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Transmedia Storyteller

Transmedia Storyteller

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Using Great Storytelling To Grow Your Business Every two months, I pull together a community of innovators. We meet somewhere in New York City, usually a boardroom overlooking a park or cityscape. But last month we all found our way into an acting studio operated by The TAI Group to learn about storytelling. The members of this group certainly already know something about the topic. They are senior executives at some of the largest corporations, partners in some of the most prestigious consulting and private equity firms, and several cutting-edge entrepreneurs. But the more you know, the more you realize there is to learn, and this group wanted to learn more about how to use effective storytelling to drive change in and grow their organizations.

10 Sites to Track Viral Web Trends So you want to know what the latest viral trend on the web is and where it’s happening? And you want it quickly, right? Well, look no further. We’ve got the top ten best websites and social networks to follow that pick up on the latest trends on the web. Whether it’s a new Internet meme, celebrity gossip, breaking news or a video that got a million views overnight, you can probably get the juiciest and most up to date information on it by checking out the following sites. 1. First 5 things that brought me closer to transmedia guru Jeff Gomez The shortest distance between two people is a story This is a two-part post written by Mitesh Solanki – the last five things (that brought me closer to Jeff Gomez) will feature in part two. (Image courtesy of Brad Trent, NY) Not so recently, in August of 2011, I attended X Media Labs’ Jeff Gomez Transmedia Masterclass.

Music radio may be dead, but music curation lives on Music radio may be dead, but music curation lives on Posted by Flick in Opinions on | View Comments It used to be that artists strove to be on the radio. This aspiration became predominant in the 1950s and 1960s, when disc jockeys helped bring artists to the forefront of our conscience. 1 bedroom flat to rent in Capital Wharf, E1W Letting information: Full description Capital Wharf. Rise of the Facebook-Killers On a cold Friday evening in February two years ago, with a historic blizzard bearing down on the Eastern Seaboard, a small crowd of people bundled into a New York University lecture hall to hear a talk that would become something of a legend, a shot heard 'round the Internet. The speaker of the evening was Eben Moglen, a professor at Columbia Law School and the founder of the Software Freedom Law Center. A stocky man with a white beard, glasses, and a high, nasal voice, Moglen spoke casually and rocked back and forth on his heels as he turned to make eye contact with his audience. "So, of course, I didn't have any date tonight," Moglen began, deadpan.

articy:draft Create Write living and collaborative documents. Design stories, characters, objects, and locations visually. Create run-time-ready game content. Clockwork Watch: Creating Interactive Narrative Click any image to enlarge I’m often asked what the interactive theatrical experience Clockwork Watch is, and the answer changes with each stage of the production. The underlying objective, though, is to create a fictional Victorian universe and tell a story where the narrative is delivered through live events, graphic novels, role-play, online news sites, and a feature film, all co-authored by the audience, through their interactions with our make-believe world over the next five years. Our story runs across several artforms, and culminates in a movie that we hope the audience would want to see, because many of them would have contributed to the project. The original idea for project came from Seductive Alchemy – a New Year’s Eve steampunk party I co-produced in London (2007), where on more than one occasion I was the only black person at the event.

The Seven Needs of Real-Time Curators I keep hearing people throw around the word “curation” at various conferences, most recently at SXSW. The thing is most of the time when I dig into what they are saying they usually have no clue about what curation really is or how it could be applied to the real-time world. So, over the past few months I’ve been talking to tons of entrepreneurs about the tools that curators actually need and I’ve identified seven things. Ninja Blocks Kit Temperature & Humidity Use the included Temperature & Humidity sensor to monitor your wine collection from anywhere in the world or use the Ninja Rules Engine to build the world's best thermostat. Motion Sensor Try These Dynamic Digital Storytelling Platforms Image courtesy of Jill Clardy Nonprofit organizations can tell the best stories. Stories about the impact that a nonprofit has on people’s lives can engage, recruit and solidify donors and members.

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