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About | Comunes Comunes is a non-profit collective dedicated toa) Encourage the protection and expansion of the Commons [1] through our actions. The Comunes approach has the Commons as central idea, using it as a guideline for its actions. It facilitates the discovery and construction of alternatives following a simple rule of three, and it encourages decentralized collaboration through the commons-based peer production. The world elites can be seen [2] as social networks, in which each elite member is a node. When an elite member falls for any reason (e.g. media scandals), the network survives and its ability to develop plans is untouched: it will just re-wire covering the hole left by the missing member, as every social network does (as there are multiple paths for communicating two nodes). On the other hand, we in Comunes see the world of social movements, NGOs and grassroots collectives as another social network, but this time open and public. Difficult to form a new node.

Contributors - wiki Contributors in Comunes and Ourproject The Comunes Collective is solely driven by volunteers. Nowadays we are a few, and need your help to go on. If you like what we do, please check our list of possible tasks, as you might find stuff you would enjoy contributing with. If you have a technical profile, you might want to check our call for developers. For a more systematic collaboration, you can also check out our trainings. This wiki document is intended to be a main resource to help those first-time collaborators or trainees, that usually find difficult how to start. For all contributors there are some recommended texts and Firefox extensions that might be useful. How do we organize Introduction We all Comunes contributors organize in "Teams". A mailing list for internal communication (and sometimes another one external, for announcements) A TO-DO task list* A Team members list A section in this wiki Periodical online meetings by chat, when agreed The Teams The current active Teams are:

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