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Mod 6: Professionalism

Mod 6: Professionalism

Excellence Gateway Thwart the Grim-Reaper: #Ofsted reworks (Sep ’13) Here are some key Ofsted (September 2013) updates relevant to teaching and learning in the classroom. I have provided a summary of what will change for the teacher alone; ignoring all other updates. Any text in red, is crucial to ‘Thwart the Grim-Reaper’ from entering your classroom this academic year. N.b. (Nota bene) I have written this post to incorporate some serious messages, but with a light-hearted twist. Thwart the Grim-Reaper: #Ofsted reworks. Definition: “In some cases, the Grim Reaper can actually cause the victim’s death, leading to tales that he can be bribed, tricked, or outwitted in order to retain one’s life.” The above definition in Ofsted speak: “In some cases, the inspector can actually cause the teacher’s death, leading to an Ofsted report where the inspector can be bribed, tricked, or outwitted, based on a 25 minutes observation in order to keep you in a job.” Cartoon by Malcolm Laverty (Copyright) Which way have the goalposts moved? Gathering and recording evidence:

Home | NYASNYAS Teachers TV | Free education videos and resources for professional development Ofsted, Outstanding Teaching and the iPad | If OFSTED were to walk into a lesson tomorrow they would see the following: Prior to the lesson students would have viewed an 8-10 min screencast introducing the topic. This resource would have been produced and sent via twitter to the students when appropriate.Students would have uploaded work required to Edmodo that is then assessed, annotated and sent back to students again prior to the lesson. The nature of the work is determined by perceived difficulty of the topic. The initial task would be a Socrative quiz to establish understanding for the lesson (AFL) – this often includes one multiple choice and two short answer questions. With a given problem the students would then have to produce an explanation of the problem on the interactive whiteboard app ExplainEverything - collaboration in groups of 3. Socrative would then be used again to assess where the students are and the lesson would be adjusted accordingly. So what would OFSTED make of this standard lesson? Attitudes to learning.

The Children's Commissioner for England FE News - Further Education, Employability, Skills News and Video - Geoff Petty - Teaching Today - Home page Learning Matters Online Welcome to Learning Matters, now part of SAGE Learning Matters books are now available to buy or inspect through the SAGE website. This dedicated Learning Matters’ page replaces the Learning Matters’ website and has been developed to help you find your way around the SAGE website. You can find Learning Matters titles of interest to you by browsing using the left navigation side bar. If you are a lecturer wishing to inspect a book, click on how to request an inspection copy on the left navigation side bar. All Learning Matters resources, including Education online subject audits, are now available. Happy browsing. About Learning Matters Founded in 1999, Learning Matters has rapidly become one of the UK’s leading independent higher education publishers, and joined SAGE in the summer of 2011. More We publish books and ebooks for professional and vocational courses studied at universities and colleges.

Prezi vs Powerpoint « Classroom201X Best way to give a spectacular presentation? This was the first post I wrote about Prezi and it has remained popular. I’ve also written a post asking for suggestions using the tool, which you can find here. If you want to see some example Prezis I have embedded them into these posts: creativity, planning, any ideas? Flavour of the month (well, year) in terms of presentations, has been Prezi – an online presentation tool being held up as a being something that you can use to end the infamous “Death by Powerpoint”. Text or Graphics? I think that the key thing to remember is that these are very much different tools, and they have different strengths and weaknesses. Non-linear approaches So, the biggest difference is probably the much-hailed non-linear nature of Prezi against the linear structure of Powerpoint. Over to you…. Those are the ideas that I’ve been thinking about… but I’d love to hear your ideas – please comment below on your (positive or negative) experiences with Prezi… Discussion