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Schistes bitumineux et XL pipeline project

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Beneath the tar sands is even dirtier oil, and industry is salivating over it. The price of crude oil has slumped to its lowest point in six years, and that has sent some major oil companies scrambling to get out of expensive tar-sands projects in Alberta, Canada.

Beneath the tar sands is even dirtier oil, and industry is salivating over it

Shell has pulled out of one of its largest lease applications, and Petrochina is attempting to get rid of its tar-sands assets. Environmentalists have watched the slowdown with great hope. Yet at the same time, some of those very same companies are positioning themselves to tap into an even more dirty and expensive kind of oil in Alberta: bitumen carbonates. The little-known bitumen carbonates are a far more difficult-to-mine, more unconventional form of the molasses-like bitumen that’s already being extracted from the tar sands. In Alberta, the carbonates are in a deposit called the Grosmont formation, and most of it is underneath the tar sands themselves. Shell, Husky, tar-sands giant Suncor, and the dreaded Koch brothers have all snapped up leases in Alberta’s bitumen carbonates.

Le dieu pétrole dévore le Canada, par Nancy Huston. LE MONDE | • Mis à jour le | Par Nancy Huston Je suis chez moi, et hors de moi.

Le dieu pétrole dévore le Canada, par Nancy Huston

En encourageant le développement à outrance des industries pétrolières de l'Alberta, Stephen Harper, le premier ministre canadien, met l'humanité en péril. Au Canada, François Hollande s'assoit sur les recommandations du GIEC. En Alberta, François Hollande a salué « les entreprises françaises particulièrement bien placées », à l’instar de Total, dans l’exploitation du pétrole issu des sables bitumineux, « source du grand développement du Canada ».

Au Canada, François Hollande s'assoit sur les recommandations du GIEC

Etats-Unis : inquiétudes sur l'inflammabilité du pétrole de schiste. Le département des transports américain a prévenu, jeudi 2 janvier, que le pétrole extrait des gisements de schiste du bassin de Bakken, dans le nord des Etats-Unis, était probablement « plus inflammable que le pétrole brut traditionnel ». « D'après des inspections préliminaires conduites après les récents déraillements dans le Dakota du Nord, en Alabama », et au Québec, impliquant du pétrole brut du gisement de Bakken, l'agence de sécurité des oléoducs et des matériaux dangereux (PHMSA) « requiert de tester correctement, signaler et classifier, et, quand c'est nécessaire, de dégazéifier suffisamment les matériaux dangereux avant leur transport ».

Etats-Unis : inquiétudes sur l'inflammabilité du pétrole de schiste

Trois trains ont déraillé, deux aux Etats-Unis et un au Canada, entraînant de graves incendies ces six derniers mois. Voir notre reportage dans le Dakota du Nord : Ruée vers le pétrole de schiste dans le Dakota du Nord En novembre, un autre incendie à la suite du déraillement d'un train a eu lieu dans l'Alabama. Democrats Demand Clarity On Trade Representative's Position On Tar Sands Oil. WASHINGTON –- A group of Democratic Senators and House members expressed concern Friday that trade negotiators are trying to undermine fuel standards in the European Union so that the U.S. can export tar sands oil from the Keystone XL pipeline.

Democrats Demand Clarity On Trade Representative's Position On Tar Sands Oil

On n'arrête pas l'éco. Fort McMoney. Judge Blocks Shipment of Oil Equipment Through Idaho Forest. Kochs must move their massive piles of tar-sands waste, Detroit mayor says. EcoInternet : If we kill the planet all other... EcoInternet : Exhibiting profound sickness,... Non aux sables bitumineux ! Sables bitumineux - Greenpeace accuse Ottawa et Shell de complicité. Why Tar Sands Oil Is The Dirtiest On Earth [Video]

Thousands of Americans have petitioned, marched, and been arrested in an effort to stop the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

Why Tar Sands Oil Is The Dirtiest On Earth [Video]

In fact, a poll [PDF] conducted in early 2012 showed that, when fully educated about what tar sands oil really is, and where the oil flowing through the pipeline would actually end up, a majority of Americans oppose the pipeline. Despite this overwhelming demonstration of disapproval, the White House refuses to keep its promise of moving America beyond oil. Portions of the Keystone XL are already under construction, and Big Oil is using its financial and political clout to make sure the rest of this cross-country pipeline follows suit. Many people make judgement about energy based on the things that affect them most: the price of gas or their personal utility bill. They fail to see the larger picture of who actually stands to benefit from the exploitation of tar sands oil. Watch it below, and share it with a friend or loved one today! Oil Sands Fever and Lack of Environmental Review.

The Harper Conservatives are well known for being defenders of the oil sands (no matter what effect they have on the climate), going so far as to modify the environmental assessment process in the latest budget so the project can go ahead more quickly.

Oil Sands Fever and Lack of Environmental Review

The Tories became vicious when Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair suggested the Alberta oil sands were artificially inflating the Canadian dollar and that was hurting other industries across the country, particularly manufacturing in Ontario. The Tories demanded that Mulcair visit the oil sands before having any such opinion on them, and suggested that he could not have an open mind when he scheduled his visit. Now, as Mulcair is in Alberta visiting the oil sands (though the Premier of the province — also a Conservative — refused to meet with him) a new report has come out from the Pembina Institute supporting his assertion that the development is causing a type of ‘Dutch Disease’ in the country. Deformed Fish Found Downstream of Tar Sands Mines. Written by Jason Mark Chief Allan Adam, the head of the Fort Chipewyan community in the far north of Alberta, has been fishing in Lake Athabasca for all of his life.

Deformed Fish Found Downstream of Tar Sands Mines

His father, now 76 years old, has been fishing there even longer. And neither of them has seen anything like what they pulled from the lake on May 30: two grotesquely deformed, lesion-covered fish. When they caught the sickly fish, each taken from a different part of the lake, the two Indigenous men immediately figured that it had something to do with the massive tar sands oil mines that lie about 300 kilometers upstream along the Athabasca River. “We have been putting two and two together, and raising concerns about the fast pace of [tar sands] development,” Chief Adam told me in a phone interview this week. The deformed fish caught two weeks ago included a northern pike that had lesions along its back and belly and a sucker that was missing many of its scales.

ExxonMobil’s tar-sands pipeline leaks again. ExxonMobil’s 1940s-era Pegasus pipeline has been shut down since it ruptured more than a month ago in the Arkansas town of Mayflower, spilling tar-sands oil and making a big mess.

ExxonMobil’s tar-sands pipeline leaks again

But the company is legendary when it comes to spilling oil, and it wasn’t going to let a little pipeline shutdown hold back its oil-spilling ways. The very same pipeline that blackened Mayflower has leaked oil into a yard and killed plants in Doniphan, Mo., some 170 miles northeast of Mayflower. From KFVS Channel 12: Paris ne veut plus pénaliser les sables bitumineux.

La France a mis fin à son soutien à une directive européenne qui vise à désigner les sables bitumineux canadiens comme la forme de pétrole de loin la plus néfaste pour le climat, a-t-on appris auprès de diverses sources proches du dossier.

Paris ne veut plus pénaliser les sables bitumineux

Adoptée en avril 2009, cette directive sur la qualité des carburants « tarde depuis à être mise en œuvre » (comme il est pudiquement écrit dans les dépêches des agences de presse). La plupart des pays européens soutiennent ce texte, qui doit aider à réduire leurs émissions de gaz à effet de serre. February 21, 2012 - Only a Couple Days to Support European Union Labeling of Tar Sands as Highly Polluting. Additional Background. Le blog de nongazdeschisteinfos. Pétrole de schiste : des forages seraient iminents > Pétrole. Un autre hydrocarbure non-conventionnel encore plus méconnu que les gaz de schiste risque de faire parler de lui dans les prochains jours : le pétrole de schiste fait en effet l'objet d'après Greenpeace "de projets d'exploration dans le Nord de la France".

Rappelons que le gouvernement, par la voix de son ministre de l'écologie, Nathalie kosciusko-morizet, a affirmé suspendre toutes les opérations de forages et de fracturation hydraulique jusqu'au 31 mai, concernant les gaz de schiste dans le Sud de la France. Cependant, Greenpeace révèle que pour les projets d'exploration des pétroles de schiste dans le bassin parisien, seules les opérations de fracturation sont suspendues jusqu'au 31 mai. Ainsi, les premiers forages verticaux devraient commencer mi-avril, tandis que les travaux préliminaires (terrassement, avant-trou) sont déjà en cours près de Château-Thierry. Mêmes causes, mêmes effets pour les sols et le climat La fracturation, KEZAKO ?

Fuite en Arkansas

Schistes bitumineux / gaz de schistes et + Tar Sands Action Goes Nationwide. Des centaines de personnes se réunissent sur la colline du Parlement pour dire « Non aux sables bitumineux » Petropolis. Tar Sands in Alberta. ALBERTA ELDORADO DES PETROLIERES... - PLANET DESTROY. L’Alberta, Eldorado des pétrolièresLes sables bitumineux de l'Alberta présentent bien des avantages économiques, mais bien des risques environnementaux. Canada Oil And Gas Industry: Shrinking Profits May Be A Sign Of Things To Come.

The talk coming out of Canada’s oil patch in recent months has been increasingly tinged with panic. Industry leaders are growing worried about the oil sands’ future prospects, and the earnings reports coming out this week are a good sign of why that may be. Oil producer Cenovus on Wednesday reported a 40-per-cent decline in profit in the latest quarter, falling to $396 million from $655 million a year earlier. Things were even worse for Calgary-based natural gas producer Encana, which recorded a whopping quarterly $1.48 billion loss. It had recorded a profit of $383 million in the same period a year earlier. (And Canada's largest energy producer -- Suncor -- said on Wednesday it's mulling delaying some of its new projects.

On the surface, the reason for this is obvious: Declining energy prices. Pipeline spills oil waste over more than 100 acres of Alberta. A major spill of toxic oil waste has wiped out trees and vegetation across a 104-acre swath of Alberta, Canada. The apparent cause of the spill: The rupture of a five-year-old pipeline that was designed to last at least 30 years.

Keystone XL project

Sables bitumineux: un site web pour mesurer la pollution. Josh Fox Writer & Director of GASLAND Arrested Protesting Tar Sands at White House. Josh Fox, réalisateur anti-gaz de schiste classé “terroriste” En réalisant Gasland, documentaire sur l’exploitation destructrice des gaz de schistes aux Etats-Unis, Josh Fox est devenu l’empêcheur de forer en rond d’une industrie gazière sans scrupules. Tar Sands Action/ Josh Fox. Tar Sands.