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Steve Cutts - Home. ArtStation - Khai Vinh. The Gryphon Hunters — Gallery Gerard. Blue Chevrons. Cosimo Galluzzi: Archive. Artist & writer. Jonathan Kuo Portfolio. La Saga d'Atlas & Axis. on Behance. Escapula News. Jeff Merghart. Art By Randy - Gallery. CORY LOFTIS. U.


The Art of Matt Stawicki Galleries. HUGO MORENO. Zoom Info sunrise from Hugo Moreno on Vimeo.


Db. DAN HIPP. My Gwen Stacy variant cover for Black Widow this June.


DC Comics’ variant cover theme for July is “Teen Titans GO!” I had fun. One-Liners. George Bletsis on Behance. McD Workshop LLC. Agata Wawryniuk. Portfolio Work — Cam Kendell Illustration. Bonjour. Drawn To It Studios. Solo, mundo canibal. Por fin el perro feo verá la luz de la calle.

solo, mundo canibal

Aquí la portadita del álbum. Ha sido muy divertido hacerlo, espero que os sea igual de divertido leerlo.Hay un 10% de descuento para las primeras 50 copias vendidas online + un ex libris firmado y numerado. La web de OMINIKY EDICIONES todavía no esta anunciada, por lo tanto, desde este blog lleváis ventaja. Para estos 50 pedidos los gastos de envío son gratis para España. El cómic en casa por 9 € . The Art and Animation of Dean Heezen. Hello, stranger. Humour and Clever Direction in Animations by Ross Phillips. Animator Ross Phillips brings together wit and timing in his wonderful animated snippets.

Humour and Clever Direction in Animations by Ross Phillips

We take a look at some of his visual one liners as well as his gif-based comic strip. In Ross’ area of design, there are so many factors working together. What might only be there for only a few seconds gets to the punchline and lands it with a lot of silly fun and humour. Whether it’s a play on words, the way the characters move, or the comic timing, Ross’s animations are always superbly crafted and oodles of fun. Takes a look at some of his work below while he tells us a little about his working process.

My work is usually pretty simple, with a focus on bright colours and silly humour. My process is almost entirely digital, although I do keep a sketch book, it very rarely looks like any of my finished work. I tend to draw straight into Photoshop or Flash using my Cintiq, but for a long time I got by with my trusty Intuos tablet. Computer Arts 212 Cover - Andrew Groves. I was asked by Computer Arts Magazine to illustrate the cover of their latest issue, in which they investigate ways to protect design work from copycats and plagiarists, and offer advice on how to proceed with legal action should you fall foul to such behaviour.

Computer Arts 212 Cover - Andrew Groves

The Michael Humphries Gallery. The Guiding Light ©Michael Humphries Gold Country Hidden Treasures 16 X 20, acrylic on board, ©Michael Humphries Irises ©Michael Humphries, 14" X 18", oil on board.

The Michael Humphries Gallery

Mariusz Gandzel - illustrator. Jared Muralt on Behance. Behance. FABIEN MENSE. Hello, First I can only speak for me, and as I’m working as a freelance artist, I can only talk about this kind of experience.


Working in the animation industry as concept artist is great. It demands a lot of work and exigency. Working in the animation means working with a team, you have to learn to question yourself, accept corrections, defend your ideas and communicate.Visual development isn’t just creating nice characters and images, it’s about understanding a story, the characters specificities and to translate it as well as you can, and as interestingly as possible. You have got to be able to explore different paths, you have got to be able to restart your work from scratch. Instagram photos and videos. Mateusz Kołek. Behance. Elsa's Doodle Blog. Behance. Illustration - Mr Jake Parker. The Official Website of Chris Sanders » gallery. Prescott Art Blog.

Matt-illustrations. Miscellaneous Gallery 2.


As Tumblr seems to limit “photo sets” to 10 images, here is an additional gallery of various drawings. Zoe the Hun - A drawing for a friend’s daughter. Blood, Fire Death - A contribution to Rachel Kahn’s 2nd wonderful “By Crom!” Collection. Here Rachel asked guest contributors to draw themselves and their spirit guide, as opposed to drawing the book’s main characters, Rachel herself and Conan the Barbarian. Ben Caldwell. Brent's Sketchblog. Seo Kim Comics: Archive. Lambiek Comiclopedia. The Art of Lee Milewski — Comics. Sketches and Illustrations. Seaweed sadface loves... It’s here!

seaweed sadface loves...

I got it! I even cancelled my amazon order for it, not through a sense of righteousness, but because it was going to take way too long to get here and i needed my copy now! Thanks GOSH london for having had this in stock for at least a week. anyway… the book is incredible. i laughed out loud way too many times, squirmed through the sheer audacious repugnance of some of the antics and thanked my lucky stars that i know no-one like Werewolf Jones! I couldn’t post up any pages cos i didn’t want to ruin it for you all, but suffice to say Simon Hanselmann is a fucking genius and I hope we get loads more books like this out of him. Comic of the year! P.s.- the vice Megg, Mogg and Owls are amazing too- a collection of those has to come along pretty soon right?