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Attending? What to expect at a BarCamp Organizing? BarCamp has now quite an impressive historical record. There is a shared feeling that this should not be lost and 2 pages can be used to keep track of all the unconferences that happened in the past years: BarCampPastEvents serves as a temporary parking to re-order the list of worldwide events. It makes us all sad, but pointers to external pages from the front page will most likely be deleted without notice. Note: This list right here is the ‘definitive list’ of upcoming barcamps. Africa Cameroon BarCamp Cameroon 2015 - At Douala, 14th November 2015 - Theme : Launch Cameroon Ghana BarCamp Accra - Many events including current (2013) Bénin May 17, 2014 - BarCampBénin 2014 (at Parakou in Bénin).October 18, 2014 - BarCampBénin 2014 (at Porto-Novo in Bénin). Asia Cambodia Indonesia Hong Kong mid November 2014 - BarCamp Hong Kong India Japan April 12th, 2014 - Tokyo MakerCamp Macau October 4th, 2014 - Barcamp Macau Malaysia Myanmar Thailand Singapore 1. Vietnam 1.

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BarCamp - Wikipedia Participants in the first BarCamp simultaneously comment, listen, and follow along on their screens. BarCamp is an international network of user-generated conferences primarily focused around technology and the web. They are open, participatory workshop-events, the content of which is provided by participants. Montréal Sound Map About the Montréal Sound Map Sound maps are in many ways the most effective auditory archive of an environment, touching on aspects political, artistic, cultural, historical, and technological. The Montréal Sound Map is a web-based soundscape project that allows users to upload field recordings to a Google Map of Montréal. The soundscape is constantly changing, and this project acts as a sonic time capsule with the goal of preserving sounds before they disappear. Soundmapping promotes focused listening. This website offers an interface for users to explore and listen to the city with a purposeful and special attention that is rarely given to the sounds of the environment.

Q&A: Jeremiah Owyang on personal branding and his move to Altimeter Jeremiah Owyang became something of a social media superstar while working as an analyst for Forrester. Covering social media for the research firm, he also opines on the topic on his personal blog, Web Strategist, which receives over 100,000 visits a month — more than the combined monthly views for Forrester's top competitors Gartner and IDC. Owyang was one of many analysts to leave Forrester this year, and his departure added to the chatter that personal brands are starting to eclipse corporate brands in the tech space.

TheRulesOfBarCamp-fr BarCamp est un rassemblement ad-hoc né du désir de permettre à des personnes de partager et apprendre dans un environnement ouvert. C'est un évènement intense comportant des discussions, des démonstrations et de l'interaction de la part des participants. Quiconque ayant quelque chose à contribuer où ayant le désir d'apprendre est le bienvenu et il est invité à se joindre. [Live] Les Entretiens du Nouveau Monde Industriel Le 19 décembre 2011 par Gayané Adourian Pendant deux jours, les 19 et 20 décembre, Knowtex couvre les entretiens du nouveau monde industriel organisé au centre Pompidou par l’IRI. Au programme : explorer les liens entre technologie et confiance. <a href=" target="_blank">View the story "Les entretiens du nouveau monde industriel" on Storify</a>] Mots-clefs : Bernard Stiegler confiance ENMI IRI technologie Ulrich Beck

Why Your Company Should Have a Facebook Page (Not a Profile) The need to leverage social media for business is a no-brainer at this point, but a company's effectiveness on Facebook can be hampered if the account isn't set up properly. Here are four reasons why your business should be set up as a Page, rather than a standard profile. Facebook Says So According to Facebook's terms of service, "Profiles represent individuals and must be held under an individual name, while Pages allow an organization, business, celebrity, or band to maintain a professional presence on Facebook." If your business' profile gets shut down by Facebook for violating this rule, your friends list will vanish with it.

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The Anti-Chain Letter This letter has been sent to you to stop you from sending out chain letters. The original was written in the 3rd century A.D. by a deranged member of the Most Holy Post. That version vanished during the Spanish Inquisition (Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition !!!!!!!!!). More recently, it was communicated telepathically to Shirley MacLaine by monks on the planet Mongo in the eighth dimension.