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Oxford Dictionaries declares 'climate emergency' the word of 2019. 'How Dare You!': Greta Thunberg Rages at 'Fairytales of Eternal Economic Growth' at UN Climate Summit. IMAGINE a news outlet that worries about peace and justice, the common good, and the survivability of the planet instead of quarterly earnings, the needs of private equity investors, or a publisher trying to maximize returns.

'How Dare You!': Greta Thunberg Rages at 'Fairytales of Eternal Economic Growth' at UN Climate Summit

While the corporate media system lies to its audience day after day, Common Dreams has a different model. But this model is only possible because of you. Can you please chip in what you can—no amount is too large or too small—to help keep us going? IMAGINE a news outlet that worries about peace and justice, the common good, and the survivability of the planet instead of quarterly earnings, the needs of private equity investors, or a publisher trying to maximize returns. The Misogyny of Climate Deniers. The corollary to this is that climate science, for skeptics, becomes feminized—or viewed as “oppositional to assumed entitlements of masculine primacy,” Hultman and fellow researcher Paul Pulé wrote in another paper.

The Misogyny of Climate Deniers

These findings align with similar ones in the United States, where there is a massive gender gap in views on climate change, and many men perceive climate activism as inherently feminine, according to research published in 2017. “In one experiment, participants of both sexes described an individual who brought a reusable canvas bag to the grocery store as more feminine than someone who used a plastic bag—regardless of whether the shopper was a male or female,” marketing professors Aaron R. Brough and James E.B. Wilkie explained at Scientific American. Lush to close 250 stores to protest climate change with Greta Thunberg. Cosmetics retailer Lush will close all its outlets, headquarters, manufacturing facilities and e-commerce operations in the US and Canada to participate in a climate strike led by Greta Thunberg.

Lush to close 250 stores to protest climate change with Greta Thunberg

Lush has announced that it will join hands with the renowned youth climate activist to stage a protest on September 20 in the U.S. and September 27 in Canada. The brand will close down all 250 of its North American locations in support of climate action. Greta Thunberg Thunberg, a passionate environmentalist who recently chose a non-carbon, zero-emissions yacht trip to a climate change conference over air travel, started the climate change campaign #FridaysForFuture in August 2018. We, the peoples of the Amazon, are full of fear. Soon you will be too. For many years we, the indigenous leaders and peoples of the Amazon, have been warning you, our brothers who have brought so much damage to our forests.

We, the peoples of the Amazon, are full of fear. Soon you will be too

What you are doing will change the whole world and will destroy our home – and it will destroy your home too. We have set aside our divided history to come together. Only a generation ago, many of our tribes were fighting each other, but now we are together, fighting together against our common enemy. And that common enemy is you, the non-indigenous peoples who have invaded our lands and are now burning even those small parts of the forests where we live that you have left for us. Ethiopia beats its goal and plants over 350 million trees in 12 hours.

More than 350 million trees were planted in Ethiopia in just 12 hours in a bid against deforestation from the country's prime minister.

Ethiopia beats its goal and plants over 350 million trees in 12 hours

The number planted is believed to be a world record and surpassed an initial goal of 200 million to be planted in a day. The action, led by prime minister Abiy Ahmed, aims to help restore the country's landscape, which experts say is fast being eroded by deforestation and climate change. He tweeted on Monday: "Congratulations Ethiopia for not only meeting our collective green legacy goal but also exceeding it.

" The prime minister himself had planted trees in Ethiopia's southern region. The country is in the middle of a tree planting campaign in which it aims to plant four billion trees between May and October. Agriculture officials stated that so far, more than 2.6 billion trees have been planted across the East African nation. Scientists link Europe heat wave to human-caused global warming. The heat wave that smashed temperature records in western Europe last month was made more intense by human-caused climate change, according to a study published Friday.

Scientists link Europe heat wave to human-caused global warming

The rapid study by a respected team of European scientists points to an array of evidence that man-made global warming was behind the continent's most recent heat wave. "The July 2019 heat wave was so extreme over continental Western Europe that the observed magnitudes would have been extremely unlikely without climate change," the study concluded. In countries where millions of people sweltered through the heat wave, temperatures would have been 1.5 to 3 C lower in a world without human-induced climate change, the study said. Global warming is also making such extreme heat more frequent, the study by experts from France, the Netherlands, Britain, Switzerland and Germany found. Recent warming over the past 100 years is not part of a natural process, studies find.

Earth's natural cycles can't account for the recent warming seen over the past 100 years, new research suggests.

Recent warming over the past 100 years is not part of a natural process, studies find

In one of three new studies published in the journals Nature and Nature Geoscience, researchers found that previous periods of climate change such as the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warming Period were regional and not a global phenomenon. In contrast, the warming that has occurred over the past century has been far-reaching and global in nature. "In this paper, what we do is look at climate over the past 2,000 years — and traditionally the understanding of climate over this period is that there were globally coherent periods of climate variability," said Nathan Steiger, co-author of the paper and an associate researcher at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University. Netflix and online porn cause as much pollution as entire countries, report says.

If you want to save the planet, you might want to spend less time watching Netflix.

Netflix and online porn cause as much pollution as entire countries, report says

Or online porn. An explosion in online video consumption in recent years, propelled mostly by those two sources, created 300 million tonnes of carbon emissions (MtCO2) last year, according to research conducted by The Shift Project, a French think tank focused on a transition away from carbon. That is roughly the same amount released by Spain, or one per cent of global emissions. Pornographic videos made up 27 per cent of all online video traffic in 2018, generating more than 80 MtCO2, while the greenhouse-gas emissions of video-on-demand services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime were 100 MtCO2eq/year, or similar to those of Chile, the report said.

Fighting climate change may be cheaper and more beneficial than we think. This story is part of a CBC News series entitled In Our Backyard, which looks at the effects climate change is having in Canada, from extreme weather events to how it's reshaping our economy.

Fighting climate change may be cheaper and more beneficial than we think

In a cartoon that went viral before the Copenhagen climate summit in 2009, a conference presentation lists some of the side benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, from cleaner air to green jobs, as a man in the audience asks: "What if it's a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing? " Ten years after U.S. cartoonist Joel Pett penned that cartoon, there is stronger scientific consensus than ever that climate change is real, and more and more evidence that fighting climate change has positive side effects or "co-benefits.

" Environmental researchers and policy advisers now say it's crucial to take those into account when making decisions about climate change mitigation and adaptation. Positive side effects from cutting emissions will occur even if they're not accounted for, he noted. Climate change: I work in the environmental movement. I don’t care if you recycle.

Teen Girls Are the Best at Convincing Parents That Climate Change Is Real, Study Finds. MPs endorse Corbyn’s call to declare climate emergency. MPs have endorsed a Labour motion to declare a formal climate and environment emergency, with Jeremy Corbyn hailing the move as a necessary response to school climate strikers and groups such as Extinction Rebellion.

MPs endorse Corbyn’s call to declare climate emergency

The Labour leader said the decision by the Commons to pass the motion without a vote “can set off a wave of action from parliaments and governments around the globe”. Conservative MPs were told to not oppose the motion. Corbyn, in a statement after the debate, added: “We pledge to work as closely as possible with countries that are serious about ending the climate catastrophe and make clear to Donald Trump that he cannot ignore international agreements and action on the climate crisis.” Majority of Canadians support a ‘Green New Deal,’ poll finds. OTTAWA—A new poll suggests many Canadians support the idea of a huge public spending blitz to address climate change, similar to what politicians in the United States have dubbed a “Green New Deal.” A majority of respondents to an online poll by Abacus Data — 61 per cent — said they either support or somewhat support such a proposal, described as “a massive government jobs program and investment in clean energy, green technology, and electrification.”

The poll question said this Green New Deal “would aim to move Canada to 100 per cent clean energy by 2030 and make it so Canada produces and consumes the same amount of carbon emissions by 2050,” meaning the country would be carbon neutral by mid-century. Seventeen per cent of respondents opposed such a plan. Nine per cent said they were unsure and 13 per cent said they didn’t have enough information.

Edinburgh Science Festival to ban fossil fuel firm sponsorship deals. Organisers of the Edinburgh Science Festival are to impose a blanket ban on sponsorship deals with fossil fuel companies - claiming the oil and gas sector is “not moving fast enough” to meet climate change targets. They will sever links with firms backing the 2019 event due to feeling “increasingly compromised” by the conflict between accepting sponsorship from fossil fuel companies and programming events scrutinising climate change.

Canada's building code is getting a climate change rewrite. Is your home ready? From how concrete is mixed for road construction, to roofing standards enabling buildings to withstand stronger storms and plans to help homeowners manage increased flooding, Canada's building rules are being rewritten due to climate change, according to briefing notes for a senior government official seen by CBC News. If no changes are made to the way we build, infrastructure failures linked to climate change could cost Canada $300 billion over the next decade, according to estimates cited in the partially redacted documents.

With Canada warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, according to an official report leaked this month, analysts say it's crucial to design infrastructure that protects residents from extreme weather while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Great Lakes are rapidly warming, likely to trigger more flooding and extreme weather. The Great Lakes region is warming faster than the rest of the U.S., a trend that is likely to bring more extreme storms while also degrading water quality, worsening erosion and posing tougher challenges for farming, scientists report. In a report commissioned by the Chicago-based Environmental Law & Policy Center, the annual mean air temperature in the region increased 0.89 C in the periods 1901-60 and 1985-2016 — compared to 0.67 C for the rest of U.S.

The region includes portions of the U.S. Midwest, Northeast and southern Canada. Warming is expected to continue this century, with rates depending on how much heat-trapping gases — like carbon dioxide and methane — are pumped into the atmosphere. AOC's Green New Deal: A New Millennial Climate Politics. America colonisation ‘cooled Earth's climate’ Antarctic, Greenland melt will really mess up Canadian weather, study finds. Immediate fossil fuel phaseout could arrest climate change – study. Climate change could be kept in check if a phaseout of all fossil fuel infrastructure were to begin immediately, according to research. It shows that meeting the internationally agreed aspiration of keeping global warming to less than 1.5C above pre-industrial levels is still possible. How one heatwave killed 'a third' of a bat species in Australia.

Image copyright DAVID WHITE Over two days in November, record-breaking heat in Australia's north wiped out almost one-third of the nation's spectacled flying foxes, according to researchers. Patagonia’s CEO is donating company’s entire $10M Trump tax cut to fight climate change. National Climate Assessment: 3 takeaways. Federal scientists have once again contradicted the White House, this time in a major new climate change assessment that was inauspiciously rushed to release the Friday after Thanksgiving. Alltime-hottest-temperature-records-set-all-over-the-world-this-week-a3881061. Climate Change Is Killing the Cedars of Lebanon.

Hope in the Era of Trump’s Climate Foolishness. It’s Not Your Imagination. Summers Are Getting Hotter. - The New York Times. "Doomsday" Vault Flooded After Permafrost Melts Due To Climate Change. The fortified Svalbard Global Seed Vault, designed to protect the world’s seeds from disaster and environmental devastation, has been flooded.

Scientists have just detected a major change to the Earth’s oceans linked to a warming climate. Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m a minute, says IMF. Earth Temperature Timeline. Climate change is messing with clouds – and it's a really big deal. Scientists have found that a warmer Earth is indeed pushing clouds upward and poleward – a response to global warming that climate models have predicted for some time, but we had difficulty detecting until now. New research published last month in the journal Nature revealed the changes in cloud elevation and coverage after analyzing 30 years of satellite data. Sean Hutton raises money to save the polar bears. Earth just had its hottest month of ANY month ever recorded.

Scott Sutherland Meteorologist/Science Writer Thursday, August 20, 2015, 12:09 PM - Three major climate records - from NASA, the Japan Meteorological Agency and now NOAA - all confirm: July 2015 was not only the hottest month of July on record for the planet, but it also beat out every other climate record to become the hottest month of any month ever recorded. Cancer and Climate Change. ‘Unprecedented’: Scientists declare ‘global climate emergency’ after jet stream crosses equator.