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Artist 2. Artist 3. Artist 4. Artist 5. Artist 6. Artist 7. Artist 8. Artist 9. Artist 10. Artist 11. Website for Precision Realist Artist Mary Ellen Johnson. Artists. 21ST CENTURY BRITISH SCULPTURE. Marion Peck. ARTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITES. History of Art. Online Image Editor. 1920's - Bauhaus + De Stijl. Ron Mueck. Murdoch Art Studio. Art Collections around the world. Welcome to Hyatt Moore - Painter. Naples Art Gallery - Largest Fine Art Gallery in Southwest Florida. Douglas simpson. Fine Art Nature Photography of Flower Photos and Landscape Photographs. Scott hovind. Robert Hemphill. Frederick Leighton. Frederic Leighton, 1st Baron Leighton PRA (3 December 1830 – 25 January 1896), known as Sir Frederic Leighton between 1878 and 1896, was an English painter and sculptor.

Frederick Leighton

His works depicted historical, biblical and classical subject matter. Leighton was bearer of the shortest-lived peerage in history; after only one day his hereditary peerage ended with his death.[1] Biography[edit] Leighton was born in Scarborough to a family in the import and export business. He was educated at University College School, London. Sir Frederick Leighton, later in his career. Thea van herpt. Sally is painting today... Eclectic Studio. Original Modern Art by Laura Barbosa. The Modern Artist. Works of Art and Life of Impressionist Painter. Jan Van Eyck - The complete works. Théodore Géricault. Jean-Louis André Théodore Géricault French pronunciation: ​[ʒɑ̃ lwi ɑ̃dʁe teodoʁ ʒeʁiko] (26 September 1791 – 26 January 1824) was an influential French painter and lithographer, known for The Raft of the Medusa and other paintings.

Théodore Géricault

Although he died young, he was one of the pioneers of the Romantic movement. Early life[edit] Success[edit] Géricault's first major work, The Charging Chasseur, exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1812, revealed the influence of the style of Rubens and an interest in the depiction of contemporary subject matter. A trip to Florence, Rome, and Naples (1816–17), prompted in part by the desire to flee from a romantic entanglement with his aunt,[5] ignited a fascination with Michelangelo. The Raft of the Medusa[edit] The painting ignited political controversy when first exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1819; it then traveled to England in 1820, accompanied by Géricault himself, where it received much praise. François Boucher.

Portrait of Marie-Jeanne Buzeau (1716-1796) by Alexander Roslin.

François Boucher

Boucher married Buzeau in 1733 and they had three children together. François Boucher (French pronunciation: ​[fʁɑ̃swa buʃe]) (29 September 1703 – 30 May 1770) was a French painter in the Rococo style. Boucher is known for his idyllic and voluptuous paintings on classical themes, decorative allegories, and pastoral scenes. He was perhaps the most celebrated decorative artist of the 18th century. Painting gallery. The art of Terje Adler Mørk. Botticelli. Early life[edit] By 1470, Botticelli had his own workshop.


Even at this early date, his work was characterized by a conception of the figure as if seen in low relief, drawn with clear contours, and minimizing strong contrasts of light and shadow which would indicate fully modeled forms. Maturity[edit] In these works, the influence of Gothic realism is tempered by Botticelli's study of the antique. But if the painterly means may be understood, the subjects themselves remain fascinating for their ambiguity. "Like much of Florence, Botticelli had come under the sway of Savonarola and his art had transformed from the decorative to the deeply devout - The Mystical Nativity (c. 1500-1501) [for example] bears all the signs of this change"[5] In the mid-1480s, Botticelli worked on a major fresco cycle with Perugino, Domenico Ghirlandaio and Filippino Lippi, for Lorenzo the Magnificent's villa near Volterra; in addition he painted many frescoes in Florentine churches. Painting. Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium[1] to a surface (support base).


The medium is commonly applied to the base with a brush but other implements, such as knives, sponges, and airbrushes, can be used. Martha Sharp Original Oil Paintings. Caitlin Karolczak - Painting, Portraiture, Illustration. Vilhelm Hammershøi. Self-portrait, 1895 Interior with Young Woman from Behind (1904) Vilhelm Hammershøi ( pronunciation ), often written in English Vilhelm Hammershoi (15 May 1864 – 13 February 1916), was a Danish painter.

Vilhelm Hammershøi

He is known for his poetic, low-key portraits and interiors.[1] In 1997, Denmark issued a postage stamp in his honor. Virtual Gallery of Leonardo Da Vinci. Art, artists and exhibitions. Artists can sign up for a free online gallery. Stefan Beyst Website. Portrait. History[edit] Some of the earliest surviving painted portraits of people, who were not kings or emperors, are the funeral portraits that survived in the dry climate of Egypt's Fayum district.


These are almost the only paintings from the classical world that have survived, apart from frescos, though many sculptures survive, and portraits on coins. They were represented during several stages of their lives. The faces of gods were also depicted. To date, no portraits of women have been found. One of the best-known portraits in the Western world is Leonardo da Vinci's painting titled Mona Lisa, which is a painting of Lisa del Giocondo. Orientation of head in 2-dimensional artwork[edit] Portrait illustrating three-quarter view.