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Torque 2D for the iPhone

Torque 2D for the iPhone
Torque 2D is an extremely powerful, flexible, and fast open source engine dedicated to 2D game development. The MIT licensed version of Torque 2D is now available on GitHub. Cross Platform Development at Its Best Torque 2D was developed with OS X, Windows, and iOS devices in mind and works equally well on all the platforms. Graphics Torque 2D's powerful rendering is perfectly suited to achieving a great looking artistic style. Behaviors Torque 2D allows users to share snippets of code easily using behaviors and modules. Scripting Torquescript is a fast and easy to use C++ like scripting language that ties all of the various elements of a project together. Object-oriented programming Transparent interconnection with external C++ objects Built-in fast 2D math (vectors, matrices, and quaternions with all corresponding functions) Well-documented standard library (hundreds of functions out-of-the box) Physics Torque 2D uses Box2D as its physics system. Sound Older Versions

A Guide to Mobile Web Design Tips and Tricks Having a mobile-optimized web site can really make your site stand apart from the pack. Even though smartphones like the iPhone and Google Android devices can display "the full web," having a web page formatted for smaller screens and with features that can take advantage of a touch screen, geolocation, or address book functionality can make the mobile web browsing experience that much better. Even just a few years ago, optimizing websites for mobile browsers was a painful and difficult process, in part because of the limitations of most mobile browsers. Today, thanks to the proliferation of WebKit (which powers the browsers on the iPhone, Android and webOS devices, with BlackBerry expected to join the mix next year), it's much easier to decide on a strategy for making your website pop on mobile platforms. We've put together a toolkit of resources for the designer and non-designer alike to get you started. Did we miss your favorite tool or service? Tools for Designers Other Resources

IndieLib - 2d Engine Rapid Game Development appvent calendar 2009 | every day a free iPhone game Novashell Game Creation System What is Novashell? Novashell is a high-level 2D game maker that tries to handle all the hard work behind the scenes allowing you to whip up sweet games using path finding, dialog, persistent dynamically sized maps with construction/deconstruction, save anywhere, and especially features that adventure and RPG type games would use. It's also built to allow easy sharing of games you make and modding of them. The underlying concept is everything is cut and pastable and can be added and removed even during play. The worlds/games/mods it makes can be played under Windows, OS X, and Linux without changes. Can create stand-alone games for Win and Mac, from either platform! Or, just use Novashell's powerful map editor and the XML export option to use with your favorite game engine. Open source under a zlib/libpng license. >>Feature list Screenshots Screenshots from the included example games: Note: This project is in beta but the changes from here on out are expected to be minor. You a programmer?

Jason Grigsby’s DOs and DON’Ts of Mobile Strategy Last week Jason Grigsby visited Google as part of our Web Exponents speaker series which highlights innovations in web technology. Jason is a tech leader in mobile web development. In addition to spotting trends in the mobile space, Jason is at the front lines building mobile apps at Cloud Four. Jason’s mobile strategy counterexamples include Chanel (they have an iPhone app but their website is unusable on the iPhone) and the difficulties of finding an Apple Store on the iPhone. DOs: Know your customers and what devices they use. DON’Ts: Don’t assume customers have downloaded your app. These all ring true for anyone with experience building for mobile. integrated image resizingvideo conversion and resizingseparation of content from markup so content can be used in native appsprioritization of content based on contextfull-featured APIs The challenge in my opinion is in the steps of breaking out content from markup and determining which content is appropriate for a given device.

Moai | The mobile platform for pro game developers The Google Places API (Developer Preview) - Google Maps API Web Services - Google Code Looking to use this service in a JavaScript application? Check out the Places Library of the Google Maps API v3. The Google Places API is a service that returns information about Places — defined within this API as establishments, geographic locations, or prominent points of interest — using HTTP requests. The following Place requests are available: Place Searches return a list of Places based on a user's location or search string. Each of the services is accessed as an HTTP request, and returns either an JSON or XML response. Authentication The Google Places API uses an API key to identify your application. Visit the Google APIs Console at and log in with your Google account. Places API Enterprise Customers Some features of the Places API — such as review summaries, and certain request filters — requires additional licensing, available as part of a Places API enterprise license. Visit the APIs Console and log in with your Google Account.

Develop Cross Platform Mobile Apps and Games BasicBuild your games or apps in record time and start monetizing with in-app purchases or ads.BUY $16/monthProPro adds advanced graphics, all Corona Plugins, analytics and much more.BUY $49/monthEnterpriseCall any native library (C++/Objective-C/Java) from your Corona app and do offline builds.CONTACT US Download Corona and you are automatically a Corona SDK Starter. You can build and publish your apps for free.Upgrade to Basic, Pro or Enterprise when you are ready for more functionality. Do you have existing apps? Read on to learn why Corona SDK is the leader for 2D apps and games… Publish to all major platforms Corona SDK allows you to publish for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and NOOK from a single code base. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting related to device and platform fragmentation, allowing you to focus on creating exceptional mobile content. Build on industry standards

Ejecta - Impact A Fast, Open Source JavaScript, Canvas & Audio Implementation for iOS e·jec·ta, noun – debris that is ejected during the formation of an impact crater Ejecta is like a Browser without the Browser. It's specially crafted for Games and Animations. It has no DIVs, no Tables, no Forms – only Canvas and Audio elements. JavaScript code is executed directly by a JavaScript VM (JavaScriptCore), the HTML5 Canvas 2D and WebGL API is implemented in native code with OpenGL, Audio is implemented with OpenAL. Many HTML5 Games run out of the box, or with minimal modifications – with better performance, better sound support, Game Center integration and more. Perfect With Impact, Plays Nice With Others While Ejecta works nicely with straight forward Canvas animations, it grew out of a project to make the Impact Game Engine work natively on the iPhone. Older Ejecta versions (then called iOSImpact) implemented a lot of hacks and shortcuts to make it work. App Store Compatible Device Support Download

Torque is nw opensource (MIT license) and cost $0 by cminetter Feb 21