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Street Photography

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Siegfried Hansen: German Street Photography. Pre-Focusing with Semi-Wide Angle and Wide Angle Lenses. Cities of Ghosts.

Chuck Jines

Theater of the Streets, Shot On Google Glass. Richard Koci Hernandez—@koci_glass Taken in San Fransisco, an image posted to the photographer's @koci_glass Instagram account on June 24, 2013.

Theater of the Streets, Shot On Google Glass

More than a century ago, in New York City, Paul Strand began creating some of the earliest candid street photography. His goal was to capture people as they act in public, unaware of the observing eye. Street photographers have followed suit ever since, adopting every emerging technology available to minimize or conceal the barrier between photographer and subject.

CollectingSouls. GoingCandid.

Mark Cohen

Protecting Privacy, Limiting Street Photography. Could Google Glass Work as a Tool For Street Photography? Google Glass has received a lot of criticism, particularly when it comes to privacy. Given the fact you can record video and take photos without people noticing, some could call it an opportunity for taking photos without permission. Stephen McLaren's Street Photography. MAX KOZLOFF: "Vaguely Stealthy Creatures: Max Kozloff on the Poetics of Street Photography" (2002. Image @ Joel Meyerowitz “Vaguely Stealthy Creatures”: Max Kozloff on the Poetics of Street Photography By Martin Patrick, Afterimage, December 22, 2002 The critic Max Kozloff frequently reminds his readers of the inherent instability of meaning within the photographic medium.

MAX KOZLOFF: "Vaguely Stealthy Creatures: Max Kozloff on the Poetics of Street Photography" (2002

In an early essay (from 1964) he considers “the aesthetic situation in photography to be extremely fluid. Alarmingly but justifiably, anything goes.” Kozloff repeatedly recognizes that it is just at the moment when a photograph verges on complete incoherence that its ability to provoke thought and convey beauty is much more profound in its implications. The opening passage of Kozloff’s essay “The Privileged Eye’ states: “consider an action photograph in which one or a bunch of figures is on the move.

New York Street Photography

Nick Turpin. A Cowards Guide to Street Photography. A Guest post by Angie Muldowney.

A Cowards Guide to Street Photography

I love the poignancy of street photography; the way it can portray the world in an ironic, tragic, educational or funny way – often all at the same time! I would love to have the confidence to point my lens directly at someone and shoot, even from a distance – more often than not though I just don’t have the ‘hutzpah’. Whilst I may be cowardly in this respect, I am determined, so here are some ways I have found to make the whole process a little less daunting for me and less intimidating for my subjects. This isn’t a technical guide (there are already some great ones on this very site); rather, I am suggesting some sensitive and less confrontational ways of getting candid street shots. 1. If you go to a popular tourist attraction or public event then you will probably stick out if you DON’T have a camera – this is the perfect environment for candid people shots as no one is really taking any notice of exactly what (or who) you are taking photos of. 2.

Photographer Profile ~ FRED HERZOG. Fred Herzog (b.1930, Germany) is a photographer known primarily for his photos of life in Vancouver, Canada.

Photographer Profile ~ FRED HERZOG

He worked professionally as a medical photographer. He was the associate director of the UBC Department of Biomedical Communication, and also taught at Simon Fraser University. He grew up in Stuttgart, but was evacuated from the city during the aerial bombardment of the Second World War. His parents died during the war (of typhoid and cancer), after which he dropped out of school and found work as a seaman on ships. He emigrated to Canada in 1952, living briefly in Toronto and Montreal before moving to Vancouver in 1953. One year with the X100 - blog - laROQUE. A year ago I was making frantic phone calls left and right.

one year with the X100 - blog - laROQUE

I’d heard from local travel photographer Yves Perrault via twitter that he’d purchased an X100 at a photo store called Lord Photo, a 30 minute drive from where I live. I had also just learned that the Montreal shop where I had reserved the camera - with deposit, thank you - had known all along they wouldn’t be part of the first shipment. Needless to say I was pissed. Not because I had an acute case of G.A.S (well, I did) but mostly due to the fact that I desperately wanted the camera for our upcoming France trip and its availability appeared seriously jeopardized for months to come, due to both heavy demand and the horrible tsunami disaster.

What is street photography? Your questions answered. The Blog of Irish Photographer Tommie Lehane. Street Reverb Magazine. 「カタログギフト」といっても、数多くのコンセプトがあります。 取り扱っている商品も多種多様で、用途別、金額別と更に細かく分類されています。 ではここで、自分がカタログギフトを貰う側になったと仮定してみてください。 届いた冊子の中から商品を選ぼうとして困ったことはありませんか? 欲しいものがない、なんだか安っぽく思える、こんなに商品がたくさん並んでいるのにピンとくるものがない。 結局特に欲しくもなかった無難なものを選び、届いた商品は箱にしまったきり使わなかった…。 では次に、自分がカタログギフトを送る側になったと仮定してみてください。 掲載商品の取り扱いブランドを確かめる 当然、掲載されている商品の数や中身によって料金が変わってきます。 知る人ぞ知るブランド品が掲載されているカタログギフトも良いですが、そういった造詣を持っていない人でも知っているようなブランド品を取り扱っているタイプをを選ぶのも重要です。 またどこの国で作られた商品であるか、というのも評価ポイントの一つです。 掲載商品が多く選びやすいことも要チェック 掲載されている商品のブランドも重要ですが、掲載商品数が多いというのもポイントの一つです。 Know Your Rights: Photographers. Taking photographs of things that are plainly visible from public spaces is a constitutional right – and that includes federal buildings, transportation facilities, and police and other government officials carrying out their duties.

Know Your Rights: Photographers

Unfortunately, there is a widespread, continuing pattern of law enforcement officers ordering people to stop taking photographs from public places, and harassing, detaining and arresting those who fail to comply. Learn more » Your rights as a photographer: When in public spaces where you are lawfully present you have the right to photograph anything that is in plain view. That includes pictures of federal buildings, transportation facilities, and police. Using the ACLU’s “Know Your Rights: Photographers” resource, HitRecord – a collaborative artist production company – produced an animated video about the right to photograph in public, featuring music by the Gregory Brothers and directed by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Special considerations when videotaping:

Train of Thought: On the ‘Subway’ Photographs by Bruce Davidson. In the spring of 1980, I began to photograph the New York subway system.

Train of Thought: On the ‘Subway’ Photographs by Bruce Davidson

Before beginning this project, I was devoting most of my time to commissioned assignments and to writing and producing a feature film based on Isaac Bashevis Singer’s novel, Enemies, A Love Story. When the final option expired on the film, I felt the need to return to my still photography—to my roots. I began to photograph the traffic islands that line Broadway. Read the Introduction. Stare, Pry, Listen, Eavesdrop No better advice has ever been given to street photographers than that offered by Walker Evans, one of the greatest American photographers of the mid-twentieth century: ‘Stare.

Read the Introduction

It is the way to educate your eye, and more. Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something.

Vivian Maier

10 Things Not To Do As a Street Photographer. (Above image “Untitled” by Christos Kapatos)

10 Things Not To Do As a Street Photographer

Street Photography: Peter Jenkins. There have been a number of well-publicised cases over the past few years where seemingly normal, perfectly law-abiding citizens (yes, photographers are citizens too, you know) have been stopped from doing what everyone had assumed was perfectly legal and publicly acceptable, that is to take photographs in a public place.

Street Photography: Peter Jenkins

Or as we call it, street photography. Is street photography legal?

Garry Winogrand

London’s Street Photography. There are some terrific photographers in the Museum of London’s current exhibition, London Street Photography. The photographers range from John Thomson, who was a 19th-century pioneer in this genre when long exposure times and bulky cameras made such photographs minor miracles, to Nick Turpin, who founded the website In-Public in 2000 to give contemporary practitioners a place to congregate and keep the genre going. Turpin’s is classic work that catches the chance juxtapositions and silly associations on which hand-camera street photography has thrived since Henri Cartier-Bresson was declared a boy genius by the Surrealists in the 1930s.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Polaroid Street Photographs in New York. Street Photos of Distracted Cellphone Users. Amateur street photography: a beginner's guide. Picture the scene: you're out on the sidewalk – maybe shopping, chatting or just daydreaming. Street Photography. 36: Gleaners. The Belly of the Beast.