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FreeSerifSoftware – free software downloads

FreeSerifSoftware – free software downloads
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Resource Hacker Version 4.2.5 Last updated: 17 August 2015 Copyright © 1999-2015 Angus Johnson Freeware - no nags, no ads and fully functional.Download Overview: Resource Hacker™ has been designed to be the complete resource editing tool: compiling, viewing, decompiling and recompiling resources for both 32bit and 64bit Windows executables. Resource Hacker™ can open any type of Windows executable (*.exe; *.dll; *.scr; *.mui etc) so that individual resources can be added modified or deleted within these files. Compiling: Viewing Resources: Once a file has been opened, most resources will be displayed as either an image (or group of images) or as decompiled text: However, some resource types will be displayed in both its compiled form (eg dialog or popup menu) and in its decompiled text format. Some resource types can only be displayed as a dump of raw byte data: Using the internal editor to modify text-based resources: New controls can also be added. Replacing Images: Command Line Scripting: Multiple Commands:

Administration | travel | events | projects 8 correcteurs d’orthographe en ligne utiles et gratuits Oui, je l’avoue je fais des fautes d’orthographe. Et je ne suis pas le seul. Pourtant il existe sur internet plusieurs correcteurs d’orthographe. - BonPatron : peut être le correcteur d’orthographe en ligne le plus connu. - Orangoo : indique les fautes d’orthographe pour plusieurs langues, dont le français. - SpellChek : permet de vérifier l’orthographe pour plusieurs langues (français, anglais, italien, portugais, espagnol…). - SpellChecker : plusieurs langues disponibles. - JSpell Free Online Spell Checker : doté d’une interface très moche ce service peut vérifier les mots en français, en anglais, en italien, en allemand et en espagnol. - : propose un outil pour vérifier l’orthographe. - Franç : un vérificateur d’orthographe en français. - Reverso : propose un correcteur en ligne pour les mots français ou pour l’anglais. Comments are closed.

Project Dogwaffle 1.2 - the Free PC Paint and Animation Program for prople who love to draw, sketch, animate and paint: digital painting, animation, special effects, filters, plugins, frames, layers, photoshop(r) alternative, digital painter, custom brush Project Dogwaffle 1.2 is a freeware version of the paint & animation program Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro Digital Painter, developed by Dan Ritchie - version 1.2 is based on a subset of version 2.0 ....... If you think this is pretty good, then you should see what you can do with the latest full commercial versions - read the user testimonials here. What can be done with Project Dogwaffle? what is Project Dogwaffle, what's a Dogwaffle...?! Project Dogwaffle lets you be creative without the fear of mom or wifey yelling at you because you messed up your clothes again. Project Dogwaffle version 1.2 (this freeware version) is based on the powerful achitecture of Project Dogwaffle 2.0. Dogwaffle 1.2 is not just a stripped-down save-disabled time-expiring trial demo of our full software - it's a fully functional version with some new features too. For users who want to get even more powerful tools, there is a choice of commercial versions at low prices. So, Dogwaffle v1.2 really free?

Sync for your phone Keep your Gmail, Calendar and Contacts in sync. Google Sync Setup Instructions Choose your device to learn how to set up Google Sync. Features Google Sync has different features depending on which mobile device you have. Google Apps user? As with any service using push technology, Google Sync may cause increased usage of your device's battery. On most devices, Google Sync uses the Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® protocol. Please note that administrative security controls are only available for Google Apps Premier and Education customers. See the Help Center for Sync for help and more details.

Quelques outils pour s'organiser Savoir s’organiser demande de la méthode et des outils. Une fois convenablement équipé, et l’esprit clair, on peut partir à l’assaut de n’importe quel projet. Voici un petit point sur les outils – numériques ou non – que j’ai utilisés tout récemment pour mener à bien, en compagnie de Nanoug, notre « grand concours de rentrée ». Peut-être y trouverez-vous quelques idées pour gérer vos projets personnels ou professionnels ? Ah, ce concours… Quelle drôle d’idée. Heureusement, avec Nanoug, nous avions décidés d’être réalistes : nous sommes fixés un délai de préparation suffisamment long – plusieurs semaines – qui nous a permis de ne pas être pris à la gorge par les délais. Une fois de plus, nous avons utilisé l’équation de la réussite, qui permet de mener à bien n’importe quelle sorte de projet, du plus facile au plus complexe. M x A x R x C = Ré (Pour m’en souvenir, je l’appelle « MARC » et je l’ai décrite en détails ici) L’élément à ne jamais négliger est la communication.

Free Graphic Design Software – DrawPlus Starter Edition from Serif Draw, design, edit and create for free Easy-to-use graphic design tools Use intricate vector drawing tools to create technical drawings, shapes, logos and animations with this amazing free graphic design software. The flexible shapes, and natural brushes provide you with the easy-to-use tools to create amazing designs. Quick, and easy logo designer Make your business or organisation stand-out from the crowd by designing unique logos with this free graphic design software. Instant works of art Turn photos into instant artwork using this powerful free graphic design software. “Masses of sophisticated tools for working in a broad range of graphic design disciplines.” Expert Reviews More reasons to download for free Logos for your club or business Design unique logos and add filter effects, colours and 3D effects to help your business or organisation stand out from the crowd. Precise graphic design tools Realistic painting techniques View the system requirements * Press quote refers to DrawPlus X5.

25 social media sites for entrepreneurs If you’re an entrepreneur who has been seduced by social media tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, you may realize the benefits of using these basic tools to finding and staying in touch with business partners, employers and customers, along with learning new information. If you’re late to the party, though, we’ve listed a variety of basic social media tools for networking – as well as a number of social media sites designed just for entrepreneurs. Some may be familiar, but some could be new finds. Through these sites, you can network, build a Web presence, place ads, find funding and more. The Basic Social Networking Tools Digg: Create a news niche by uploading information that’s useful to you and to others who want your information. Enterpreneur-Specific Social Platforms BizFriendz: Increase your online presence and your sales as well as develop new business contacts and partnerships through this social media platform.