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Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » diy project: erik’s recycled wine bottle torch

Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » diy project: erik’s recycled wine bottle torch
this clever outdoor diy idea comes from erik anderson of gerardot & co.- a creative branding and design agency in indianapolis. erik was kind enough to share a fantastic project that turns an everyday bottle into a modern backyard tiki torch. i love the way these torches look and am dying to find a backyard to use these in- too bad the closest thing we have is a 2×2 foot fire escape. but for those of you with yards, i hope you’ll enjoy this project from erik. click here for more info on the project and click here to check out erik’s work at gerardot & co. thanks, erik! CLICK HERE for the full project instructions after the jump! [****Safety Note: This is for outdoor use only. Tiki brand recommends that the wick never be set higher than 1-inch, and I recommend that you exercise the same discretion and common sense that you would with any small open flame.*****] Recycled Wind Bottle Torch 1. Helpful Tools: Channellocks, adjustable wrench, hacksaw, power screwdriver, and a funnel The Hanger 1.

Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » diy project: kate’s tin travel frame here come the last of the altoids tins diy projects, just in time for mother’s day! my mom is a bit of a globetrotter for work, and she has definitely honed her skills at packing lightly. but i hope i can add one more thing to her travel kit with this mini tin travel frame. the nice part is the storage for extra photos inside, so she can switch it up over the course of her travels. i also want to take this opportunity to apologize to my sister for unsolicited publication of this kid picture! enjoy, and happy mother’s day in advance! – kate letter light from curbly’s new DIY book We all know that hardware stores can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re an avid DIYer. Every time I pass the rows of gleaming copper pipe, I just know there’s an amazing home decor project hiding in there somewhere, but then my eyes scan to the rope section, the molding section, the brackets, and on and on. Too many possibilities! I am so excited to see that the DIY experts at Curbly have tackled the hardware store’s rows upon rows of products in their new book, the aptly named Make It! Hardware Store Decor. This “letter light” tutorial is just one of the 12 awesome home decor projects in the book.

20 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects Thursday, June 14, 2012 4:30 am, Posted by Chris Groves | Internet 20 Awesome Do It Yourself Projects Topics: At Home Project Ideas , Creative DIY Home Projects , Do It Yourself Projects for 2012 , Fun How To Projects , What to Do with Extra Stuff Are you bored and have a bunch of extra little items hanging around here and there? paper star lantern tutorial I suppose it isn't exactly the right time of year for stars and lanterns, but I've got a paper folding fascination at the moment and so was drawn to a project I had wanted to do back in Autumn. During last lantern season I was looking everywhere for instructions to make these beautiful paper lanterns and couldn't find them anywhere. I ended up purchasing a lantern that was already made and since I've been struggling with some difficult folds and designs of other paper crafts, I decided to unfold the seemingly simple lantern I bought and figure the thing out for myself.

HOW LONG DOES STUFF TAKE TO DECOMPOSE When we go to different areas, knowingly or unknowingly, we harm nature by littering the areas. Actually our original purpose is to search for peace of mind and to enjoy nature. We end up adding the degradation of Nature however. For example,we go for a picnic to a sanctuary, have fun with loud music, knowing full well that loud music is prohibited in sanctuaries. We drink and happily break the bottles on the rocks or throw the cans, make a fire, cook and most of the time, after having a great lunch we leave the plates, disposable glasses and polythene as debris scattered all over the place. It’s not that we don’t have the knowledge of environment pollution but sometimes because of lack of awareness and responsibility, we do harm to Nature.

Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » diy wednesdays: wallpapered medicine cabinet No one wants visitors snooping in their medicine cabinet- but hey, if they’re going to do it (and they are) you might as well give them something pretty to look at. Introducing color and pattern into this normally bland, antiseptic spot might even distract them from scrutinizing your personal stuff. CLICK HERE for the full project* after the jump! mollie’s newspaper taxidermy Many of you have noticed the amazing paper taxidermy moose that appears on the wall in some of Barb’s Before & After Basics posts, and we’ve received several requests for a tutorial on how to make one. We asked South Carolina-based artist Mollie Greene — moose creator and woman behind the charming Etsy shop Royal Buffet — to share some of her sculpting secrets with us and she kindly agreed! This is a great project for a rainy day or a lazy weekend. The large-scale antelope adds the perfect texture and drama to a cozy living room or den and a fabulous addition to your fall home decor.

Search Results glitter eggs Apr 7 Glitzy Easter Placecards By Ashley Page Norton Easter is right around the around and these egg and nest placecards come together super fast. The supplies are easy to pick up or if you’re like me you probably have most of them on hand – I love pipe cleaners and always have some around! Skill Builder From light theremins to toothbrush timers the 555 timer is an extremely versatile component, for beginner and advanced projects alike. We've previously shown how to drive DC, servo, and stepper motors with simple 555 circuits. Now with our latest Weekend Project, MAKE Technical Editor Sean Ragan re-imagines the 555 as the brain of an all-in-one controller he calls the Dial-a-Speed: One Motor Controller to Rule Them All. Watch how he put it together: The stacking and layout of this build is both challenging and incredibly rewarding. We're still wowed by its design.

6 Awesome Reuse Tumblr Blogs We’ve been Tumbling for about 3 months now and have found many creative people that share our passion for the 3 Rs – especially reuse. “Thinking Outside the Bin” can spark many positives, including saving money, exercising the right side of your brain or purely expanding your awareness of household-generated waste. These beneficial attributes, when combined with eye-catching imagery on Tumblr, are an excellent way to ignite and motivate progressive thinking, creating, and living. Here are 6 unique Tumblr blogs that share our mission to recreate “trash” into beauty and these are their stories. Happy Tumbling!

Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » diy project: kate’s miniature tin gardens my house is not a great home for plants because of how little light it gets, but it is earth day and i wanted to bring a little nature to my work desk. these mini zen gardens combine several of my favorite things, including my love of anything miniature. the faux wood contact paper gives it a little todd oldham mod feel too, which i love. these take no time to make and are a good little gift idea for moms, or anyone special. have fun! -kate CLICK HERE for the full project after the jump!

chris’ budget-friendly mod chandelier I’m constantly growing tired of the lamps in my home. For the past few years, I’ve griped about how our landlord won’t allow us to change out fixtures, but it’s probably a blessing in disguise. I simply cannot settle on a light fixture, especially when there are so many great designs and lighting projects out there. Chris, the editor in chief at Curbly and a major DIY genius, has solved my problems with this cool mod chandelier.

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