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Trump could land fatal blow to the fight against climate change. Uk.businessinsider. Are you a persuasive person?


Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design/Flickr Everybody employs different tactics when it comes to getting what they want. Some people cite blunt facts and make demands. Others manipulate, cajole, and speak in riddles. Then there are those who are decidedly unconvincing altogether. However, no matter who you are and what industry you're in, the ability to influence others is crucial. Here are seven methods for persuading others — some might seem a bit tricky, but they could provide a serious boost to your career: Always have a good visual handy A picture's worth a thousand words. As Forbes previously reported, Dartmouth University's Brendan Nyhan and Georgia State's Jason Reifler ran a study looking into strongly held political convictions.

The researchers presented information that contradicted with the worldview of the study participants — hoping to see what it'd take to persuade them. Selon le rapport de l'European Innovation Scoreboard 2016, Suède au top des pays innovants, France dans la moyenne ! European Innovation Scoreboard. How Britain and the EU may do business after #Brexit happens. QuickTake Q&A: How U.K. and Europe Might Relate After Breakup. The U.K. and Europe can’t exactly go their own ways once their divorce is finalized.

QuickTake Q&A: How U.K. and Europe Might Relate After Breakup

On trade, customs, defense and the global flow of capital, the European Union and its cross-channel neighbor will continue doing business after Brexit. The question is, how? 1. Is there a road map for Brexit? Not really, since no country has left the EU before. 2. Like Norway, the U.K. could pay the EU to be part of the European Economic Area, remaining in the single market but losing any say in the way it works.Like Switzerland, the U.K. could try to strike a free-trade agreement and scores of subject-specific accords with the EU, a drawn-out process that in Switzerland’s case does not cover financial services.Like Canada, the U.K. could seek a trade agreement with the EU that would eliminate most tariffs but may not maintain the so-called passporting rights that make London a financial capital.

World’s 400 Richest People Lose $127 Billion on Brexit: Chart. Britain’s departure from the European Union dealt what may be the biggest blow yet to globalization, challenging a decades-long embrace of freer movement of goods, services and people.

World’s 400 Richest People Lose $127 Billion on Brexit: Chart

While the ultimate economic implications will take months, or years, to be quantified, central bankers didn’t have the luxury of time in the aftermath of the U.K. referendum result on Friday. From London to Mumbai to Tokyo, they pledged -- and in some cases acted -- to assure liquidity amid turmoil. The success of the Brexit movement, fed by stagnant wages and resentment over inequality since the Great Recession, is one more jolt for a global economy left bruised by years of crisis fighting that’s restricted momentum. It will also give heart to those calling for raising barriers, from continental anti-EU elements to the Donald Trump presidential campaign in the U.S.

How Britain Voted: Brexit Results For full coverage of the referendum, click here Bailout Anger Cameron’s Backfire Fed Implications. Ce que le Brexit coûtera à l'industrie automobile. L'industrie automobile alertait de longue date les Britanniques des conséquences potentiellement désastreuses pour l'emploi qu'aurait la sortie de l'Union européenne de leur pays.

Ce que le Brexit coûtera à l'industrie automobile

S'ils n'ont pas écouté les mises en garde de ces constructeurs et équipementiers, c'est peut-être parce que la grande majorité sont aux mains de groupes étrangers. Les seules marques anglaises survivantes — Mini, Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, pour les ranger par ordre d'importance de leur production — sont contrôlées par des constructeurs allemands et indien. Les autres poids lourds de l'industrie automobile en Grande-Bretagne sont les Japonais Nissan, Toyota et Honda. Le temps est loin où l'industrie automobile concentrait une part de la fierté nationale. Les Japonais Toyota et Nissan ont consultés les 1.300 entreprises japonaises implantées en Grande-Bretagne pour annoncer qu'entre leurs usines et leurs installations portuaires, quelque 59 milliards de dollars étaient en jeu.

WATCH LIVE: Breaking news as Britain's unemployment falls to lowest in almost 11 years.