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UDK - Unreal Development Kit - Epic Games

UDK - Unreal Development Kit - Epic Games
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Torque 2D | Products | Torque 2D is an extremely powerful, flexible, and fast open source engine dedicated to 2D game development. The MIT licensed version of Torque 2D is now available on GitHub. Cross Platform Development at Its Best Torque 2D was developed with OS X, Windows, and iOS devices in mind and works equally well on all the platforms. Graphics Torque 2D's powerful rendering is perfectly suited to achieving a great looking artistic style. Behaviors Torque 2D allows users to share snippets of code easily using behaviors and modules. Scripting Torquescript is a fast and easy to use C++ like scripting language that ties all of the various elements of a project together. Object-oriented programming Transparent interconnection with external C++ objects Built-in fast 2D math (vectors, matrices, and quaternions with all corresponding functions) Well-documented standard library (hundreds of functions out-of-the box) Physics Torque 2D uses Box2D as its physics system. Sound Older Versions

Critical Point :: Home M.U.G.E.N | About M.U.G.E.N™ M.U.G.E.N is a 2D fighting game engine that is enables you to create commercial-quality fighting games. Almost everything can be customized, from individual characters to stages, as well as the look and feel of the game. Downloads Using M.U.G.E.N After downloading M.U.G.E.N, unzip it into a new folder and double-click mugen.exe to run. The majority of content created for M.U.G.E.N tends to be distributed as individual characters, stages or motifs. M.U.G.E.N is designed to be used by people with little or no programming experience, but with some artistic talent and patience to learn. Here's a sampling of features you can find in M.U.G.E.N: Customizable title screen, character select screen, life and bars, game sound effects, fonts and more.Characters can have any number of sounds and sprites of any size limited by your computer's memory.Choose from multiple resolutions, ranging from 320x240 up to full HD at 1920x1080.Cutscenes, intros and endings. Game Engine Third-Party Tools

Critical Point :: Home IndieLib - 2d Engine Rapid Game Development Moai | The mobile platform for pro game developers Allegro - Introduction - Allegro 4 and Allegro 5 are cross-platform, libraries mainly aimed at video game and multimedia programming. They handle common, low-level tasks such as creating windows, accepting user input, loading data, drawing images, playing sounds, etc. and generally abstracting away the underlying platform. However, Allegro is not a game engine: you are free to design and structure your program as you like. According to the Oxford Companion to Music, Allegro is the Italian for «quick, lively, bright». Allegro 5 is the latest major revision of the library, designed to take advantage of modern hardware (e.g. hardware acceleration using 3D cards) and operating systems. Allegro 5.0 supports the following platforms: Unix/LinuxWindows (MSVC, MinGW)MacOS XiPhone Allegro 5.1 also adds support for: Android You can see the functionality Allegro provides by browsing the online reference manual. Allegro 4.4 supports the following platforms: The older Allegro 4.2 branch additionally supports:

Novashell Game Creation System What is Novashell? Novashell is a high-level 2D game maker that tries to handle all the hard work behind the scenes allowing you to whip up sweet games using path finding, dialog, persistent dynamically sized maps with construction/deconstruction, save anywhere, and especially features that adventure and RPG type games would use. It's also built to allow easy sharing of games you make and modding of them. The worlds/games/mods it makes can be played under Windows, OS X, and Linux without changes. Can create stand-alone games for Win and Mac, from either platform! Or, just use Novashell's powerful map editor and the XML export option to use with your favorite game engine. Open source under a zlib/libpng license. >>Feature list Screenshots Screenshots from the included example games: Note: This project is in beta but the changes from here on out are expected to be minor. After downloading, check out the Getting Started Tutorials and the Novashell Scripting Reference. Downloads of Latest Version