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Tim Brown urges designers to think big

Tim Brown urges designers to think big
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IDEO | A Design and Innovation Consulting Firm High Tech Hospitality Joie de Vivre Hotels wanted to design a high-tech, low-stress hotel in Palo Alto that would both cater to and inspire the region’s savvy travelers, so the brand tapped IDEO to design the brand for The Epiphany, an 86-room hotel located just blocks from Stanford, in the heart of Palo Alto. IDEO worked alongside JdV’s creative team, McCartan Design, and Steinberg Architects, to develop a playful, authentic vision that influenced all things related to the Epiphany guest experience, including the hotel’s mezzanine-level meeting and co-working spaces which are packed with creativity essentials, such as interactive whiteboards and shared work surfaces. But the hotel’s real showstopper is Edison, a dynamic light-and-motion sculpture that physically visualizes the hypothetical data flow of Silicon Valley. Engineers, coders and designers in IDEO’s digital shop developed the light display with hand-tailored production electronics, software, and hardware. Project date: 2014

IBM's French R&D lab is paving the way for their new mobile-focused business When people think about the most dominant tech giants today, many often overlook the granddaddy of them all, IBM. Having evolved profoundly since its founding over 100 years ago and grown into to 430k employee-strong, $100 billion/yr company, IBM continues to be a tech powerhouse, particularly in enterprise products and services (e.g. social enterprise, cloud computing, enterprise mobility services, systems and services, etc). Despite their mega-size, innovation continues to be at the heart of IBM’s goal to “make the world a smarter place”. They’re continuously developing new technologies, products and services and which is illustrated by the fact that they’ve been #1 in terms of US patents filings for the last 20+ years. In order to drive this continuous innovation, IBM looks both externally (130+ acquisitions completed since 2000) and internally, via such activities as with a network of Innovation Labs around the globe. Forging a deeper link with the startup ecosystem

OpenIDEO Schools Business Model Alchemist Designing a School System From the Ground Up Despite an emerging middle class and rapidly expanding economy, the education system in Peru ranks 65th out of 65 countries. Innova Schools knew they could do better. They envisioned a world-class education at an affordable price for Peru’s underserved youth, but they couldn’t do it alone. Excited by the challenge of building a school from the ground up, IDEO designed Innova’s entire K–11 learning experience and strategy. After months of fieldwork, prototyping, and deep collaboration with the Innova team, IDEO developed the curriculum, teaching strategies, buildings, operational plans, and underlying financial model to run the network of schools. Our mantra was: affordability, scalability, excellence. I was blown away when I visited Innova. This comprehensive approach to system design ranks as one of Latin America’s most ambitious privately funded educational projects. 4 KEY INNOVATIONS1. 2. The future of our country rests on our ability to successfully educate the next generation. 3.

Letter from the UK: Design-Led User Documentation Visma Software has invited me to speak at their developer conference, which is being held at the end of March in Latvia. I’ll be talking about how some major software companies are rethinking their approach to user documentation. This approach could be called “design-led documentation.” For example, IBM is introducing a design-led approach to software design. Talking to a technical writer I know at IBM UK, I understand this design-led approach includes how they’ll be designing the user documentation. So what is meant by a design-led approach? “IBM Design Thinking is a broad, ambitious new approach to re-imagining how we design our products and solutions. … Quite simply, our goal—on a scale unmatched in the industry—is to modernize enterprise software for today’s user who demands great design everywhere, at home and at work.” In Roman times, Vitruvius stated design had three pillars: functionality (aka usability), robustness, and emotion (it needed to be pleasing). What do you think?

IDEO | Creative Difference Where should you focus to make your company more innovative, adaptive, and creatively competitive? We created a tool to help you assess your organization. We call it Creative Difference. Creativity is essential to compete in modern markets. Companies like Apple, IKEA, and Google work hard to develop the culture, processes, and habits that drive their success. What is your reason to boost creativity? Adopting a mindset that challenges the status quo can lead to creative breakthroughs and keep your company in the driving seat. Looking out and tuning in to shifts in your industry will give you the foresight to prepare and adapt. Guiding the ingenuity of employees across all departments can uncover operational improvements in every corner of your company. When taken together, these capabilities add up to Creative Competitiveness. It’s what IDEO has spent 25 years observing, practicing, and perfecting with companies like Nike, Procter & Gamble, and IKEA.

Companies Un nouvel ordre mondial Le travailleur travaillé... par le doute Retournez votre iPhone et vous y trouverez les huit petits mots du business plan qui a assuré la fortune d’Apple: « Conçu par Apple en Californie. Assemblé en Chine. » Avec une capitalisation boursière de 500 milliards de dollars, Apple est devenue la société la plus valorisée au monde. Sous ses diverses variantes, cette stratégie assure certes le succès de grandes entreprises mondiales, telles qu’Apple, mais aussi de moyennes entreprises et même de « micro-multinationales ». Un nombre croissant d'entreprises tirent le plus grand profit des deux grandes forces motrices de notre époque : la technologie et la mondialisation. La technologie a accéléré le processus de mondialisation, en réduisant de façon spectaculaire les coûts de communication et de transaction, et en faisant de plus en plus ressembler le monde à un grand marché unique pour la main-d’œuvre, les capitaux et les autres facteurs de production. Le capital à la peine Techcrunch disrupt

"Strangers in the Light" Catherine Balet - Art - Vox-Land le 10 avril 2013 / Posté par: NeoVox Découvrez les photos de Catherine Balet qui interrogent sur notre rapport aux médias Catherine Balet, diplômé de l’Ecoles des Beaux Arts à Paris, s’est intéressée à l’invasion des médias dans notre quotidien au travers de photographies dénonciatrice de ce phénomène du tout connecté tout le temps. Smartphones, tablettes, emails, réseaux sociaux y sont içi définit comme une anti-humanité. La photographe essaye de nous interpeller, de nous questionner pour nous faire prendre conscience. Il aura fallu à l’artiste, 2 ans pour réaliser ce livre de 85 pages, dont vous voyez quelques clichés actuellement. N’hésitez pas à réagir dans les commentaires sur le réalisme, presque sans mise en scène apparente de ces photographies

Domestic Folklore, or Washing Machines for Men | fabric of things A selection of the Ginetex Textile Care Labels BERG announced Cloudwash this week, a very smart (in both senses of the word) prototype that uses their Devshield to turn a regular washing machine into a connected washing machine. Washes can be scheduled and programmed from your phone, and – on pressing a button – you can order laundry detergent directly from Amazon. And it does this in an interesting way. It is, in other words, a washing machine for men. And this is both intriguing and discomforting because, in case you hadn’t noticed, Laundry is a Feminist Issue. Why can’t men learn how to use washing machines? Now I realise this is sort of crass. Or perhaps it means that women’s reluctance to do handwashing has forced them to overcome persistently bad industrial design, because the alternative is just too boring and time-consuming to countenance. Secret Language of Domesticity Like it or not, there’s a Secret Language of Domesticity. None of this is romantic. Domestic Futures Like this:

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