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The iPod touch Weblog - Apple News, Tricks, and Themes Update 2: August 17, 2011 The TechExxpert guide has been updated to fully allow Xcode 4.1 to work. Sorry that the past fixes did not work. Thanks for the comments! Please let me know if this guide works/doesn't work. The best Apps to teach kids Coding [@CoderFactory Blog] Learning computer programming can help kids develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. It also encourages them to be not only the consumers of technology, but also the creators. "In fifteen years, we will be teaching programming just like reading and writing... and wondering why we didn't do it sooner" - Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO at Facebook Why Should adults have all the fun? 10 Programming Languages You Should Learn in 2014 The tech sector is booming. If you've used a smartphone or logged on to a computer at least once in the last few years, you've probably noticed this. As a result, coding skills are in high demand, with programming jobs paying significantly more than the average position. Even beyond the tech world, an understanding of at least one programming language makes an impressive addition to any resumé. The in-vogue languages vary by employment sector. Financial and enterprise systems need to perform complicated functions and remain highly organized, requiring languages like Java and C#.

CodeGuard - Apshai Arts A Unity3D obfuscation editor extension. As Unity3D uses Mono (a clone of Microsofts .NET framework) it is easy to read and manipulate the code of Unity3D projects via freely available tools. Obfsucators are programs used to hinder this, but due to the nature of Unity3D, normal .NET obfuscators cannot obfuscate Unity3D projects without breaking them. CodeGuard is an obfuscator and code protector written specifically for Unity3D projects. Works in Unity Free & Pro, Windows and Mac for obfuscation and code protection of Windows, Mac, Linux, Web Player, Android and iOS/iPhone builds. Features:

Getting Started with iOS Development Building games for devices like the iPhone and iPad requires a different approach than you would use for desktop PC games. Unlike the PC market, your target hardware is standardized and not as fast or powerful as a computer with a dedicated video card. Because of this, you will have to approach the development of your games for these platforms a little differently.

Code Monster from Crunchzilla <h2>Code Monster gets kids excited about programming. It is a combination of a game and tutorial where kids experiment with learning to code. <p> Code Monster use Javascript. Carshark software lets you hack into, control and kill any car » OnlySoftware... CarShark’s a computer program that’ll let someone hack into a car’s onboard computer system to kill the brakes, disable the engine, blast music and otherwise wreak electronic havoc. It’s both clever and absolutely frightening. Here’s how it works.

Wendelin Reich's Blog - C# Memory Management for Unity Developers (part 1 of 3) The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community. The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. [Note: This post presupposes 'intermediate' knowledge of C# and Unity.] Start Developing iOS Apps (Swift): Connect the UI to Code Connect the UI to Source Code Elements in a storyboard are linked to source code. It’s important to understand the relationship that a storyboard has to the code you write. In a storyboard, a scene represents one screen of content and typically one view controller. View controllers implement your app’s behavior. A view controller manages a single content view with its hierarchy of subviews.

Studio The professional, open source development tool for the open web It's ready. It's time. Develop and test your entire web application using a single environment. With support for the latest browser technology specs such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, PHP and Python. We've got you covered!

Ethical Hacking Software and Security Tools Wireless account passwords stored on your system.It automatically recovers all type of Wireless Keys/Passwords (WEP/WPA/WPA2 etc)stored by Windows Wireless Configuration Manager.After the successful recovery you can save the password list to HTML/XML/TEXT file.You can also right click on any of the displayed account and quickly copy the password.Under the hood, 'WiFi Password Decryptor' uses System Service method (instead of injecting into LSASS.exe) to decrypt the WiFi passwords. This makes it more safer andreliable. Also it makes us to have just single EXE to work on both 32-bit & 64-bit platforms.It has been successfully tested on Windows Vista and higher operating systems includingWindows 8. Features & Benefits Nmap 6.25 contains hundreds of improvements,including 85 new NSE scripts, nearly1,000 new OS and servicedetection fingerprints, performance enhancements such as thenew kqueue and poll I/O engines, better IPv6 traceroute support, Windows8 improvements, and much more!

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