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Street Photographers - The art of street photography

Street Photographers - The art of street photography

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The 50 Greatest Street Photographers Right Now Street photography is one of the most interesting yet overlooked genres in imaging. Capturing architecture, people in passing, odd details, and intriguing signage, these photographers are at the top of their game. They're not limited by using film or digital, shooting black and white or color, or having available light. Terrified of Street Photography? Here's How I Do It by Mridula Dwivedi. I am truly terrified of street photography. It is such a daunting task to point my camera at a stranger’s face and click. I know in India (and many other places) not too many people mind, but I just completely freeze somehow. Create an Easy Double Exposure Portrait in Minutes Double exposure is a cool effect that has been around for a long time. In the film camera days, it was accomplished by exposing the negative twice on two different scenes. Now this effect can be easily created and embellished using a few simple tricks in Photoshop.

10 Things Garry Winogrand Can Teach You About Street Photography (Above image: Garry Winogrand, World’s Fair, New York City, 1964. All photographs in this article copyrighted by the estate of Garry Winogrand) Garry Winogrand is one of my favorite street photographers that I have gained much photographic insight and wisdom from. He was in-arguably one of the most prolific street photographers of his time (he shot over 5 million photographs in his career) and one of the most passionate. However, he hated the term “street photographer” and simply saw himself as a “photographer”. It is an idea I later understood and respected very dearly, as Winogrand was more interested in making photographs than classifying himself for art historians.

Street Photography Tips The photos in this article are from my new “Detroit” series. I’ve had the pleasure of being a judge for a handful of street photography competitions: including the International Street Photography Awards 2012, the Urban Picnic Street Photography Contest in 2013, and the International Street Photography Awards 2014. It was a fascinating experience being a judge– and it has taught me a lot of lessons in terms of how to judge others’ work. More than that, it has taught me to better judge my own work. Here are some lessons I’ve personally learned being a judge, and some tips I suggest when you enter a street photography contest: Read More »»

10 Lessons Lee Friedlander Has Taught Me About Street Photography In my opinion, Lee Friedlander is one of the most under-appreciated (or simply unknown) street photographers when it comes to the internet/social-media sphere. Of course Friedlander is one of the pillars of photography and is known to every student who has gone to photography school. However when I started photography, I had no idea who he was or never even heard of him. When I first looked at his photographs of the stark urban landscapes, I didn’t really “get” them. However over time, I have began to appreciate his vision and genius when it came to capturing what he first called in 1964, “The American social landscape.” Reality Remade – Regina van der kloet – The Eye of the Beholder Photographer: Regina van der kloet Description: With this project I want to embark on a journey where everything I shoot is determined by what I have shot before it. I will keep my eyes open for reoccurring moments revealing themselves in daily life. Reality remaking itself.

31 SIMPLE TIPS ON HOW TO USE PHOTOSHOP LIKE A PRO - AvantPhoto Want to learn how to use Photoshop like the pros? Here is the ultimate list of wonderful tips. By the time you’re done you’ll be a master at Photoshop! 1. Edit all your pictures at once with Batch Processing. 2. 50 Things I Try to Avoid in Street Photography A Post By: Eric Kim I am a huge proponent of negative learning, that you can learn more by taking on the opposite approach. Philosopher Nassim Taleb calls this “via negativa”. It is the idea that the best way to gain “happiness” in life isn’t chasing what makes us happy, but by vehemently avoiding what makes us unhappy (a long commute to work, a horrible micro-managing boss, poisonous and negative “friends”, and an expensive house mortgage). I also believe strongly that one should never listen to “rules” of anything in life (especially street photography).

Lee Friedlander / Biography & Images - Atget / Videos Books & Quotes Photography has generally been defended on the ground that it is useful, in the sense that the McCormick reaper and quinine have been useful. Excellent and persuasive arguments have been developed in this spirit; these are well known and need not be repeated here. It should be added however that some of the very best photography is useful only as juggling, theology, or pure mathematics is useful --- that is to say, useless, except as nourishment for the human spirit. When Lee Friedlander made the photograph reproduced here he was playing a kind of game. The game is of undetermined social utility and might on the surface seem almost frivolous. The rules of the game are so tentative that they are automatically (though subtly) amended each time the game is successfully played.

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