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Effetto Risorse and collaterals 4

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The Age of Humans: Evolutionary Perspectives on the Anthropocene. The implications of collapsing ERoEI. Energy Overview. Oil is butter-fried-steak wrapped in bacon. Alternative Energy is lettuce. Why oil is so hard to replace 1) How much fossil fuel energy is burned?

Energy Overview. Oil is butter-fried-steak wrapped in bacon. Alternative Energy is lettuce.

In 2013, the United States burned 96.5 quads (96.5 quadrillion BTU’s) of energy a year, 84% was fossil fuels: 36 petroleum, 26 natural gas, 18.5 coal. In 2013, the United States generated about 4,058 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, 67% from fossil fuels (coal 39%, natural gas 27%, and petroleum 1%). Other Energy sources percent share: Nuclear 19%, Hydropower 7%, Biomass 1.48%, Geothermal 0.41%, Solar 0.23%, Wind 4.13% That is an awful lot of fossil fuel to replace!

3 Charts That Illustrate Why Climate Change Is World’s Biggest Risk. January 26th, 2017 by Guest Contributor Originally published on Climate Central.

3 Charts That Illustrate Why Climate Change Is World’s Biggest Risk

Peak Civilization The Fall of the Roman Empire. A silver mask that had belonged to a Roman cavalryman of imperial times.

Peak Civilization The Fall of the Roman Empire

It was found on the site of the battle of Teutoburg, fought in September 9 A.D. This year marks the 2000th anniversary of the battle that led to the annihilation of three Roman legions and changed forever the history of Europe. It was a tremendous shock for the Romans, who saw their mighty army destroyed by uncivilized barbarians. It was not yet the peak of the Roman Empire, but it was a first hint that something was deeply wrong with it. This text describes the presentation that I gave at the "Peak Summit" in Alcatraz (Italy) on June 27, 2009. Ladies and gentlemen, first of all thank you for being here. The Archdruid Report: The Political Ecology of Collapse. Part Two: Weishaupt’s Fallacy Nostalgia’s a funny thing; you never know what’s going to fill the place of Proust’s madeleine and catapult you back to memories of some other time.

The Archdruid Report: The Political Ecology of Collapse

A little over a year ago, I had a reminder of that while visiting the Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center in Oakland County, Michigan. The path from the parking lot wandered through a lovely autumn woodland, then turned a corner and deposited me back in 1980. Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television - Wikipedia. Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television (1978) is a book by Jerry Mander, who argues that many of the problems with television are inherent in the medium and technology itself, and thus cannot be reformed.

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television - Wikipedia

Mander spent 15 years in the advertising business, including five as president and partner of Freeman, Mander & Gossage, San Francisco, a nationally-known advertising agency.[1] Author's summary[edit] In an interview with's W. David Kubiak,[2] Mander summarizes his book: John Michael Greer - Dark Age America: Part One. Human Extinction by 2030. Tilting at Windmills, Spain’s disastrous attempt to replace fossil fuels with Solar PV, Part 2. Part 2: Critiques and rebuttals of “Spain’s Photovoltaic Revolution.

Tilting at Windmills, Spain’s disastrous attempt to replace fossil fuels with Solar PV, Part 2

The Energy Return on Investment”, by Pedro Prieto and Charles A.S. Hall Part 1 is an introduction and overview, followed by a book review of “Spain’s PV revolution” Below are 5 rebuttals of criticism of Prieto & Hall’s book: BP Energy Outlook. Scénario négaWatt 2017-2050. Synthese_scenario-negawatt_2017-2050-2. The Archdruid Report: How Great the Fall Can Be. While I type these words, an old Supertramp CD is playing in the next room.

The Archdruid Report: How Great the Fall Can Be

Review: The Schizophrenic Society by Roger Boyd – Resilience. Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich. Steve Huffman, the thirty-three-year-old co-founder and C.E.O. of Reddit, which is valued at six hundred million dollars, was nearsighted until November, 2015, when he arranged to have laser eye surgery.

Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich

He underwent the procedure not for the sake of convenience or appearance but, rather, for a reason he doesn’t usually talk much about: he hopes that it will improve his odds of surviving a disaster, whether natural or man-made. “If the world ends—and not even if the world ends, but if we have trouble—getting contacts or glasses is going to be a huge pain in the ass,” he told me recently. « L’effondrement de la grande distribution est en marche !! » C’est une immense mutation qui touche actuellement la grande distribution à travers le monde, en commençant évidemment par les États-Unis qui sont le pays le plus touché par ce phénomène, tout en sachant qu’il en sera de même pour l’ensemble des pays de la planète dont la France.

« L’effondrement de la grande distribution est en marche !! »

Que se passe-t-il exactement ? Partout aux USA, les grandes chaînes traditionnelles de magasin ferment les unes après les autres, ou réduisent considérablement la voilure en fermant de très nombreux points de vente. The Oil Alarm. MAKING GLASS. Glass is a wonderful product.


Float glass for windows (along with screens) improves homes and other buildings enormously. Think about what your home would be without glass. So this is not an essay against glass. It isn’t even an essay against using glass for solar energy collecting devices whether they are for heating hot air, hot water or making electricity.

It is important to understand the components of the energy collecting devices so we don’t designate them with false labels such as green, renewable or sustainable. These are the Countries with the Biggest Debt Slaves, and Americans Are Only in 10th place. So who the heck are the Really Great Ones? Americans have been on a borrowing binge. To buy their favorite cars and trucks, they’ve loaded up on $1.14 trillion in auto loans. ERoEI for Beginners. The Energy Return on Energy Invested (ERoEI or EROI) of any energy gathering system is a measure of that system’s efficiency. The concept was originally derived in ecology and has been transferred to analyse human industrial society.

In today’s energy mix, hydroelectric power ± nuclear power have values > 50. At the other end of the scale, solar PV and biofuels have values <5. It is assumed that ERoEI >5 to 7 is required for modern society to function. This marks the edge of The Net Energy Cliff and it is clear that new Green technologies designed to save humanity from CO2 may kill humanity through energy starvation instead. L’agriculture urbaine déchirée entre business et engagement militant. Paris et La Courneuve (Seine-Saint-Denis), reportage. James Howard Kunstler: The World's Greatest Misallocation Of Resources.

Landgrabbingeurope a5 2. Ronnie's Inauguration Day Message. Dear Friend, Today, Donald Trump will be sworn in as president of the United States. Today, I'm announcing our #ConsumerRevolution and #PoliticalRevolution 2017-2020 platforms. If Hillary Clinton were placing her hand on a Bible today, promising to protect the U.S. Constitution, we would be organizing a massive movement to change her positions on many issues, including war, Big Ag and GMOs. Trump's Plans for Fossil Fuels Will Shrink the Economy. As President-elect Trump spearheads plans to boost oil, coal and gas, a major new study by one of the world’s foremost energy experts shows just how dangerous this path would be—not just for the planet, but for the economy.

The new study, just published in January as part of the SpringerBriefs in Energy series, suggests that as long we remain dependent on fossil fuels, economic contraction is inevitable. And while renewable energy offers the only potentially viable future, it is also unlikely to sustain the sort of mass consumerism we are accustomed to—like three or more cars per household, SUVS or massive military projects like aircraft carriers.

The bottom line is that we can’t sustain our present rate of consumption no matter what energy source we rely on. And clinging to oil, gas and coal in the hopes of keeping the endless growth machine alive will be even worse: leading to a spiral of debt and economic recession that has already begun. Global Temperature in 2016 – Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions. Global Temperature in 2016 18 January 2017. Synthèse des données. Arjen hoekstra the water footprint of humanity. CO2 lags temperature - what does it mean? Earth’s climate has varied widely over its history, from ice ages characterised by large ice sheets covering many land areas, to warm periods with no ice at the poles.

Several factors have affected past climate change, including solar variability, volcanic activity and changes in the composition of the atmosphere. Rompiendo una lanza por los colapsistas… o una interpretación libre de la curva de Hubbert (y IV) Queridos lectores, Antes de partir de Chile, quería proporcionarles la cuarta y última entrega del ensayo de Edgardo Farías acerca de la interpretación de la curva de Hubbert (enlaces a la primera entrega, a la segunda y a la tercera). Indonesia’s rapidly disappearing forests, in four charts. Indonesia has lost almost a quarter of its forest area in the past 25 years. Regenerative Agriculture: Our Best Shot at Cooling the Planet?

Welcome to the permanent depression – Consciousness of Sheep. Il “divorzio” tra Banca d’Italia e Tesoro (1981) - Blondet & Friends. Peak Energy & Resources, Climate Change, and the Preservation of Knowledge. Ticking Carbon Clock Warns We Have One Year to Avert Climate Catastrophe. Effetto Risorse: Quale futuro per l'Antropocene? Un'interpretazione biofisica. Rex Tillerson and “We’ll Adapt” to Climate Change: Millionaire Oilmen Say the Darndest Things. Global Warming Arguments You'll Hear for the Next Four Years. Modern agriculture cultivates climate change – we must nurture biodiversity.

Green Capitalism: The God That Failed. Shaun Chamberlin: Surviving The Aftermath Of The Market Economy. A Bigger Problem Than ISIS? The Next Perfect Banking Storm - Bloomberg Gadfly. Uk.businessinsider. Brace for the oil, food and financial crash of 2018. The 100 percent renewable energy future: The good news and the bad news – Resilience. Social instability lies ahead, researcher says. Paul Chefurka: come i principi della termodinamica determinano la situazione energetica. Donald Trump’s “carbon bubble” economy is bound to pop — the only question is how bad it will be. Delay-induced rebounds in CO2 emissions and critical time-scales to meet global warming targets - Manoli - 2016 - Earth's Future. Tenfold Jump in Green Tech Needed to Meet Global Emissions Targets.

Energy Basis – A Prosperous Way Down. The Global Education Project. Food and Soil - Arable Land, Grain Production, Fertilizer Use, and Soil Degradation - Earth Web Site. Est modus in rebus. Stare nei limiti sostenibili. Peak Energy & Resources, Climate Change, and the Preservation of Knowledge. Welcome to Pyrolysium a modern low tech corpse disposal since 2011 » Let's make biochar of human remains. Joseph Tainter: Energy Gain and Future Energy: Collapse of Sustainability. Occidente. Affrontare “il grande lutto” – Appello per la Resilienza. Quando l’uomo smise di essere primitivo. Le moment de vérité 2/2.

Cassandra's Legacy: An update on mineral depletion: do we need mining quotas? Positive Thinking in a Dark Age – Resilience. Forecast 2017: The Wheels Finally Come Off - KUNSTLER. Climate change in 2016: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Earth Temperature Timeline. Collapse Data Cheat Sheet : collapse. No Soil & Water Before 100% Renewable Energy. As We Enter 2017, Keep The Big Picture In Mind. Moore’s law really is dead this time. Un Monte di imbrogli. A Leap in the Dark – Resilience. Beyond Hope. Dave Pollard's chronicle of civilization's collapse, creative works and essays on our culture. A trail of crumbs, runes and exclamations along my path in search of a better way to live and make a living, and a better understanding. The Real Syria Story No One Wants You to Know About. Things That Make You Go Hmm... Like The Death Of The Petrodollar, And What Comes After. Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems.

Short Film: Find my Phone - English Subtitles. Une étude scientifique conclut aux effets bénéfiques globaux de l’agriculture biologique. 04 - Facing Difficult Truths - Climate Psychology Alliance #cpa. By Nick Breeze: On Climate Psychology – un-Denial. Log In. 2016 Shale Reality Check: Web Presentation Post Carbon Institute. Dispatches From Turtle Island: The Holocene Climate Events That Shaped Prehistory and Ancient History. The Constitution of the United States has failed – ThinkProgress. Les limites physiques à la croissance sont à notre porte, l’effondrement menace, mais nous ne le voyons pas, par Alexis Toulet – Blog de Paul Jorion. EROI of different fuels and the implications for society. Ferez-vous l’amour quand tout s’arrêtera.

The Dumbest Business Idea Ever. The Myth of Maximizing Shareholder Value. The extinction crisis is far worse than you think. Jean Laherrere on Proven Reserves » Peak Oil Barrel. New Zealand Geographic. Il progresso ha rovinato le nostre vite - Massimo Fini. Extinction Radio – Production of the Near Term Human Extinction Support Group. The Myth of Renewable Energy and Climate Change. The Myth of Renewable Energy and Climate Change.

Egalitarianism & Arrogance – Patrick F. Clarkin, Ph.D.