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Video for Teams. To help schools affected by COVID-19, BombBomb video email is now completely free for teachers.

Video for Teams

When you can't be there in person, now you can provide the feedback and guidance your students deserve with free video email from BombBomb. Claim Your Free Account Not a teacher? Check out BombBomb for business users. Struggling to communicate assignments, lessons, and feedback with plain text email? You're not alone. BombBomb Video for Teams. Pro Leetspeak Generator, Converter and Translator - Majine aplikacije. Book Creator. 10 Minute Mail - Temporary E-Mail. Online PDF tools for PDF lovers. DIGITALNA POMOĆ: Chrome dodaci za onlajn inkluzivno obrazovanje - INSTITUT ZA MODERNO OBRAZOVANJE. Free Tools for Teachers and Students. You searched for digital planner. Top ten apps for visually impaired students. Starting university is a leap into an independent and self-reliant way of life.

Top ten apps for visually impaired students

For students who are blind or visually impaired, some forward-thinking is essential to ensure that you have the right tools to ease this transition. The good news is that modern technology and smartphones have helped to close the gap between disabled students and their peers, particularly in the form of apps. Here's our selection to get you started. Several are free in their basic form, some cost a few pounds and one is a heavyweight option. And don't miss number 10 which is an app that lists accessible apps. DON'T FORGET DSA: Any UK student in HE or FE with a visual impairment could be eligible for extra funding from Disabled Students Allowances, which may cover some of these costs and will also recommend other changes to make sure your education is accessible. 1. The American Foundation for the Blind launched the official iOS notetaker, AccessNote. 2.

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Timeri. Konverteri. E-knjige. Stranice za kolaboraciju. Leci, pozivnice, čestitke, logo, avatar, istaknut tekst. Posteri, platna, podsjetnici. Audiozapisi. Stripovi, animacije, fotografije. Kvizovi, križaljke, osmosmjerke, listići. Prezentacije, video, timeline, grafikoni, mentalne mape. Learning Designer - alat za kreiranje nastavnih priprema.

F.lux: software to make your life better.

Dusanka:Gracias por tu comentario. Yo trabajo con fondo negro, siempre que la aplicación lo permite. Saludos desde España. – elroxu
Mijenja boju pozadine na desktopu pa oči manje pate. – dusanka.dokanovic

60 Awesome Free Tools To Create A Visual Marketing Campaign On A Budget. Creating a visual marketing campaign is not just about telling the story of your brand or product, but finding the right tools to do it.

60 Awesome Free Tools To Create A Visual Marketing Campaign On A Budget

The marketplace is not hungry for tools, but some of them can be extremely costly (hello Photoshop) and complicated to use (another glance at Photoshop). If you just need a tool that works without requiring you to take a course, and without requiring a hefty part of your budget, you’ve come to the right place. Visual marketing is pretty much a requirement these days, and the tools that follow will help you get your message across cleanly and quickly. Get your bookmarking finger ready because we’re about to look at the best tools in the business for designing a visual marketing campaign. First, we’re going to start with finding the right images, if you don’t already have one. 01. We made a huge list of 74 places to find free, high quality stock photos for your personal and commercial projects.

Web 2_0 tools.doc. Titanpad Draft Cosketch Piratepad Twiddla Drawitlive Notepub.

Web 2_0 tools.doc

The best scanning apps for Android and iPhone - CNET. Never bother with a scanner again.

The best scanning apps for Android and iPhone - CNET

Thanks to high-quality cameras on today's top smartphones and nifty behind-the-scenes tech, scanning a document or photo with great results is as easy as opening an app and snapping a picture. Here are CNET's top picks for the best apps to turn your phone into a scanner. Best scanning app for iOS: Evernote Scannable Evernote, the popular note-taking service, has built a fantastic free scanning app called Scannable.

It's useful for scanning receipts, business cards and in particular, printed documents. That's because the app uses optical character recognition (OCR), which can detect the letters and numbers on whatever you scan so that you can search for words or phrases within the scanned digital document. What makes Scannable so great is that it's foolproof to use. It then quickly edits the scan to improve the contrast and brightness to make it as clear and readable as possible. Free Technology Tools for Teachers.

Tools for Educators - free worksheet templates, printable game templates, 100% customizable worksheet makers with images! Thinglink - annotate images and videos. ThingLink for teachers and schools Create visual experiences for student-centered learning Start now Trusted Partners Sign up now or contact your closest Microsoft or Google for Education reseller.

Thinglink - annotate images and videos

Award-winning education technology ThingLink is an award-winning education technology platform that makes it easy to augment images, videos, and virtual tours with additional information and links. A solution for classrooms with diverse language backgrounds and reading abilities ThingLink offers an easy way to create audio-visual learning materials that are accessible in an integrated reading tool. Student-centered learning from planning to presentation ThingLink helps students become fluent in using multiple forms of media to express themselves inside and outside the classroom.

App Store Google Play. Educreations. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and Web 2 Tools by pip cleaves on Prezi. Plickers. 16 Free GIF Makers. GIFPAL is an amazing online GIF maker.

16 Free GIF Makers

Your GIF is played automatically as you make changes so you can clearly see how it will appear when you’re finished. Rearranging pictures is super easy and you can even turn off the watermark. Photos from a webcam or your computer can be uploaded to GIFPAL. Web alati u nastavi i eTwinning projektima.