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Girishbalakrishnan. Over Break: During the holidays, I wanted to get a head start in breaking down our story into scenes, creating a key asset list, and researching interactive interface elements that can enhance our story.


The following is an example of an interactive element that I came up with as well as a reference: Shot: “Calmly, Marshall pulled his hand from the blaze and shut the hatch.”Interactive Element: Soot from the furnace blaze covers the screen. Wipe/Shake the screen to clear the soot.Reference: iSand Interactive Sand Particle Simulator Technology: The idea is to build this interactive element in Flash using the Flint Particle System, a robust open-source particle generation Flash library. For more details, feel free to refer to the Shot Breakdown. In addition, I spent some time working with Bobby on fleshing out on how to implement the interface animations required within the Codex, Memoria, and Main Story interfaces.

Week 1: Simple Rig System and Sample Pose. Winter 2013 Review - Eyad's Blog. It was pretty busy term at AnimSchool, this article is to summarize the character that I created in the Intermediate Modeling class with Brien Hindman.

Winter 2013 Review - Eyad's Blog

Ambient Occlusion Painting Tutorial, sorta. Newest Update: I made a new video tutorial about How to Paint Ambient Occlusion for Digital Painting.

Ambient Occlusion Painting Tutorial, sorta

You can download it here: Ambient Occlusion Tutorial It's affordable and very cheap! ;) Hey guys! Why Ambient Occlusion or AO painting? Jason Chan Art. Loish blog. How to model a realistic 3D character. For me, this piece of work is all about paying tribute to my own Nana for all the support and encouragement she has given me throughout my life as an artist.

How to model a realistic 3D character

I have been working in the industry for around 10 years as a character artist for companies such as Activision, 2K, Square Enix and LucasArts. Most recently I was lead character artist on Star Wars 1313, before taking up a position at Crystal Dynamics. ‘Happy Birthday Nana’ took me three months to create in total, working using a variety of techniques including photo projections and hand painting textures. AnimSchool Student Spotlight: Ernesto Ruiz Velasco. We would like to introduce Ernesto Ruiz Velasco.

AnimSchool Student Spotlight: Ernesto Ruiz Velasco

Jan Sandström. This is not a finished "perfect skin shader" but a work in progress tutorial on how to build your own skin shader.

Jan Sandström

The core of this shader network is the mix8layer shader by Francesca Luce. It works like layers in photoshop with color correction and different blending modes. It helps when building advanced shader networks. Use it as your objects material and connect the other shaders or textures to it. To get the "translucent" feel of skin I´m using the Diffusion Sub Surface Scatter shader by Daniel Rind (thebigMuh). The next thing is a Phong E shader with a skin color or texture attached. Development Blog · More Hair. David Corral » The Way (maya muscle system) Two years ago I was interviewed by an animation blog before I moved to L.A.

David Corral » The Way (maya muscle system)

The technique looks kinda old now but maybe someone will find it interesting. This is part of the inverview, go to arteyanimacion for the whole thing. Also you will find some cool resources and articles in that blog. Actually it was more a technical than an artistic concern. I contacted Alex Huguet several years ago through a common friend and told him to work together in a project and I started to work with his model Rhinoman who has got very interesting proportions. The techniques were about creating a muscle from a simple curve, and then attach it to the extremes of that curve, as in the real life. May Gift, Carlos Ortega Elizalde. CGPortfolio - Jose Manuel Fernandez Oli. Enjoying summer break, yinxuan Li Dezarmenien. Digital Beauty, Florian Becker.

Frozen Frame by Guillermo Soria. First Shave and a Haircut hair test. Rigging Reel 2008. Mathew O Portfolio. TD Matt. Modeling :Animation with a moustache. Posted on April 21, 2013 Filed Under Modeling, Portfolio | Leave a Comment testing some asymetry and a facial expression in Zbrush.

Modeling :Animation with a moustache

Fun stuff. [update] Found a better material or MatCap Posted on January 27, 2013 Filed Under Education, Modeling | 2 Comments. 118subbu. As_HyperSkin (Advanced)------------------------------­-------For details contact: or­t/COMING SOON: ADVANCED HYPER SKINNING SYSTEM -Skin your character in 15 min.Note: Tested on 100s Of PRODUCTION CHARACTERS & Got BEST RESULTS For More Details: 1.


Disc & Volume Based Hyper Skinning System (Easy to Editable Discs)2. I'm just so tired., “Keane Korner” in my office at work. CENT_RIG. Technical Artist Animator Rigger Digital Media Developer Vancouver. Making of Planet 51 - Set dressing, Carolina Jimenez's Reel. Matt kohr. Volumetric Shadows Maya and Mental Ray. Animation, Concept Art, CG, Computer Graphics, Video Games, VFX, Visual Development, Comics, Illustration, Toys, Entertainment, Galleries, Images, Wallpapers – Galleries. TEJO ~ Muscle Simulation. Jo Plaete. Zeth willie. DNguyen Art Tutorials. Ahmed shalaby rigging reel 2012. A Fox Tale - Short Movie. Hello everyone,

A Fox Tale - Short Movie

Ahmed shalaby tools reel 2012. Custom MEL Tools. Maya Realtime Shaders – Big Update. Up to date downloads are available here:Download Page I’ve been reading alot of technical papers and was inspired to rewrite and double check all my shaders. First, some things were broken for example, ambient color was not doing what its supposed to do. INVADERS FROM BLOG!! Barry's Art Dump. Personnages. Rig Tutorial ("Noodle" setup) Uncategorized « Ambassador! Following my character research last week, here is another attempt. BogusIndustries's Channel. Deepfriedectoplasm's Channel. Insanepolygon. Untitled. Pouyan3d's Channel. GameArt 10 by ced66. SOuP group node. Making of N0X-2292 (part 2) Troll Hunter VFX - Troll Rig Demo.