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Figma: the collaborative interface design tool.

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26 Best 3D Design/3D Modeling Software Tools (12 are Free) What is this 3D design software? A new take on the process of modeling was introduced by tools like ZBrush, which incorporates concepts known from clay sculpting into the realm of 3D modeling software. The developers at Pixologic have made their name with a series of handy techniques that simplify the modeling workflow. For instance, ZBrush is capable of creating a new model with a higher, uniform polygon distribution to counter the effects of polygon stretching. The main concept to grasp is often called »progressive detailing«. That means you don’t try to create a high-resolution mesh right from the start. Experience Mapping An experience map is a method you can use to get insights into the holistic experience of your target group (be it users, customers, clients) in order to understand and visualize the ups and downs of their experience across the service or ecosystem. Whenever you want to identify and optimize customer touchpoints for a better experience you can use experience mapping as a systematic framework that guides you through the whole process from understanding customer behavior and gaining insights to revealing customer pain points and seeing new opportunities. There are four steps to follow that have been nicely described in the guide to experience mapping by Adaptive Path. I highly recommend downloading the guide for a more detailed description.

20 top new tools for freelancers Freelancing looks idyllic from the outside. Working with the best clients, choosing fun projects, determining your own hours and working from home or wherever you like. But there’s a lot that happens under the hood to keep the momentum going. Doing the actual freelance work for your clients never takes up 100 per cent of your time. The best of Python: a collection of my favorite articles from 2017 and 2018 (so far) My intention with publishing this collection Last year I only used Medium for consuming content, and I checked out a ton of Python-related articles. Recently I’ve started to use the community features of the platform, for instance following fellow developers. I also developed the practice of clapping and highlighting the most interesting parts of their articles. My goal is to be an active member of the developer community gathered on Medium.

On-Demand Demo Discover why Optimizely is the easiest and most powerful way to experiment across all of your customer touchpoints. In under 4 minutes, this full platform demo will show you how to create winning digital experiences. You will learn how to: 30 Best Tools for Data Visualization During the past few years the client demand regarding Data Info-graphics has increased in volume and demand as well as in : clarity. The range of technologies available by which to collect and examine data is constantly on the rise- both in web and desktop applications, which provide several great interfaces. From a technological aspect , such tools ( or technologies ) have created efficiency based models which have gone onto disrupting existing paradigms of the past. These vary and range from data synthesis to data visualization encompassing every type of data.

960 Gridder - Lay out websites with ease. What is this? 960 Gridder is an excellent tool for any web developer/ designer that wants to easily align, match and/or lay out websites. The idea came when designing a website for a student organization where I worked with several designers that handed their lay outs and designs in Photoshop format with a similar grid built-in to me. After a while I noticed how hard it became to make sure everything looked exactly how they intended it, especially in the different browsers.

Documenting Components – EightShapes Audience First things first: who it is this for? And since the answer usually spans more than one discipline, who’s more important? Hold the Phone: A Primer on Remote Mobile Usability Testing User Experience Magazine In recent years, remote usability testing of user interactions has flourished. The ability to run tests from a distance has undoubtedly broadened the horizons of many a UXer and strengthened the design of many interfaces. Even though mobile devices continue to proliferate, testing mobile interactions remotely has only recently become technologically possible. We took a closer look at several of the tools and methods currently available for remote mobile testing and put them to the test in a real world usability study. This article discusses our findings and recommendations for practitioners conducting similar tests.

Strategy Internet Marketing Infographics are a way to deliver data visualisation to an audience. They’re not just about data visualisation though; the data is presented within a story to communicate a specific message. They can spread like wildfire online and there are a few reasons for this.