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Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly)

Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly)

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SpaceX plan vs reality: Satellite launched, ocean platform landing botched The private spaceflight company SpaceX has launched a reusable rocket that is supposed to deliver a NASA ocean-monitoring satellite into low-Earth orbit. However, the audacious plan to land the rocket on a platform at sea in the Pacific Ocean did not go as smoothly as planned. SpaceX failed to land the Falcon 9 rocket on the platform, despite the first stages of the launch being successful, the company officials said. The touch-down must have been “hard,” since the rocket’s landing leg broke. The Space X Flacon 9 rocket took off with the Jason-3 satellite from California's Vandenberg Air Force Base at 10:42 a.m.

Crew Waits for Christmas Delivery After Monday Spacewalk NASA astronaut Tim Kopra is seen floating during a spacewalk on Dec. 21, 2015. A pair of spacewalkers are cleaning up and reporting back to ground controllers after a short spacewalk Monday morning. A Christmas delivery is also due at the International Space Station Wednesday at 5:31 a.m. EST/10:31 a.m. UTC. Commander Scott Kelly and Flight Engineer Tim Kopra quickly prepared over the weekend for the spacewalk to release a stalled robotic transporter. Ground Control to Major Tim: Peake becomes 1st Brit to make spacewalk (LIVE) Major Tim Peake has made history, becoming the first ever Briton to make a spacewalk from the International Space Station (ISS). The 43-year-old astronaut will spend 6 1/2 hours orbiting the Earth at nearly 8km per second to fix a broken repair unit. The spacewalk began at just before 13:00 GMT.

EPIC video of sunlit ‘dark side’ of moon crossing over Earth revealed by NASA NASA has released spectacular footage of the “dark side” of the moon – fully illuminated – as the Earth’s natural satellite was moving across the sunlit side of our planet. The unique shots were captured by the Deep Space Climate Observatory. Taken by the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC), the images show a unique view of our planet and the moon from one million miles away. The capture of this rare spectacle was made possible due to the orbiting trajectory of the DSCOVR satellite that is positioned between the Sun and the Earth, giving it the capability to see the far side of the moon.

Space Station A pair of astronauts is exploring breathing risks during long term space missions today while a trio of crew members is packing a Soyuz spacecraft for the return home. NASA astronaut and two-time space station resident Tim Kopra joined first-time British astronaut for the Airway Monitoring experiment. That study explores the risk of breathing in toxic dust during future crewed missions to Mars which can possibly upset a crew member’s respiratory system. Kopra and Peake will be staying in space until June with cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko. They will become the Expedition 47 crew when a pair of One-Year crew members and a veteran cosmonaut undock in their Soyuz spacecraft and return to Earth next week. Station Commander Scott Kelly and Flight Engineer Mikhail Kornienko are set to complete 340 days in space when they land in Kazakhstan on March 1 U.S. time.

Tim Peake fixes a broken toilet on board the ISS As Britain's first official astronaut, Tim Peake's tasks include advancing medical science and researching missions to Mars. But he may just have completed the most important job of all - fixing the toilet. Nasa has revealed the Chichester-born father-of-two has repaired a broken lavatory on the International Space Station. As Britain's first official astronaut, Tim Peake's tasks include advancing medical science and researching missions to Mars. Cassini Top 10 Images and Science Results of 2015 Jan. 05, 2016 Saturn's rings and Enceladus Cassini Top 10 Images and Science Results of 2015 As the Cassini science team members look forward to a great 2016 and beyond, here's a look back at their top 10 images of 2015. Click on the arrows or thumbnails above to see them all, and for a short description, click on the "i" icon on the right.

NASA Astronauts Aboard International Space Station Carry Out Emergency Space Walk With Tim Peake Assisting At 12:45 GMT, NASA astronauts began the last spacewalk of 2015 leaving Britain's Tim Peake in charge of the US section of the International Space Station. Both Tim Kopra and Scott Kelly are venturing outside the spacecraft to fix a jammed rail car, which is expected to take around three hours. Peake will be monitoring both his colleagues while they make the repairs. Photos of London and UK posted by Tim Peake from the ISS You’ve probably never seen the UK captured as brilliantly as this. The images were tweeted by astronaut Tim Peake who is currently on the International Space Station (ISS). The Brit managed to show his home country lit up magnificently, and tweeted he ‘recognised that place’ along with the image. MORE: Twice as many people catch trains… but guess how many more trains there are? You can definitely make out the shape of the UK and if you look closely you might be able to see that light you left on at home. A second image showed London in all its glory on a Saturday night.

Study: Lunar Colonization Could be Surprisingly Cheap — But There’s a Catch NASA could dramatically cut the cost of returning humans to the moon if it is willing to mine and sell the moon's natural resources, according to a study commissioned by the agency. The Space Frontier Foundation-penned study encourages NASA to mine the moon's hydrogen for the "commercial production of cryogenic propellant". The report estimates that there are 10 billion cubic meters of water on the moon's poles -- equivalent to Utah's Great Salt Lake. The mining operation could potentially reduce the cost of sending humans to the moon by 90%.

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