’m talking to you.

Grain & Gram and Mama’s Sauce It is called a “gentleman’s journal” so naturally, “Monsieur” Bandit is interested… Grain & Gram is new. Very new. The gentleman’s blog has only two entries at the time of this writing, but they nevertheless manage to make a very good impression. The overall look is very stylish, with a nice layout and design and quirky graphics, with beautiful large photo’s and equally beautiful video.

Minneapolis Advertising and Design It’s Artcrank Time! It’s Artcrank time you guys! Get pumped and mark your calendar. I’m in it this year and if you’re interested, you can follow along with my progress on dribbble or by searching the hashtag #badgesonthebus Saturday, May 31 | 4:00pm – 10:00pm | Shelter Studios | 721 Harding St. NE | Minneapolis ARTCRANK MSP... M        K view cart the natureof clouds$18 thamyris$10 phineus$10

Class Things Up With A Polaboy Everyone has at least one fond memory of snapping a Polaroid picture. The anticipation as you waited for your image to appear is the old school version of checking in to see your Facebook notifications. Which is probably why they have become so retro and cool. Polaboys are enlarged Polaroids to a scale of 10:1 (to 88x107cm) and come backlit. They are 20 mm thick and use energy-saving LED area lights. Felt & Wire Shop: Holiday Music Tags from Wildhorse Press On December 31, 2012 Felt & Wire Shop, the curated marketplace, came to a close. The decision to close the site was difficult, but we hope to continue to work with you under the Mohawk umbrella. Here are a few ways we’d like to support you. Eight Hour Day » Blog Season 7 of Mad Men kicks off for the final time this Sunday. So sad to see it go, but excited to see how it ends. We made one final wallpaper to mark the occasion. Goodbye Don, Peggy, Roger, Pete, Joan and the rest—we’ll miss you. If you want one for your phone you can download it here:Drinks iPhone 4 WallpaperDrinks iPhone 5 Wallpaper I love all the classes coming out on Skillshare!

Main : MOGOLLON Mondo No 5 - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN Design and Art Direction for FOXES new album GLORIOUS (Sony UK). Packaging and more coming soon. RGB Wallpaper designed by Mogollon for “The Queen Of The Night” presented by the “Diamond Horseshoe” at the Paramount Hotel, NYC. 17 modern television stands Any home entertainment system has as its center piece a TV. But if you really want to complete your home entertainment area then you need to think about the place where the TV will stand. Long time has passed since we used the classical wooden shelves to hold the TV. Now, the modern technologies and materials open up a whole new range of TV stands. You can have a TV that stands on just one steel leg in mid air, a TV stand that you can sleep on!, one that can house your DVD or book collection or even follows your every position in the room, so you have a perfect angle anywhere you go.

Felt & Wire Shop: tartan checked blue masking tape from TOP HAT On December 31, 2012 Felt & Wire Shop, the curated marketplace, came to a close. The decision to close the site was difficult, but we hope to continue to work with you under the Mohawk umbrella. Here are a few ways we’d like to support you. Felt & Wire blog continues as usual – covering the latest design news, book reviews, studio tours and impressions from the paper obsessed. brown dress with white dots “ There is a life review, of course, but it was so much more interesting than I had ever imagined. For one thing, they show you how and where your life really happened. Things you didn’t experience or weren’t ever aware of, but which dyed the fabric of your life its final color.— Jonathan Carroll / Child Across the Sky “ How volatile and untrustworthy memory is. How naive we are to depend on such a fragile, temperamental mechanism to keep our most important records straight.— Jonathan Carroll / Bathing the Lion “ We want to be loved for what we are, but also for what we want others to _think_ we are.— Jonathan Carroll / Bones of The Moon Segnalato oggi nella newsletter di Etzy… una carinissima idea primaverile perfetta per novizi giardinieri! Coaxing a seed to grow and flourish isn’t always easy, but that’s what makes success so sweet. These heirloom vegetable and herb seeds were chosen because they all pose a minimal challenge for the novice gardener and can be successfully grown indoors or out.

Watch Diary Book by Connect Design Designed by Wonjune Song, from Connect Design – the Watch Diary is a hardback paper notebook with an analog clock sitting in the middle. Like the Hungry Caterpillar book, which has holes punched in its pages, the Watch Diary has a circle punched through from front to back, allowing the clock to peek out. This, combined with a clever page design, makes for a rather intuitive scheduling tool.

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