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Internet Economy

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Rwanda's technology contest Ms Geek goes continental. Rwanda : le pays le plus connecté d’Afrique. Vanu Rwanda, filiale de la compagnie américaine de téléphonie mobile Vanu Inc.

Rwanda : le pays le plus connecté d’Afrique

USA, prévoit d’implanter 376 antennes-relais de téléphonie mobile d’ici la fin de l’année; elles couvriront environ un million de personnes dans les régions rurales, zones qui jusqu’à présent n’avaient jamais été connectées. Aujourd’hui Vanu Rwanda ne compte que 10 antennes relais, mais grâce à ce projet, les Rwandais vivant dans les localités éloignées pourront bénéficier d’une connectivité d’aussi bonne qualité que les personnes habitant dans des villes développées.

Rwandans to apply for loans on mobile phones. More and more financial institutions are increasingly turning to information and communication technologies (ICTs) to facilitate their operations as well as deliver new products to customers.

Rwandans to apply for loans on mobile phones

The trend is also aimed at increasing access to services and further deepening financial inclusion, according to sector analysts. Rwanda: New Facility to Lower Cost of Internet, Enhance Security. By Julius Bizimungu A new facility that strives to break communication barriers in Rwanda and eventually across the East African region through reduced communication cost has been launched in the country.

Rwanda: New Facility to Lower Cost of Internet, Enhance Security

The Rwanda Internet Exchange Point (RINEX), launched at Telecom House in Kigali, yesterday, was financed by the African Union Commission, through its flagship project, the African Internet Exchange System (AXIS). The Minister for Youth and ICT, Jean-Philbert Nsengimana, said the plan is to continue expanding its operational capabilities and it will soon grow into a regional internet exchange point for Eastern Africa. Rwanda Turns To Online Processing Of Land Titles. Land registration official in the field documenting details of land parcels Rwanda has digitalized processing for land titles significantly reducing the period from two months to only five working days.

Rwanda Turns To Online Processing Of Land Titles

The country is making it possible for every land transaction to be conducted online as a way of wiping out queues at administrative offices and banks and also saving time. “For a maximum of five working days, a buyer who fulfills required information gets the title lease,” says Odette Mpungirehe, Communication officer at Rwanda Natural Resources Authority/ Land and Mapping Unit. For commercial properties, it is even much quicker because the title is obtained in one day, only at Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) in Kigali. This institution has regular updates on maps, standard services and application forms on website. Government affirms operation of fingerprint scanning devices – Tanzania – The Exchange.

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Government affirms operation of fingerprint scanning devices – Tanzania – The Exchange

Rwanda, l’administration s'informatise - Pouvoirs d'Afrique. Rwanda enters into partnership with Ericsson to develop mobile finance and m-commerce - Ecofin Agency. (Ecofin Agency) - On the sidelines of the World Economy Forum on Africa held in Kigali, Rwanda, from May 11 to May 13, Rwanda has signed with Ericsson an agreement to boost m-commerce and expand Mobile Money service.

Rwanda enters into partnership with Ericsson to develop mobile finance and m-commerce - Ecofin Agency

The country with the help of the Sweden Company will develop a national interoperability switch which is based on Ericsson’s M-commerce Interconnect solution. The platform developed will connect financial and payment services providers within the country. It should be operational by 2017. It will enable Rwanda’s population to enjoy, in real time, a wide range of digital payment options. With the interoperability solution, an end-user will for example be able to make an online payment from his mobile phone, directly from a bank account, regardless of the bank. Rwanda is aware of the impact that facilitating mobile and banking payment can have on the development of its economy. Rwanda: Mobile Apps to Ease Public Service Delivery. By Julius Bizimungu At least five mobile applications recognised during an Awards ceremony organised by Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) in Kigali, on Monday, are expected to facilitate public service delivery solutions.

Rwanda: Mobile Apps to Ease Public Service Delivery

Various Information and Communication Technology entrepreneurs, application and software developers, were tasked to come up with the best app to ease public service delivery, promote job creation and youth empowerment and promote the interest of young people in connecting mobile technologies to other services. Five outstanding projects were rewarded. Rwanda: Regional Farmers to Benefit From Online Trading Platform. By Athan Tashobya The Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) has launched an online trading platform that links smallholder farmers to grain buyers through a networked and structured market mechanism.

Rwanda: Regional Farmers to Benefit From Online Trading Platform

The G-Soko platform was launched last week in Nairobi at a ceremony graced by the East African Community's Secretary General Amb. Richard Sezibera. The online platform is part of a five-year trade enhancement and promotion programme that aims to encourage trading in regional staple food markets, according to EAGC. "Right now, there is urgency to expand regional food trade due to the exponential growth of staple food imports. Linking rural food surplus production zones in Eastern Africa to major deficit urban consumption centres requires a well-functioning regional market," Gerald Masila, the executive director of EAGC, said. Government services in Rwanda to go digital. The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and Rwanda Online Platform Limited have begun implementation of the Rwanda Online Platform, aimed at creating a unified public services platform and bringing government services online.

Government services in Rwanda to go digital

RDB said the platform will see all government to business (G2B) and government to citizen (G2C) services available online and via mobile, in efforts to bridge the gap of access to information, as well as improve service delivery through the digitalisation of services. “The Rwanda Online platform will be a single service delivery portal for all Government ministries and agencies, providing citizens and businesses with a streamlined and efficient experience with reduced operational costs,” said Rosemary Mbabazi, permanent secretary at the Ministry for Youth and ICT.

New portal to ease access to information on land. NEWTIMES.CO.RW: The public will no longer have to dig into documents and move from one place to another for information about land use, following the launch of the National Land Use Portal.

New portal to ease access to information on land

Rwanda National Resources Authority (RNRA) said the portal is the first of its kind in Africa. Eng. Didier Giscard Sagashya, deputy director-general for land and mapping at RNRA, made the remarks at the launch of the portal in Kigali yesterday. The portal was launched together with Rwanda Base Map, which consists of information about already existing features in the country. New Mobile App Cuts Money Transfer Rates For Rwandan Diaspora. For years, Gloria Muteteri, a Rwandan college student, endured long queues at the Western Money agent, to receive her tuition fees from a relative living in canada. She lined up again and again. And after going through the agonizing wait, she had to deposit the fees on the college’s account number in a bank. “That often means I have to line up again and again…it’s more like double work,” explains Muteteri. Apart from the usual long queues, Western Union, MoneyGram and other money transfer agencies have made quite a fortune, worth of service fee from their respective clients.

Perhaps this could explain why MERGIMS, a new Rwanda made mobile application has already registered 100 subscribers during its first 15 days in operation. Mixed reactions as cashless bus fare payment is rolled out in Kigali. Last week, the City of Kigali rolled out an e-fare payment system for public transport users on selected city routes, like the Kanombe-Kigali route. The move is part of its Smart Kigali initiative and efforts geared at green development by cutting down on paper production which hurts the environment.

The service that has been running for the past six or so months means that commuters along the route will have to acquire a smart card and load their money onto them before boarding public transport buses. The initiative is a joint partnership between AC Group, a Rwanda technology company specialising in smart transport solutions, government and city bus operators. RTCU, Royal Express, and Kigali Bus Service are the sole public transport providers hired by the city authority in 2013 under its Kigali transport system master plan launched in 2014. Bus conductors issue passengers tickets, collect the fare, and notify the driver whenever a passenger wants to disembark.