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Hold the Phone: A Primer on Remote Mobile Usability Testing User Experience Magazine. In recent years, remote usability testing of user interactions has flourished.

Hold the Phone: A Primer on Remote Mobile Usability Testing User Experience Magazine

The ability to run tests from a distance has undoubtedly broadened the horizons of many a UXer and strengthened the design of many interfaces. Even though mobile devices continue to proliferate, testing mobile interactions remotely has only recently become technologically possible. We took a closer look at several of the tools and methods currently available for remote mobile testing and put them to the test in a real world usability study.

This article discusses our findings and recommendations for practitioners conducting similar tests. History of Remote Usability Testing Moderated remote usability testing consists of a usability evaluation where researchers and participants are located in two different geographical areas. Remote user research has come a long way since this time. Pros and Cons of Remote Testing Table 1 Benefits and drawbacks of remote usability testing Overview of the Tools Tool configurations. Information Gathering: A Roundup of UX Applications. The number of applications available for User Experience professionals is ever-expanding much of this growth happening over the last year!

Information Gathering: A Roundup of UX Applications

As a consequence, experts are increasingly turning to novel tools in order to collect data and generate reports regards their websites. While some UX designers suggest that local testing is the best way to gather data, we decided to round up these up-and-coming applications and see just what makes them tick. Although every person and situation is different, the list below is comprised of the applications that we think deserve your attention first. In any case, you should analyze the tools available to you and your team in order to determine with how extensive it is, how much time you have to put into it, and if it has the features that you need. Oh, and just a little foreplay for the end of the article, be sure to read on to find out about some pretty exciting discounts and freebies from some of these wonderful apps! Reviewed applications Cost: Type: Free. Remote UX Research – Remote Usability and UX Research Tools — Updated Sep 22, ’16.

Tools for doing functional, soulful user experience, interaction, and usability research.

Remote UX Research – Remote Usability and UX Research Tools — Updated Sep 22, ’16

If it’s related to behavior, it’s on here. We’ve assembled this over the years from our own use, UX Booth, Liz Bacon’s list, Craig Tomlin’s list, and magic. None of these companies have paid us for this placement. Yell @ethnio or comment to get updated or placed. No guarantees. Our Picks This represents our workflow and the tools we use right now. Self-Moderated Your participant speaks into their mic, and completes tasks they read on screen, giving you a video of their interactions.

Mobile The number one most interesting category for remote research - ioS, iPhone, iPad, Android. Automated You create tasks for participants, they see them in an iframe or window, and then they use a site while the tool gathers analytics about their behavior. Moderated Tools These allow you to observe a participant directly and talk to them at the same time.

Surveys. Pixel-Perfect Session Replay. Fast User Testing: Five Second Test, Click Test and Navigation. Dynamic Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Live Chat Software, Conversion Funnels, Form Analytics, Polls, All-in-One Conversion Optimization Suite. Top 19 Ethnio Alternatives and Competitors in November 2018. The Best Website Intercept Survey Templates.