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Weekly Wrap #168 : 6 Pretty Pastels These pretty, patterned, pastel gift wraps are just the thing for spring and summer celebrations. The stylish designs, which feature a spectrum of soft color, are a wonderful choice for everything from birthday parties to bridal showers. 1. Up in the Sky | elum 2. Spearmint Blossoms | Rifle Paper Co. 3.

CardMaker Blog Happy Monday everyone! Kristie here to show you my crafty space. This is where I store all of my craft supplies. I often create my cards at my kitchen bar so that I can keep an eye on my boys while crafting. It’s amazing how much trouble 5- and 7-year-old boys can get into! I often can’t create in my craft room since my desk is usually covered in supplies. blog - upon a fold wheel of life... January 15, 2014 Something very beautiful I just watched and wanted to share. It’s a film by André Gidoin & The Makerie Studio. All filmed in camera, the horses on the carousel are spaced to spin in sync with the camera’s frame rate, creating the illusion of motion. Each one is carefully studied to follow the one before it, so that once animated they appear to be galloping.

10 Ideas Driving The Future Of Social Entrepreneurship The 10th Annual Skoll World Forum, which brought together several hundred of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs to Oxford, has just wrapped for another year. The Forum serves as a useful barometer for how the climate of social enterprise is changing. When it launched in 2004, it was all about celebrating the unknown social entrepreneurs, helping give them global recognition and credibility, and a platform to engage with policy leaders and large corporations. In that task, it has succeeded brilliantly--over the past decade, social enterprise has become mainstream. Jeff Skoll picks out the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Muhammad Yunus in 2006 as a watershed moment, followed equally significantly in the following year by the award to Al Gore. So 10 years in, what’s the current thinking?

Sweet & Clever Valentine’s Day Cards #5 If you’re a fan of hand-lettering, great typography, and fun illustration, then I think you’re going to dig this group of lovely love cards. Looking for more Valentine’s Day inspiration? Be sure to head on over and check out my other love card picks, but stick around and have a look at these cool cards before you go: Sexy Dyslexia (lettering by James T. Extreme Cards and Papercrafting I showed the animals on Paper Box World to my daughter, who was instantly smitten. My first thought was, "Hmmm, cute, but can I make them fold flat?" Absolutely!

Owl Punch Week: Reindeer! « Made with paper Posted on September 14, 2011 by Made with paper I know it’s early for winter and I really don’t want to think about it too much! But it’s never too early to make Christmas cards! So I couldn’t resist to show you how to make a reindeer using the Owl Punch. Valentine's Day 2012 For Valentine's Day this year we wanted to tell a heartfelt story about a boy and his search for the perfect gift, for that special someone.... who really, really loves to jump rope =] Above are some of the storyboards that help visualize and figure out the timing and the 'beats' of our story. There are many failed attempts by our little guy to find the perfect gift but in the end the gift that counts the most is the one he cant buy. The second image is that moment when she realizes he's spending quality time with her, doing what she loves to do, which results with a grandiose hug. I probably would've given in with the box of chocolates =]

Sweet & Clever Valentine’s Day Cards #6 It’s time for more lovey dovey greetings, and this group features themes as diverse as zombies, typewriters, and airmail. Here, have a look! Typewriter Valentine | Blackbird Letterpress Be Mine | Two Key Press I Love Your Guts | Wit & Whistle I Love You | SweetWater Press Holiday card making ideas If there is something I look forward to every year, it’s holiday card making! But with the hustle and bustle of the season, the task can seem daunting. Luckily, with a little imagination I’ve discovered a few ways to embellish cards that are quick and easy. For example, what’s easier than peeling and sticking?

Let’s Start Quilling – Tools of the Trade May 11 2009 Are you a paper crafter who has never quilled before? Are you curious and want to find out if you’d like it, but cringe at the thought of purchasing even more crafting supplies that might end up unused and forgotten in some drawer or plastic bin? If this sounds like you, then fear not. Hand-Lettered and Illustrated Art Prints by This Paper Ship Speaking of awesome art prints, I’ll have one of everything in This Paper Ship’s shop. The fantastic hand lettering? Swoon. The super cool illustrations? Meg Hunt & Kate Hindley Illustrated Greeting Cards I recently popped over to one of my greeting card favorites, Red Cap Cards, and am totally coveting so, so many of their awesome new greeting cards. The new card collection by Meg Hunt is absolutely gorgeous: And the new greetings by Kate Hindley are completely adorable: images from Red Cap Cards