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Neo Gothic Gothic Revival (also referred to as Victorian Gothic, Neo-Gothic or Jigsaw Gothic, and when used for school, college, and university buildings as Collegiate Gothic) is an architectural movement that began in the late 1740s in England. Its popularity grew rapidly in the early 19th century, when increasingly serious and learned admirers of neo-Gothic styles sought to revive medieval Gothic architecture, in contrast to the neoclassical styles prevalent at the time. Gothic Revival architecture often has certain features,derived from the original Gothic architecture style, including decorative patterns, finals, scalloping, lancet windows, hood moldings and label stops. Relation to other cultural movements[edit] The Gothic Revival was paralleled and supported by "medievalism", which had its roots in "antiquarian' concerns with survivals and curiosities. Survival and revival[edit] A younger generation, taking Gothic architecture more seriously, provided the readership for J.

Made in England The History of Visual Communication This website, which contains the material of the course VA312, taught at Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey; attempts to walk you through the long and diverse history of a particular aspect of human endeavour: The translation of ideas, stories and concepts that are largely textual and/or word based into a visual format, i.e. visual communication. Wikipedia defines visual communication as: The primary tool by which man has visualised ideas is through the usage of writing and, by extension, type: Writing/type is the visual manifestation of the spoken word. And words are what we communicate with. I shall loosely be following P.B. I am very proud of my heritage as a graphic designer.

Streeters La escena CUSTOM & HOT ROD nacional: Visita nuestro FORO FORD TAUNUS 1959 de Marcos IV After Summer Cruising- 5 Octubre 2013 Castellar Speed Fest 2013 ! Feliz Navidad y mejor 2013!! Fotos Rockin Gijon 2012 Fotos III After Summer Cruisin 2012 - Barcelona FORD A 1930 Razzlers Anunciamos el AFTER SUMMER CRUISING 2012 FORD A 1930 de Sergi La CHEVROLETA de Luiso Taller JOHNNY MOTORS patrocina STREETERS MERCURY 1949 de Roberto “RvR” Gracias a Jordi Boixader “Ironhead 77”por sus fotos.Visita su Flickr FORD 1928 de “JaviRod” CHEVY PICK UP 1950 de Raul CHEVY 1950 COUPE de “Cacike” FORD 1932 PICK UP de “Elvisrock” Fotos SCREAMIN´2012 Calella ENLACES- Vuelve EL DIABLO MAGAZINE ENLACES-Foros amigos: PANSCRAPERS FORD 1949 de Oriol Anunciamos el PANSCRAPERS meeting julio 2012 FORD F100 1955 de “Matt” LINCOLN CAPRI 1953 de “Tramun” CHEVROLET APACHE 1956 de Luis BUICK COUPE SUPER EIGHT 1953 de “Pacochopper”.

Arts On Earth - Best Pics of Nature, Environment and Technology Index of art historical sites. Digital Imaging Project: Art historical sites THIS SITE IS ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION--coming soon: more images from Spain (Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia, and Zaragoza), from Sicily, from Scotland, and from Guatemala. See earlier featured sites here. Click here to go to the index of artists and architects. Click here to go to the chronological index. NOTE: I still have thousands of slides to scan so I will be adding pages regularly. Web Creator's comments: philosophy, technical issues, use of images, etc. In Memoriam: Maggie, our English Springer Spaniel Austria / Belgium / Cambodia / Canada / Egypt / France / Germany / Great Britain / Greece / Guatemala / India / Ireland / Italy / Mexico / The Netherlands / Pakistan / Poland / Portugal / Spain / United States / Vietnam / See also Women Architects (with more than 60 buildings by Julia Morgan) See also Index to Sculpture and Architecture by African American Artists or Relevant to African American History and Culture Austria Vienna Apartment Block No. 38 (Wagner) St. Belgium Edfu

Sweet Station Zemer Peled Peled was born and raised in a Kibbutz in the northern part of Israel. After completing a BA (Hons) at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem she graduated with an MA (Hons) from the Royal College of Art. In recent years her work has been featured nationally and internationally in museums and galleries including Sotheby’s and Saatchi Gallery-London, Eretz Israel Museum-Tel Aviv and the Orangerie du Senate, Paris among others. Peter Harris ” In the decade that I’ve painted the urban landscape, one name is consistently mentioned when people first encounter my work: Edward Hopper. Philippe Tyberghien ” I am a Franco/Belgian artist who works in photography and makes them look like old paintings (old or less). Mi Ju ” My work is an improvisation in liminality: between dream and concretized, ancient and contemporary, Korea and the West, ephemeral and eternal, the uncensored and codified. Christophe Jacrot Henn Kim Ken Lavey Tim Hawkinson Tadas Cerniauskas Carrie Ann Baade

Christopher Kim " The world in my eyes as I see it. LUCK – AN NYC Marriage Proposal’s back! After 9 long months of this video being private. I guess it got overwhelming popular that they password … Grace & Jay Engaged Teaser! Grace & Jay Engaged Teaser! A picture we took on Saturday with one of my couples Grace and Jay for their engagement photos! Jen+Joe Engaged! Jen+Joe Engaged! Jen & Joe I say it now, as I always believed, Trust is everything and it will always show in the pictures. Marc + Eiffel Save the Date Session Marc + Eiffel Save the Date Session Long time friend and wedding photography mentor asked me to shoot his engagement/save the date photos. Save the Date Save the Date So this post is dedicated to my new friend Hanna who helped/assisted me with lighting last night with her friends Jen & Joe’s engagement shoot … Paul Carlin Trash the Dress Paul Carlin Trash the Dress Paul and Carlin commissioned me to do a trash the dress shoot for them to add to their wedding pictures. Photo of the day Photo of the day I’m awesome like them

Pietà (Michelangelo) Detail of Mary The structure is pyramidal, and the vertex coincides with Mary's head. The statue widens progressively down the drapery of Mary's dress, to the base, the rock of Golgotha. The figures are quite out of proportion, owing to the difficulty of depicting a fully-grown man cradled full-length in a woman's lap. The marks of the Crucifixion are limited to very small nail marks and an indication of the wound in Jesus' side. The Madonna is represented as being very young for the mother of a 33 year old son, which is not uncommon in depictions of her at the time of the Passion of Christ. Do you not know that chaste women stay fresh much more than those who are not chaste? Another explanation suggests that Michelangelo's treatment of the subject was influenced by his passion for Dante's Divina Commedia: so well-acquainted was he with the work that when he went to Bologna he paid for hospitality by reciting verses from it. The process took less than two years. Coordinates:

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